Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well...Merry Christmas! Scott and I are now visiting his side of the family!
We just had a steak dinner, and it's been such a long day that I'm all ready to get cozied into bed!

So I hope you've had a pleasant day...hopefully less travel filled ;)
Let me tell you... George has seemed to have a terrible day. He does NOT enjoy traveling and he meows very regularly to let us know.

Merry Christmas from myself, Scotty and most importantly...George ;)

Merry Christmas for meow :)!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Well it's Christmas Eve yo!

Sorry, I don't have the best access to a computer now. So yes, I'm aware the blog has been lacking....but I don't know about you guys, I however have been busy relaxing ;)
It's definitely been needed and I think it's been deserved!

What have you been up to this Christmas Eve??
Excitement? Or relaxing?

We've watched a few movies, though not necessarily all Christmas ones. One of my faves though - The Last of the Mohicans!
Have you seen it? Do you like it?
I need to get my hands on the DVD. I just watched the VHS at my parents!
Also started Elf, but had to break part way through!

Talked to Lambie briefly (who's in Ontario) - glad you're having a good time :)

So we're finally at the 24th, and the last day of the Christmas Blogging Challenge!
I'm supposed to share my favorite Christmas Eve traditions. You know what I've realized? Sure, it's nice to have Chinese food...nice to act out the nativity or go see it acted out live...nice to watch certain movies, play certain games, eat certain things but ultimately...does it really matter? What matters is being around those who you love and care about enough to spend your holidays with. I'm grateful to be here spending some time with my family for now...but Scott and I are thinking of just doing our own Christmas next year. Traditions are great, but don't focus too much on those and let them ruin your Christmas. Surround yourself with friends and family and just make the most of one another.

What's your favorite Christmas Eve tradition?? Something you couldn't do without??

I guess I'll just do a final 12 Days of Christmas to finish it off...
On the 12th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 12 hours+ with friends and family, extra 11:11 wishes, 10 hours of sleep-ins, 9 seasons of Seinfeld, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7 (+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 boxes of Godiiivaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey!

11 and 12 (and probably a few others...) are repeats of last year...but I like them and wanted to use them again!

So! May you have a splendid Christmas Eve and although I wish I could see more people this Christmas, I love you all and I'm sorry I couldn't get to everyone! Thanks all for reading, now go enjoy your holidays! Have a very Merry Christmas Eve and then a very Merry Christmas! Love you all!

It's Christmas Eve for meow :)!
I'll check in tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas (Eve)^2

Well, Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you!
There wasn't time to blog...and I'm sorry I'm too tired to do it now.

But the 23rd I'm supposed to share my Christmas 2012 plans! As you know, we're presently in Lethbridge with my family. Tomorrow morning we'll get to sleep in and there'll be a gathering of sorts in the evening. Christmas morning, we'll be opening gifts with my parents, having some breaky and hitting the road! We'll stop quick at our house in Calgary, and then we'll need to head to Scott's side for Christmas on that end! Busy busy!

What're your Christmas plans?? Only about a day left!!

Make the most of the little time left before Christmas!
Have a good night, hope all is well!

Ta ta for meow :)!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Egg nog or chocolate??

This post is coming to you from Lethbridge! (And my iPhone...so this will be short...)
Things were a liittttllle crazy last night and this morning in the final preparation for making the trip, but we made it nonetheless!
So it's been a day filled with driving, eating, singing (with Leinani! - yay!), picking up a few things at wal mart (kitten chow mainly) and hanging out with some family!

How has your Saturday been?? Any traveling??

December 22, only 3 days until Christmas! Eggnog or hot chocolate?? Please.... that's not a question in my books. If you know me at all, you'll know that Trudy loves hot chocolate. Egg Nog? Not so much...

How about you?? Egg nog or hot chocolate?

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 10th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 10 hours of sleep-ins, 9 seasons of Seinfeld, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7 (+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 booxxeessss of Godiiivvvaaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey.

I'm looking forward to singing with Nani tomorrow morning...AND THEN I'm looking forward to sleeping in the next 2 days ;).

Enjoy your holidays! I'll check in tomorrow, got to get back to things :)!

Bye for meow :)!

(Sorry...can't attach a Christmas song from the iPhone!)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Woorrrrkkkk's out for Christmas!

(What tune is that sung to? *hint* don't think Christmas songs...)

I am THRILLED to have some time off, as I'm sure all of you are!

Last night, I had a Scott come home a liiiitttle earlier than originally thought which was great! :D Not only was it great to see him, but I needed his help...for the last big baking fest day. We were both exhausted in the end, but we won~!
And I think I even took some pictures for you! (I need to check to be sure...........sure did!)
Alright, so I'll start by saying...traffic was obscene. I hope it's not like that again tonight, but I won't get my hopes too high.
As soon as I got home (after feeding and changing George's water out), I jumped right into forming and baking the cookie dough I made yesterday. It was another one of Sally's recipes....Soft Gingersnap Molasses Cookies. And they turned out great :3 (if you're into spicey, festive type cookies). They're so soft and little and tasty!

I think they're cute~! :)

Just as I finished up making these little morsels, was about when Scott got home! So at first, Scott got started on his laundry and putting stuff away while I started the next project!
I will say, I wasn't as impressed with this one...I found the recipe off Pinterest actually.
Barbecue Snack Mix. It was basically just alright to me. I'm more into cheesey, spicey, or salt and vinegary flavored snacks as opposed to a sweeter BBQ-y taste.

George even managed to get a hold of some and got to gobble a bit up before I noticed, dramatically cried out - NOOOOOO!, and banished him to a closed room.

While the snack mix was cooking (took about an hour and a half for us), I got started on more of a sweet snack mix :D Now this one was SUPER easy and another Pinterest find.
Christmas White Trash. Very simple, and a fairly decent treat I think? Only difference is, I used regular pretzel twists as I didn't have festive ones. I think people will be able to deal with that ;).

Looks festive enough with the M & M's ;). 

And then I had just ONE more project - to correct what had gone wrong the previous day. Another one of Sally's recipes...Cinnamon Sugar Candied Nuts.
I was so sad  yesterday...I followed the recipe basically to a T, but I tried to cook 2 pans at the same time (with only one rack in my oven...it was a little too cozy) and my oven runs about 20 degrees hot I believe. The result was very burnt nuts after only about 20 minutes. So I was determined to make them, and make them I did! I turned down the oven and cooked each pan separately... thus resulting in quite delicious, and not burnt, sweet and cinnamony nuts! SUCCESS!

Don't they look delightful and not burnt?? :3
So thank you Scott for your help last night, Sally for your help and also delicious recipes, and to all you for following me on my Christmas baking adventures this week :)!

I'm a very tired duck today...but at least everything is done!

I know I've already written quite a bit with a few pictures, but just a few other things to share today!

1. My workout this morning, I did a Brazil Butt Lift video called 'High and Tight'...good workout with a band around your feet/legs for half and ankle weights for the other half. George sat STARING at me for the ENTIRE thing. 40 minutes of cat (especially George) stares are NOT normal. He's very easily distracted...it was weirding me out....

Stop looking at me swan! (You know what it's from...)

2. Usually, I'll leave my hair down for work...I don't know why, I just prefer it I guess. Today I look like this...

EVERY ONE has made some sort of comment. Yes I realize it's a little off kilter...but what's the big deal?!
Trudy, nice hair... (sarcasm?)
What's with the hair?
You look like a crazy person?
Why is your hair up?

I don't know, ok? I felt like it.

3. Christmas is almost here :D

December the 21st! 4 days until Christmas :)! Do I travel on the holidays? Well...I assume this is meaning major traveling, like flying somewhere for a vacation type deal. If that's the case, then no...I've never traveled far/gone on vacation for Christmas, but I would NOT be opposed to that at all!
But I do some traveling, yes. It's a 2.5 hour drive down to visit my family, which is happening tomorrow late morningish. Christmas day, after opening gifts with my parents, we'll be heading back to Calgary, stopping at our place quick, and then driving another 2.5 hoursish to Scott's parents. It will be A LONG day...but the nice thing is that Scott and I are taking turns; I'm driving to my parents and he to his. :)

Do you do any major traveling on the holidays? How about minor?

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 9th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 9 seasons of Seinfeld, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7(+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 boooxess of Goddiiiivvaaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey! :)

I'm not obsessed with Seinfeld or anything...but I do find the show to be funny. Just recently, I've watched all 9 seasons (for my first time) all the way through and I enjoyed them :D! I like the dry, nothingness of it all.

Do you watch Seinfeld? Enjoy it at all?

And that's it for today! Safe travel wishes to all of you if doing so!

Ciao for meow :)!

PS. Special shout out to a few people. All my family, looking forward to seeing you soon! Nani, see ya tomorrow! W and the giant, see you Sunday! Lambie and hubs, safe travels to you - have fun in Ontario! And Caitlin..have fun with the boy :D

PPS. If you haven't see it yet, I announced the winners for the giveaway!So if you entered and haven't checked it out... do so now!

I have mixed feelings about this song. I enjoy the Jackson's...I think this is a cute song...but I just really hate the beginning. "WOW! Mommy's kissing Santa Clause!" It annoys me -.- What do you think?

We have some weiners!

And/or winners. Basically the same thing.

So! If you didn't know about it, I did a 12/12/12 giveaway...and the results are in!
Are you excited?

To be honest, I was fairly surprised with the results.  I won't say anymore but I'll let you see for yourself and be surprised! Thanks to everyone for your participation and entries, it was really fun :)!

So I put all this disaster together....

There are some high tech draw's going on right there!

I promise to you, I didn't rig anything. (Believe me if you wish).

First, we had the Benefit mini scent sampler...

Ruth*! You were bound to win, you're the only one that wanted it apparently!

Second, the Bath & Body work set of Trudy's faves ;) (Including candle and soap)...

There were QUITE a few entries here...but Nani pulled through! Good thing you entered near the end! :)

Third, Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner had a few entries...

But Ruth came through, again!

Fourth, Sephora Philosophy Sparkle and Joy set with body washes and lipgloss...

Ruth again?? What kind of crazy luck do you have?!

Fifth, Love Spell Lotion by Victoria's Secret....

A new contender pulls in...Janette*! (I call her Ned...)

Sixth, Corioliss Brilliant Gloss Mist...

Ned again?? Like I said, I shook all the little piles very well! It was all luck and chance!

And the last 2 things...something almost everyone wanted...the sweet sweet chocolate.

First we have Ferrero Rocher...

And here we have Nani again! (Or should I say Joe...) ;)

And of course the Toffifee...

Ned apparently has some sweet luck as well! 

So first off I want to say Congratulations to the 3 winners! And I want to thank everyone for your comments and participation...I had fun! Like I said, I was quite surprised with the results. Only 3 people managed to snatch everything up! I guess it's just the luck of the draw!
I'm going to be honest here though, I'm slightly relieved I don't have to send anything out! (Especially to Scotland...no offense Lambie) ;). 

Again thanks to everyone! Happy Holiday's & Merry Christmas!
I'm happy to be sharing some of my things with some of you!

Nani, I'll be seeing you tomorrow! :)
Ruth, I'll send your goodies with my parents as they'll be seeing you guys later on Christmas Day. :D
Ned, I'll see you Christmas Eve. ;) 

Fare well for meow :)!

** Ruth and Janette and nieces of mine, just for those who were curious**

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I can't always be awesome...

One more work day until the holidays! (For me anyways...if not for you, I'm sorry). 

So...last night was a failure. I was making something delicious but it got ruined and burnt up...probably because my oven runs a bit too hot so I should have turned it down a bit. Anyways, just 5 cups of pecans/1 cup of almonds ruined...not a big deal. Made me sad. 
But I did successfully (I think anyways?) make a cookie dough last night for baking tonight. I'll share when completed. 
Since I wasn't able to win in doing all the baking I wanted last night, I figured I had to get something else done. SO! The house got all tidied/vacuumed and bathroom cleaned. At least that's all done. I also finished Scott's card and all his wrapping. So I still got a decent amount done and again passed out from exhaustion around 10:30. It's been long days guys and I think George is starting to feel neglected because he's not getting as much attention as he usually does.
Tonight will be busy yet again... so much baking. *.*

How has your week leading up to Christmas been? What things do you still need to do?

I'll have to finish up my baking, get all packed up, finish with the rest of my presents (will take about an hour or less), and shower George ;) He has to be looking his best (fluffiest) for the holidays (me). 

December 20th! And what's my favorite Christmas meal?
Well, my family has never really done a big meal on Christmas day (that I can think of...someone can correct me if I'm wrong). What I remember from Christmas morning, is having my mom's homemade hot chocolate and toast! But Christmas Eve we generally have a little feast of sorts...lately Chinese food!
Though if I had a choice in the matter....I love roast beef, turkey dinner...all those marvelous things :D

Do you have a feast on Christmas Day or Eve (or both)? What do you have Christmas morning?
AND what's your favorite Christmas meal (if you have one)?

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 8th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7(+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 boooxxxesss of Godiiiivvaaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey!

Trudy out.

Byeas for meow :)!

PS. Today is the last day to enter the giveaway. If there's anything else you want to enter for, do it now!
I'll be announcing winners at some point tomorrow ;) SO GO ENTER!

Last night, on the drive home, I heard a Christmas song I hadn't heard since last Christmas. I thought to myself, oh ya! I kind of like this song! I wonder who it's by. Again, I had no idea...so enjoy T Swift everyone! 
I should've known by the twangy guitars... -.- (I'm starting to dislike it now...)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cocoa and Bowie, and it's not even my Birthday!

The cookie battle has continued. Last night it took up my whole evening...which I generally prefer to fill with sweet nothingness. So I got home at about 6 (stupid traffic...) and was going strong until 9:30 (at which point I was exhausted and passed out). This morning, I jerked up in bed after something had seemingly fallen on me (in my dream). George looked at me like I was a mad woman and my 5 o'clock alarm went off about a minute later...at least I was wide awake already? That didn't change the fact that I desperately wanted to crawl back under the covers and sleep for another couple hours.

So Little Red (mixer) was brought out again last night. This time I was making Mexican Wedding Cookies (I always knew them as Almond Crescents when my sister made them)...which are basically shortbread cookies with pecans (or almonds or whatever) that are dipped in icing sugar when at a temperature you can handle (or a little too hot really...the hotter they are, the better the icing sugar melts). Those turned out quite successfully (if I do say so myself), but no pictures were taken sorry...too busy, too sticky of hands!
For a recipe, I don't have a go to one yet. I just Googled Mexican Wedding Cookies and picked which ones were either rated the best or seemed the most suitable to me.

Afterward, I wanted to make a few plain shortbread cookies (only about a dozen) for those who can't eat nuts. So those were easy enough. I tasted the dough, which was quite delish, but I actually didn't have a baked cookie. By the time they were done (and I had munched on a couple of the other cookies), I was in no mood for anymore. (Again I just pulled any recipe off of Google).

Then I was wanting to make a little snack type recipe and I was curious about something Sally (from Sally's Baking Addiction) seems to rave about loving ALL THE TIME! Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites. So, fairly easy recipe...unfortunately, for me, it was a little difficult. I'm not sure if I just had too much peanut butter in there or if it was just way too hot in my place (which it was...) but the peanut butter mixture was pretty sticky for me, even though I kept adding icing sugar. Eventually, I just sucked it up and made it work because I didn't want to go overboard with the icing sugar. I do love peanut butter, but by the time I had finished these little guys, I was sick of liking the stuff off my fingers so I couldn't bring myself to eat one. But I'm sure they're really good! I'll let you know how they are once I've actually tried one...but for now, they're in my freezer. But thanks for the recipe Sally! Next time, I won't make something at the same time (so the oven isn't acting as a second furnace for the place) or I'll open all the windows :D
Again, no pictures...hands too sticky, Trudy too tired. Sally's look a little nicer anyways ;)

So that was my evening! This morning, after jerking awake, I did my usually morning things and jumped into my workout. Today I did an Insanity workout..."Max Interval Sports Training", if you were wondering. It's a toughy...good workout!

Do you remember last year, my love of Tim Horton's Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate? Well peeps, today was my first of the season and it was delish ;)

Though delicious, this thing seemed so dang sweet! (And it was too big, but someone got it for me and I was excited...). I don't know if it's just because I've been having a few too many sweets lately...but it was a bit of an overload. (But still yummy, love you WHCCC~!)

Never fear! I've been keeping up with my advent calender! Yesterday being the 18th, I got my first Santa! I will share though, that I have not eaten him yet... too much sugar yesterday!! Though tonight probably won't be better D:

So today is the 19th! What's my favorite stocking stuffer??
 I don't particularly know why, but I've always loved the stocking :D Usually just filled with a few little random things like chocolate, little piece of jewelry, lip balm (I always lost them) and my favorite thing was snuggled right up in the toe...... A CHRISTMAS ORANGE! I don't know WHY I love the Stocking Toe Christmas Orange so much...but I just do and that's the way it is ;)

What's YOUR favorite Stocking stuffer? What does Santa put in the toe of your stocking? ;)

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 7th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 7(+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 booooxxeess of Godiiiivvaaaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegrantes, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey!

{Obviously I mean Christmas songs...I love singing Christmas music! (Ok, all music...but ya) ;).}

On tonight's agenda...MORE baking and I'll probably try to get the vacuuming done as well. We'll see what the night brings ;)

Toodles for meow :)!

PS. Only 2 days left for the giveaway yo! Only one person has entered for a couple of the things...chances are high! For goodness sake, why haven't you entered yet?!

The past few days I have just been CRAVING this song. I kept hoping it would play on one of the dang radio stations and it probably has, just not while I was listening. Well I decided to take things into my own hands... one of my faves! (Love the Bowie...and everyone loves Bing).
**Skip to about 1:50 for the song** ;) You're welcome.

Dang Bowie, your voice is so smooth...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookies have begun!

Traffic last night was stupid. I'm excited for Christmas...but I'm ready for all this traffic to be gone. Regular Calgary traffic is bad enough without throwing all the last minute shoppers into the mix :P
But yes, traffic was stupid. There was no way I was going to pick up groceries or even go near the dang mall.
So I went home, showered (in case you were wondering) and then decided that something else productive was in order. The result? One batch of cookies has been made! Triple Chip Chocolate Chunk Cookies from the blog Picky Palate. So I broke out one of our wedding gifts (from my mom - thanks :D)...guys, it was awesome. Cookies shouldn't be made any other way...it's just so convenient for it to be mixing for me while I measure and add other things in. Sweet mixer.

So I basically followed the recipe as it says...I didn't add near as many chips (of the butterscotch, white and chocolate variety) because that just seemed insane to me. I like there to be at least a bit more cookie than chip. I also made the cookies a little smaller so I could get a few more out of it, and thus decreased the baking time to 7/8 minutes. I'm not sure if I left them in too long or what, but they were a bit too crunchy for my likings...I was wanting a nice soft cookie, but they'll do. I'm mainly giving them away anyways...so be ready for crunchy cookies! :D We'll see what ends up being made tonight!

So, as I was working out this morning, George was crawling around the tree and he just looked so cute! I had to stop and take a picture...

Cute~! :D 
After the picture, George proceed to fall (or fail at jumping) off the table - poor little guy x).

PS. Do you like our recently added decorations? Dino and, up in the left corner, blue Snoopy!

 Speaking of decorations :D ... they're related to Christmas, which brings us tooooooo....

December 18th (!), less than one week until Christmas yo! I'm to share with you, when I open gifts. 
My family has never been into the opening of just one (or any) gifts on Christmas Eve (which I know some people do). We've always opened gifts Christmas morning, which I like...though I wouldn't be opposed to opening it Christmas Eve or even the day after. Just so long as I get to open eventually ;) haha. 

When do you (like to) open gifts??

12 Days of Christmas...
On the 6th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 booooxxes of Godiiiivaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey! :)

I don't know about you, but I love foot rubs. They just feel so dang good! (Really, I like all massages though...so ya...)

Do you like having your feet rubbed? How about giving foot rubs?

Some people are too grossed out to give them... I really don't care. (Though I would prefer for them to be cleaned...some feet just smell, rather unpleasant). Either way, I'll likely be washing my hands...

AND that's all. Wish me luck on tonight's cookies! Mixer, here I come :)!

Buh bye for meow :)!

PS. The last day to enter for the giveaway will be Thursday night (midnight I guess). I'll be doing the draws on Friday morning... so just as long as all entries are in before then, you'll be good! So that's only a few more days if there's anything you want to enter for that you haven't yet, do it! There's still great chances!!

Today's song... is actually one I kind of forgot about. I recall singing it in Music Class in grade 5 or 6...
I'd like to see (or rather, HEAR) you try singing it WITHOUT attempting an Australian accent...

Monday, December 17, 2012

White Christmas?

Oh Monday. *sigh*
Well here we are, the last full week before Christmas!
You ready for it?
I'm not necessarily ready for Christmas...but I'm definitely ready for this week to be over already. (I think it's going to be a slow week...).

So how was the rest of your Sunday? Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend?

 I didn't get up to much excitement persay...but I did get to see Scott for a bit and I also got to babysit and see 3 awesome trees! (I gave links just in case you missed them) ;). 

So I went to wrap presents last night, and I realized we didn't have tape -.- or if we did, I had NO idea where it would be. So that stopped the wrapping of gifts for one night. I guess if I have time, I'll at least get to start the 4th 'Step Up' tonight (only finished 3 yesterday...ONLY 3 haha). Tonight, on the way home from work, I'll also have to stop and grab a couple forgotten groceries for my baking fest this week. It's difficult to know which items to do first...but I'll figure it out. I'll also need to do a bit of cleaning around the house so it's just a little more tidy I suppose.

December 17th and I'm supposed to post a picture of an old Christmas card. I'm sorry, I don't mean to disappoint...but I don't really save cards. I love cards to say something meaningful...but I usually save my memories in my mind, not in things. I'm sure I have some cards somewhere at my parents place...but not here!

Are you a card saver? Any that stand out to you?? 
Also...are you a person that writes a note in the card? Or do you just let the card do the talking for you and sign your name?

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 5th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 5 boxes of Godiva(!), 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey. 

Have you had Godiva? They are SOOOOOO good! 

I'd say they're probably mostly known for their truffles, shakes, and chocolate covered strawberries. All I've really had are their truffles, but guys, they are just so scrumptious! Trust me...if you get the chance to try some - DO IT!

That's all I've got for ya today! Enjoy the rest of your Monday! The end will come...eventually...

Ta ta for meow :)!

PS. I know I'm harping, but it's free things people. FREE! So check out the dang giveaway already.

I woke up this morning to some snow...I wonder if it will be a white Christmas. I love white Christmases (when I'm indoors), but I don't particularly want to be driving through a snowstorm or anything! Here's hoping for the best!

*I was shocked and sorry to hear about what happened in Newton, Connecticut. Words can't really help nor undo what has been done...but may my thoughts and sympathies be with everyone affected.*

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rockin' Around 3 Christmas Tree's ;)

Well little George...it's a wee bit difficult to type with you laying across my wrists, but I guess I'll try to make this work because 1. you're cute and 2. you'll probably get bored and move in a few minutes ;).

(He only stayed for a few minutes...then I talked on the phone for a few hours with Lambie. Love you! Hope you managed to get SOME sleep). ;)

So how's your Sunday been?
I've been trying to get some presents sorted/wrapped while having a "Step Up" marathon. I've gotten though 2 and a half so far. Not necessarily just sitting and watching the whole time...but watching and getting up and doing other things as well. I've seen them all a few times ;)
Also trying to get all the recipes sorted to do some baking this week! There's a lot to do!

Have you done any baking? Any plans to do so??

December 17th and I'm to share who I believe the hardest person to buy for is. I actually find most adults quite difficult to buy for. Everyone basically buys what they need... and usually what they want as well. Also, nobody wants extra useless clutter around their house....usually ;). But I'd probably say the hardest people for me to buy for right now, in my life, would be Scott's family (my new family). I haven't known them like I've know my family and I haven't spent enough time with them yet.

Who's the hardest person for you to buy for? Or are you a pro? ;)
12 days of Christmas!
On the 4th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey!

I was able to kind of watch a couple movies while babysitting last night (which was fine thanks, by the way). We watched Frosty the Snowman, and then a little while later, Home Alone 2 came on... so I watched a bit of that before the parentals came home. The festive movies have sort of begun!
But I do need to share the 3 (yes 3!) trees they have set up at their house!

Mini Tree!

Medium Tree!

Big Tree! :D

I don't know about you, but I was pretty impressed :D They've got some trees! 

Anywho...enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Talk to you tomorra!

Peace out for meow :)!

PS. Don't forget...Giveaway! Still good chances for winning! I'll be picking the winners sometime this week :D If there's something you want to enter for ... do it!

Christmas song for today is another classic! It relates to the many pictures ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Though there's not a ton of snow. I wonder if that's going to change....

Well, Scotty came home and, sadly, he's already gone back to work. It's kind of strange having someone around after being alone for so long...but it was nice. Back to just me and a sleepy George for another 6 days. 
So yesterday Scotty was able to get his Christmas shopping done. When I got home, we went to the mall near our house quick and he was able to run into a friend who he hadn't seen in a few months, which was nice. Then we went to the grocery store where a lot of money was spent...BUT NOW I'm ready to do a bunch of Christmas baking :D It's going to be a busy week...
We then picked up some blizzards from DQ (because I had a BOGO{I just realized BOGO stands for buy one get one...}coupon) and then also picked up some sushi to take home :D We both got stuffed and vowed never to have sushi again (for at least 2-3 weeks that is :>).
Today was basically a lazy day for both of us but pretty quick here, I'll be heading out to babysit for my brother for a couple hours. (Boo to leaving the house and my nice cozy lounging clothes!)

How has your weekend been thus far? What're you getting up to? :)

SO! December 15th has arrived and I'm supposed to share the best gift I've ever given...and I actually have no answer to this. Just because I think I'm giving a pretty thoughtful/nice gift to someone, doesn't mean it seems as awesome to them. I do love giving people awesome gifts...but it's not as though I really keep a tab of the gifts I've given. Though that may be because my memory has been seeming to get worse and worse.
Or maybe I just haven't given that awesome of gifts ;)

What do you think? Do you remember the best gift you've given? Or do you have one??

I don't know. But I do know there's only 10 days until Christmas!

Are you all done your Christmas shopping? Was this your final weekend? Or were you done LONG ago?

12 days of Christmas time!
On the 3rd day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey.

(Google images)

Have you had one? Do you like them?

I LOVE pomegranates. (I just realized I didn't pick any up at the grocery store D: ...). Sadly, they're only out around the fall/winter season. I remember when I was younger, I was always excited for when pomegranates would FINALLY pop up in the grocery store (not as though that's changed...I'm still excited for the first pomegranate, though usually...the first one of the year isn't that amazing).
As I looked up this picture on Google, I read that one pomegranate should feed 4 people. Uhm...really?? I eat these things by the wholesies. Filling? Yes. But it's all mine. 
I cut the pomegranate in half and then lay out a towel \blanket and sit and devour it.

Do you remove all the arils (seeds) before eating? Or do you just gnaw them out?

I realize most of you are likely a liiiittle more classy than me ;). 

Anyways...until tomorrow!

Byeas for meow :)!

PS. Again...GIVEAWAY people. FREE THINGS! haha. You don`t have to do much and the chances of getting something are still pretty high.

And the Christmas song today will be one of the classics...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Advent Calender has issues...

SO! It was back to the mall with me for about an hour last night. I really don't mind going to the mall during Christmas. Sure, it's absolutely insanely busy on the weekend (which is why I didn't go on Friday) BUT I don't know, it's just all bustling and festive and decorated. I like it!
I believe that I'm FINALLY done my Christmas shopping (hopefully), but you never know ;)

The past few nights, I've been waking up at about 2:30 ish and have been having a heck of a time getting back to sleep, THEN when my alarm finally goes off at 5...I feel DEAD to the world. I don't know what to do...but I hope this annoying little habit stops on the ASAP.

So, you may or may not know...but Scott has been gone for 3 weeks. Tonight, he's able to come back for about 24 hours then he goes back out until he's off for Christmas, on the 21st.
I don't know about you...but I'm DEFINITELY ready for some holidays...
How about you??

Want to see something lame??

Do you understand what's going on there? The KINDER EGG ITSELF is behind that door. On the 13th???!
NO! Gah...I had to skip the 13th for now. I don't know if it's just me...but that Kinder Egg is being saved for the final Kinder feast. 'Nuff said. :P

So, I still need wrapping paper and a bunch of ingredients to get some baking going! Hopefully that happens this weekend.

But the Christmas blogging must go on!

December 14th...11 days til Christmas! Real or artificial tree you ask??

Well...growing up, I think I only saw one or perhaps two real trees in our house.We had at least a couple (probably more) artificial trees stored in our basement. And correct me if I'm wrong family... but I believe almost all of my siblings get artificial trees? One sibling that I KNOW gets a REAL tree every year is the Strathmore bunch. (Remember how I talked about their Obese tree??...I'm so sad I forgot to get a picture!)
 {PS, my graham cracker house is still decorating my kitchen...it remains uneaten thus far!}

I know lots of people love going out to get real trees...and I'm sure that's a very fun and festive experience! Real trees also usually look great (or obese apparently...), and lots of people love the piney tree scent.
I, however, don't really care. Haha. I just love the look of a decorated tree - period! And I'm not a huge piney scent fan... so that doesn't really make me want a real tree. PLUS, real trees make a mess! (Also, who knows what critters you're bringing into your home in that tree bundle D: ).
So by the sounds of it, I think for me personally, I prefer an artificial tree ;)

How about you?? Real or artificial??

Almost forgot about the 12 days of Christmas!
On the second day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey.

Now here's my explanation. I don't know about you...but when I'm hibernating at home for part of the holidays, I do NOT leave my pj's/sweatpants. My favorites are usually Lululemon...but I also have a really big, cozy pair I love! (I'm giving 2 pairs so you can cycle through... wash one pair while wearing the other). ;)
You're welcome.
You understand what I'm saying? ;)


Ciao for meow :)!

PS. If you haven't yet... don't forget to check out that giveaway! The chances are still VERY HIGH for winning SOMETHING!

So the Christmas song I chose for today took me a while to find. I had no idea what it was called, and I ABSOLUTELY did NOT know it was Brittney Spears. It's a catchy song though, so far, I was making up my own words because I didn't really know what they were. (Thus why it took me so long to find...). ;)
What do you think of it??

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Begins!

Well hey there! I've gotten a few new readers/followers due to my giveaway (which is just fine)...so welcome everyone! A quick introduction (because my blog isn't all that organized)...

So, I'm Trudy! I've been blogging for...well it's getting close to 3 years now! I basically blog about my life, things I learn and things I'm thinking about. (So basically it's an online Journal, but that's what a lot of blogs are). I'm living in Canada and just got married this past summer{you can search tags about wedding help; wedding plans; wedding planning to see more on that} to Scott {who I also mention on the blog...you can search Strongbad, fine fellow, and Scott}, but he's also gone a lot. We got a kitten not long after getting married, his name is George and he's pretty ridiculous...but also pretty dang cute {he can also be searched under George of course}!
I don't really like the cold, I enjoy swimming and I love Kinder Eggs and Ice Cream :D
Right now I'm basically just working, living life, and looking forward to Christmas!
I'm pretty sure I didn't put any, let alone even one wedding picture up on here...I just realized. I could probably do that. If you want.

Now how about you tell me about you ;)

Feel free to comment or email me at trudyjohnson11@gmail.com!

Any other questions, let me know!

So back to everyday nothingness!
So today is the 13th and I really want to watch some dang Christmas movies! Scott and I don't have any. My parents have a few, so I'll just have to wait a little bit and then I can go crazy!
So recall how I didn't make banana bread this past weekend?
Well, last night I realized I needed it...so banana bread was made! Same as last time. Still just as delish!

Nummers~! Remember, I could still post the recipe if you want ;)

Oh! I also waxed my legs last night haha. I think I'm getting better...because it doesn't seem to take as long. It seems like I'm getting less and less hair growing back each time (which I like).

Now we're going to get Christmasy for the rest of this post, real Christmasy...

Here on the 13th, I'm supposed to share my favorite Christmas book. 
I'm going to be honest here...I don't remember the last time I read a Christmas book. 
I remember reading Christmas books when I was a wee lass...about the '12 Days of Christmas' and 'T'was the Night Before Christmas' and such. But I don't know if I've ever read any Christmas books as an adult. 
Is that normal??
Maybe you should give me some recommendations if you know of Christmas books!

Do share, what's your favorite Christmas book? Or do you have one??

And NOW it's time to start the 12 Days of Christmas! (I did this last year, you can search the tag, 12 days of christmas if you want to see it - or starts here). So, my "12 Days of Christmas" are basically things that I've really been liking lately (or for a long time), things that seem festive; and some things that I just personally relate to Christmas. ;) Basically, it's ridiculous and you'll think I'm odd...but that's alright :D

Here we goooo...
On the first day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, a fuzzy kitten named Georgey.

He's not always running around like a psycho...just usually.


GAH! His addiction is getting worse!

Do you want to do your own 12 Day of Christmas? :D 

Do you want my kitten? ;)

Toodles for meow :)!

PS. Get on over and enter into the giveaway if you haven't! Chances of winning are pretty high! A couple things haven't been picked at all yet!

This Christmas song is one of my faves...(not necessarily sung by MC, just what I found first)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oranges make smoothies delicious

It's true you know...the past couple days, I've just thrown in a (peeled) mandarin orange. SO GOOD! Sweet, but delicious (if you're into that sort of thing...).
Yesterday though, I must've filled the container a little full and it leaked over onto my fav green Lulu hoodie.

Horrible, right? :< I washed it last night after work and I looked at it this morning (praying that it would magically be gone) and though it was definitely faded, it wasn't completely gone. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture if you were interested). I used regular detergent and oxi-clean. Though I didn't scrub it at all (which is probably what my mother would suggest...).

Any tips?? D:

Curse you delicious mandariny (yup) smoothie.

So I need to get some dang wrapping paper so I can get on wrapping gifts! Which leads us nicely into this actually...

Well hey there December 12th! What's that? Do I prefer wrapping paper or gift bags??

Come now. WRAPPING PAPER! I think a lot of us prefer to rip open something. Though sometimes, without putting something in a box, there are a few things that are very very difficult to wrap. Especially kids toys these days...they have insane corners and shapes. Do they enjoy making it obscenely difficult for the world?? 
Though I will most definitely admit, I have used gift bags...they're very convenient at times. 
Another reason I prefer wrapping paper is then I don't feel like I need to reuse it. I don't know if this happens to everyone or if it's just my mother ingrained in my brain. But if I get a gift bag from someone and it's in good condition, I'm going to reuse it. 
Is that so horrible?? Do you do it?
(Though my mom also tried to save wrapping paper...so at least I don't go quite that far...).

Do you prefer wrapping paper or gift bags? And do you ever save them??

 Buh bye for meow :)!

PS. 12 days of Christmas (Trudy style) starts tomorrow!

PPS. Did you see I'm doing a giveaway?? Get over there and enter to win something!

I should likely start putting up Christmas songs everyday now... (nice view, hey?)

12:12:12 Giveaway! *CLOSED*


Alright people. This is sort of exciting. But not too exciting.
Here we are on the 12th day of the 12th month of the (20)12th year, and I'm doing a giveaway!

I've been considering doing a giveaway of sorts for a little bit now. Lately, my reader base has increased... and I think it's actually worth it to give this a try. Now I will tell you, I do have a few gifts to give away but they likely won't all appeal to each of you.

So first I'll start with the goods...

Sorry, I don't know how to flip this picture horizontally on here. But you get the drift. Benefit mini scent samplers. They're pretty good! :D

My favorite soap and winter scent from Bath & Body Works :D And also a candle, Winter Candy Apple...smells delish, trust me! (These I have as a set, just took it out to show you what it was).

This Paul Mitchell extrabody, shampoo and conditioner set.

This little festive Christmas set from Sephora (philosophy products).
4 different body washes and 1 lip gloss. (Sorry, again I didn't know how to flip it...haha).

A little lotion called Love Spell from Victorias Secret. (Smells pretty delish).

Corioliss, Brilliant Gloss Mist. (I've never tried it...I don't know of it's awesomeness)

I'll also be giving away a box of Ferrero Rocher and a box of Toffifee. As these are my favorite Christmas treats you can get from the store ;). They're delicious.

And last but not least, I will NOT be giving away George. I just want you to look at his cuteness.

Alright,so there are QUITE a few things to giveaway. And here's how this is going to work. You can enter your name to win any or all items you're interested in.

How do you enter?
WELL, to enter...you need to leave a comment (or a text, email, facebook comment, facebook message, whatever!) for each entry/item. In this comment, you will either tell me...
A) an exciting/entertaining or even meaningful story (ideally Christmas related) ;)
B) one genuinely nice thing about me (hey sometimes the Trudy needs love!)
C) one of your favorite blog posts on here so far, and why you like it
D) another awesome blogger that I'm missing out on, and why I should check them out!
E) your favorite thing about Christmas (put some heart into it) ;)
F) an awesome Christmas recipe that I NEED to make

Not too hard right?? I just feel like doing a giveaway!

 As I said, you can enter for just one thing, you can enter for ALL of them as long as you do a separate entry for each item. Make sure you say in the comment (text, email, facebook, etc) what the entry is for. I'm not quite sure what the finish date will be yet, but it'll go for at least a week (I'll let you guys know when I've picked the ending date). At the end of the contest, I'll take all the entries and do a draw for each item...so if you're the only one...you win by default!
OH! You're probably wondering if I'll ship out of Canada? I'm perfectly aware I have a few readers in the US and one in particular in Scotland ;)... and YES! It's all in! I love all you readers and I want everyone to have equal chance. Oh, and feel free to spread the news!

Any questions about the giveaway or any of the products, let me know!

So start now!
Email is trudyjohnson11@gmail.com for those who would prefer to email.