Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh, Canada

Well, here I am...back in the rain and wind. My being aches to be back in California again though. *sigh* Oh well. Canada is a good place where we only have to worry about 2 colors (red and white). SOOOO I'm not sure if I'll give you a rundown of the whole trip or just a nice tidbit. But I will start by saying it overall was a great trip full of lots of fun times, foolish moments, and of course awesome memories.

We(we being W, her sister(L), her sister's hubby(T), and myself left on Friday June 25th, all not entirely prepared for the 18+ hour venture to Las Vegas. T, being the man he is, seemed to feel like he had to drive the majority of the time...and he did, so good on him I suppose. But at about 2 in the morning when everyone was sleeping, he started to get drowsy and pull off from time to time. At this point I probably had gotten about half hour of sleep and I woke up because it was just much too cramped and hot in the vehicle :l So at about 3 I volunteered my services and I got to drive for a few hours while everyone slept :) YAY! (ps...wasn't tired at all oddly enough). OH! Another thing I could mention is the "mile" guessing game we played. We would look at the green signs that say how many (kilometers here) miles there was to the next place and we would guess what the next number would be and whoever got a point. Sounds slightly sad doesn't it? But hey it made a few hours go by faster :P

Saturday June 26th
At about 8 o'clock we found ourselves mosying into Vegas (finally!) and we decided we should get some breakfast. (At this point we were all quite hungry and slightly cranky from lack of sleep). Soooo, we looked up an IHOP (heck yes it's awesome :D) on the GPS (we called her Grizzly) and set off in search. WELLL apparently Grizzly is stupid and likes to tell us there's IHOP's where there clearly isn', disappointed and growing ever more hungry, we ventured to find our hotel and see when we could check in. At least we found it reasonably easy... it being Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino. And after a bit more struggles (because we had to call and change the name we had the reservation under -- ridiculous? I know :l) we found out we could check in, in a few hours. So we asked the people there if they knew where the nearest IHOP (we were very set on IHOP at this point if you didn't notice :P) was and we set off...yet again. After about another 45 minutes, we FINALLY found the IHOP and stuffed ourselves good :) ( I had french toast cause it's awesome duh) Then we actually went to 2 Wal Mart's (I don't recall why... ) to pass the time. Then we headed back and finally checked in. OH and may I mention, BOILING slash DEATHLY hot here... aka 40+ degrees C. SO first thing on our list was to hit the pool :D Which was fairly decent :) (aside from the creepy man on the side of the pool who kept staring...) and this is where W first slightly got burnt. And then it was back to the hotel room to get purdied up and explore the strip.
I'll say now we weren't sure where "The Strip" was but neither did anyone we asked.... which seems retarded as they live there -.- jeesh. So we started out by walking. Which we only lasted about 7 blocks (which are much bigger down there by the way) -- before we were all about ready to die. SO we decided to get a slurpee... at which point we also decided that we were not going any further without a vehicle.

SIDE NOTE -- You know the newspaper dispensers we have on some sidewalks? Wellll in Vegas they have about 5 of them every block. BUT instead of newspapers... it's personal ads ._. awful

So we walked back to the hotel, tried to make ourselves look decently NOT disgusting and got the car and drove off in search. We eventually found it many blocks down (aka...would've died if we walked). It was fun to see and definitely had some glitz to it.... but not gonna lie, I was slightly let down. Instead of being about leaving everyone impressed and shows and whatnot... it was mainly about casino's, drinking, and the personal ad's being handed out. But oh well, still glad I got to see it :) There was a huge mall (very spread out...and a lot of it outdoors) called the Miracle Mile (I believe?) which was fairly awesome :o So after a couple of hours of that (and still boiling by the way) we headed back to the hotel and swam again for a bit. Then got ready for bed and watched the good ole telly for a bit and ended up all going to bed around 9. And then (at least W and I) slept straight til 7:30. And neither of us moved the whole night either. So we were very stiff and sore in the morning. But t'was a good sleep.

ANNNNNDDDD this is where I end for now... because apparently I like giving lots of details and have difficulty shutting up. So I shall continue within the next couple of days :)

PS. The blogging world has kind of...died while I was away. Still out there?

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love beaches and could probably lay in the sand and sun alllll daaaayyyy long :3