Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends? :3

Alright weekend over - back to reality (oh there goes gravity -- what song am I using here). No hints! No google! But if you do know... comment ;) And you get a point! (A meaningless point - but a point nonetheless).

So it was a pretty goooood weekend overall! You realize how quickly you can become close with someone after just spending a large amount of time over a short period. I've really gotten to know quite a few people and I like them all! But throughout the weekend, there was a core group that spent the most time together - and I'll tell ya, there was some bonding! (not in weird ways...if that's how it sounds). Once you spend a lot of time with someone or just start connecting with them and hearing more about their life...it's bound to happen! I quite enjoy the people I have around me and I'm grateful to know them! Haha. My perspective on friends has changed quite a bit since leaving the bridge... I still enjoy having a few very close friends (which is more what I had), but here I've gotten to know and become friends with a LOT of people. And I will say it's difficult to maintain that friendship and keep things going and help them feel cared about (in a sense). But I'm doing my best, and I'm happy to know the people I do.
A few people of noteworthy mention for now will be...
...Francesca (yes, I do still alter the names) a spunky youngin'! (I'm no longer the youngest one). She's very artistic (in fact she did a portrait of me :o ), very pleasant to be around and also loves a good argument - she's always right. She's also a runner and is training to do a marathon (go you!). She spent the whoollllle weekend with me, and I will say it was fun! I'm glad I could get to know her a bit and can't wait to get to know her more.
...BK a joker that all can get along with. He's quite amusing but knows the limit and doesn't take things too far. He's one of the people that can really bring a group together, easy to talk to. He's also artistic and works in constructionish.
...White China so chill and relaxed but quite funny. He's very quiet sometimes, but when he does say something...it's always worth it. And he makes the best facial expressions. Overall - quite amusing!
There are definitely more people...but I would say that is the core group as of now. And I hope no one gets offended for not getting mentioned because I know more people hang out and I still love you and think lots of you and have things I could say about everyone!

Anyways, I'm glad for all the people I have met... I know it's difficult to maintain relationships especially when you don't see people very often. But I'm trying my best for what I have the time for right now. Love you all!

Shout out to W, good luck in your school and wedding prep. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family and you know what that entails. Love you :)

And that's it for this one :D

Au revoir for meow :)!

OH! Check out this song.... I guarantee lots will think it's annoying, but I just thought it was and interesting combination that I came across. No hints! Just check it out! ;o

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love swimming :D I like to think I'm a water baby, of course I can't REALLY swim (I more dog paddle) but I STILL love to do it :3

Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend has rolled around again

Motivation to do a blog? Very very low. Chance that I'm actually going to follow through and finish and post this? High. If I set my mind to it - I'll do it, so here goes...

My favorite day of the week - Friday :D The last day of work, the possibilities of an exciting weekend, and just a small sense of accomplishment for getting through yet ANOTHER week of the regular life. Is there a way to make every day 'extraordinary'? Well probably, just take a look at the word...ordinary with extra added in. So it's just about finding one thing every day to just make it a little something 'extra', whether it be going to the gym, reading, watching a show, relaxing, bubble bath, or whatever! But I think it's fairly important to do a little something every day just to make it that much better! Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured. Keep that in mind... haha.

So, lately people have been coming over to my place on the weekend. And, as far as I can tell anyways, people seem to quite enjoy it. I can usually get a pretty good little crowd of people (and by good of course I mean fantastic - clearly if I'm friends with them they're awesome [: haha) who get along well and can have a fun time together. Not to mention I've either had brownies or cookies everytime... haha, that probably helps make things a little better ;) And I freeze grapes **SIDE NOTE** Have you tried frozen grapes? They're kind of amazing... it makes grapes just that much better (unless you don't like frozen things?) TRY EM! **RETURN ** and provide other snacks and cut of carrots and celery and yes... If people are going to keep coming, they're going to have to start bringing their own contributions. I can't pay to feed all these folk all the time D: So this will need to be sorted out if it keeps happening...

Other than that - standard. Work, gym, home, eat, shower, read, bed. (Really that's pretty much it). But that's ok, I enjoy the standard day :)

A NOTEWORTHY SIDE NOTE** - It looks as though spring just MIGHT be here. So help me if it gets really cold again now...I'll probably cry (kid you not). Summer is my favorite time, so Spring being here would be simply fantastic! It's not really all that warm out, but it is above zero...most of the snow is melting away and most importantly - THE SUN IS SHINING :D YAY!
And if it's spring time...I can go get my Geo again ;) I've been missing her and she's much better on gas, and much smaller and yes :)

OH! And Happy St. Patty's to all y'all! Hope it was splendid - anyone do anything exciting? I just went to the gym, got groceries and went home...oh the festivities~! Haha. I was just looking back at my post from a year ago...and my feelings for St. Pat's still haven't changed. And green is still my favorite color :D I just don't like seeing it everywhere. And yes, this is green because of my love for green... sorry Nan, hope your eyes are alright ;)

Anyways, I believe that is it...to my sister 'Lambie' I send you a caw! ;3

A couple of songs that I want to leave you with is On The Floor -->
annnddddd Just Can't Get Enough :)
Let me know what you think of them~!

ALSO - anyone have any absolutely amazing cookie recipes?? Let me know, I enjoy trying new ones :)

Ciao for meow :)! (Or should I say top of the mornin' -.- lame I know)

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I'm slightly competitive...not in all things, but some. At FHE on monday... afterwards some people were playing football/catch/jackpot, and well I'll just say some people were surprised at how competitive I was haha. I was definitely shoving and jumping and lunging and yes. Surprise everyone? haha. I'm a lady I am!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


No meaning behind the title... just March coming in, with a bang? Sure...

ALRIGHTY! So it's been yet another month, but tis alright! Because 1. Nobody really reads this and 2. I don't have interesting things to talk about. But nonetheless, I be back. ;o

Hmm...story of my life as of lately...
The sis went back to Jakarta (Indonesia), so I'm a lonely duck again :'[ (Hope all is well with you <3)>
SO this past weekend...I began with the standard (morning Kick class followed by some Zumba), then got some groceries...went home and cleaned the place, then cleaned myself. And got ready to get out and up to things! So, I don't know if I've mentioned her before (don't think I have) so I'll call her Beatrice! I decided it was time to hang out with Beatrice, and along with her...we had a Robbyjandro (more like we were with him - he was driving us around hehe). Well, we went to see Tron (yes, again) and it was just as good as the first time - though it wasn't in 3D :( We then went back to Beatrice's place and soon decided we needed a late night Denny's run - YAY! So we went and got our french toast on! And then a couple other things before heading home... nice and sleepy like. Then of course it was church (and along with that choir). Anyways - nothing particular to point about church. It was good though haha. After that, Beatrice came over for some nacho's (:D) and then we hung out with a few other people to watch the Academy Awards and play a couple games (the game is Mao - it's amazing). That's the basic drift of what I've been up to as of lately!

I still enjoy life! Nothing really new persay. (Not that I can presently think of anyways?)

I suppose I can throw in another couple random updates.... As for the "no sugar" I mentioned last time. Well I could lie to you and say it went well....but I kind of just told you it would be a lie *sigh*. We lasted a bit, we didn't do terrible. But I find it's better to have a little indulgence from time to time than to put it off and then have a huge binge fest. SO yes, that's the way of it. That mission was aborted soon after it begun ;)

Another thing that isn't really mine to tell...but oh well, not going to say much and it's not as though it's a secret. The W is now engaged, to the giant. It wasn't really surprising (kind of bound to happen I suppose)... but anyways, happy for them and best of luck in the planning and your future together ^^

So, hope you all had a splendid February! And looking forward to another weekend. I'll have to decide what I'm going to get up to this time around?

But that is all...I think

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I got some blood work done. And apparently I'm not as invincible as I thought. I have a relatively low iron and am considered anemic (BOO! :[ ) So this explains why I'm such a good sleeper and feel tired all the time. And another thing as of lately is that sometimes I almost black out at the gym (no good). BUT ALL IS WELL :D

OH! I'm going to throw in a song I've quite enjoyed as of lately (and sis of mine! this is the song we thought might be Duffy in that trailer). It's called Rolling in the Deep and it is by Adele - and go!