Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food equates to energy

Therefore...I have very little/no energy. Didn't feel better yesterday, so I didn't eat at all (and haven't yet today). But I have intentions of eating today so long as my appetite comes back. I don't necessarily feel sick today but I don't feel hungry, though I'm pretty sluggish (likely from the lack of eating). And I just realized this seems ridiculously hard to word everything together! My brain is shutting down (or just dying a little bit)!! D:

So yesterday I still went to work and, sadly, I wasn't able to go to Kick class :( Instead I went home, got some laundry going and had an hour nap. When I woke up, I decided I wanted to try to go swimming (because we weren't able to go on Monday and I was missing it!). So to the pool I went! (Along with BK, White China, Big Bear, Francesca, Maximus, and Strongbad). Should I have gone swimming? Probably not. I felt tired and weak the whole time and I didn't talk to some people that I should've (Big Bear - who actually left early?). But I got through swimming and still had some fun. Afterwards...some people were going on the usual Dennys run, but I passed because I felt exhausted and knew I wouldn't eat anything there anyways.

One little seems as though there is a decent amount of "drama" going on in our group of friends as of lately. I'm not particularly worried though because things will work/smooth out.

Another thing, I know I've gotten new followers...I expect more comments and suggestions. :P

Ta Ta for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I've only had stitches twice in my life... 1) When I was a youngin, right in the middle of my forehead. (Perhaps I'll share the story sometime). And 2) When I got all my wisdom teeth out. AND I've never broken a bone ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here I am (as promised) annnnnnndddd here I go - byyyyeee! :D (kidding -.-)

So, soccer - I realized I didn't have my jersey with me! So I had to head home quick and barely got to the game in time (but then the ref was like 15 minutes late anyways - jeesh), but no matter...made it! Well, the other team was a bit better than us (not all of them, but a few players in particular) and we ended up losing 2-1. But I though it was a pretty good game overall. I'm pretty sure the other team thought we played dirty and they complained to us and the ref the wwhhhoooollllleee game (gah!). This game was kind of difficult for me as I don't have cleats and it has been raining the past few days. So there was a bit of sliding BUT I didn't fall as I was trying to take it easy.

As I said, it's been raining the past few days... And really, I don't mind rain - the moisture in the air, the fresh smell and such; but I'm most definitely ready for the sun to come back!

Rewind to yesterday! SO I said I would introduce a "new character" in my story (so to speak) - and I was choosing between Flying Dutch Man (FDM) {which makes absolutely no sense} and Big Bear {which makes a little more sense}. *sigh* OK ok.... Lets go with Big Bear (cue rundown) ...I'll start with height; he is tall! (6'3 or 6'4 I believe). Super nice guy and very easy to get along with. Always friendly and welcoming and gives probably some of the best hugs. He's presently in school and he's quite humerous and fun to be around ^^

And with that...I'm calling it a day haha.

Bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I may or may not have mentioned (pretty sure I have) that I love food. I don't like being hungry, so when I feel it - I eat! Last night I felt a weird pain in my stomach and unfortunately didn't get a very good sleep. I woke up this morning and the pain is still there and either it's not as severe or I've gotten a bit used to it. Anyways, I haven't had an appetite or the desire to eat at all today, but I hope it comes back soon D:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


(Meaning behind the title you may wonder...absolutely none)

Aiight! Well, I should just throw down something every now and then so here goes!
T'was a good weekend! I believe Lambie comes home this weekend soooo, looking forward to that! (Besides the fact the now I'll have to move - but bring it on adventure!)

Francesca spent the whoooollllle weekend with me (long weekend - yay!). Friday night I went on a double date with Francesca, Strongbad, and another dude which I do not have time to do a little rundown on right now (and I haven't "named" him yet haha), so hopefully I'll get on that for tomorrow ;) Which was good! I'll perhaps give a few more details tomorrow as well.

Saturdayyyy went for a run - was sunny and nice! Then had a nice low key, not at all stressful afternoon. White China, BK, Francesca, Strongbad and the snuggler(?) {ya...I should probably change this nickname as it isn't entirely applicable anymore... so I'll refer to him as Maximus from here on out) then went to a park to play grounders (ridiculous[ly awesome] - I know). We then went for a little fire to have s'moooorreeeees and such!

Sunday - church, and yet another fire!

Monday - pretty low key, CREPE PARTY (delicious)! Then fhe and out to BK's to watch Scrubs!

All in all, fun went by fast yet seems like it took so long! Jeesh, life eh? Didn't quite get enough sleep, but tis alright! Just about to head to soccer now though - so wish me luck! I PROMISE I'll get another post up tomorrow because this one is a little bit lame...OK FINE - a lot!

Any adventures on your long weekends?? Do share :D

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I haven't been late for soccer yet - so I have to go so I'm not! haha (sorry!)

FINE - something I was reminiscing with someone about concerts we've been to. The only concert I've been to is KALAN PORTER (don't judge me.) It was within the year of him winning Canadian Idol (whenever that was). Anyways...I was little obsessed for a bit, had a bit of a crush but I'm turned out ok! (right??) So check out this song (used to be one of my fave's) ;)
Peace nerds!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sun if you love me, will you please please stay... :3

Alright, so...the motivation for the next blog just did not come. Sooooooo, time to just START ANEW!

The last few days have been so nice! And I haven't even been able to enjoy it really! (sad)
But it seems as though its got to rain or something now, weather like this just does not last around here....

Anyways, I don't recall if I mentioned, I'm now on a co-ed soccer team. I'm probably the worst person on the team... but it's sill fun :D First game we won 4-3 (or 3-2...I forget D: ) And the second game (which was on tuesday), we lost... 1-4 D: Oh no - clearly we've got to step it up!

Life has pretty much been going as, gym, swimming (and now soccer). But overall it's good :)!

Fransesca has been gone for a week and a half but she is now back! It was good to see her yesterday! I don't recall if I mentioned it, but her dad was participating in "Iron Man"...which is basically a MASSIVE triathlon (seriously). It took place down in St. George and she came back soooooo burnt! Here I am white and she's a little lobster (- I'm better off, right?)

Hmm, I can't really think of things other than this.... BESIDES THE MOST AWESOME NEWS OF ALL! Lambie and my trip (to Texas) IS BOOKED - YAAAAAYYYYYY! So that will be happening in about a month and I'm vvveeerrrrry excited ;)!

OH! And now that Nani's announcement has been made public by herself, i can finally come out and openly say - Congratulations on the engagement!

And that is all. I say, good day.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well as you all know.... at least I think you all know ._. .... I LOVE music. And I've been trying to check out some new music lately - so HOOK ME UP! But this song has made me happy today :D
Ok...if I'm sharing links...check out this weird but amusing song as well (warning f bomb is dropped a couple times in this video --but no animals, that I know of, were harmed during the making?) haha.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Motivation level = 0's been a little bit. And if I don't get something up is just not going to happen!

SO just a quick update - the red sunglasses are working quite nicely and I still enjoy them ;)

Rewind to last weekend! (As in Easter weekend - April 22-24th) Went back home and got to spend some time with a lot of the family. Friday, saw a good chunk of to hang out, talk, and a few of us watched The Hulk. I hadn't seen it since it first came out. (I still find it a little ridiculous personally - oh well). Then we were taking my niece (who's about a year younger than myself) home when she got a text hearing about a house party (ridiculous dancing included). So off we went! It was quite fun and we were thoroughly amused the whole time as there was a British guy who was dancing....well...let's just say interestingly ;) Use your imagination. So overall...late night but fun!

Saturday. Hung out with this niece yet again! Started out with ice cream from the good ol' Marble Slab :D (it had been awhile!) Then we went to the mall...meandered for a bit and actually ended up playing DDR at the arcade (haha! Don't judge me.... >.>) Afterward we headed to my parents church feast (luau type thing where Nani's dad roasted a pig - it was scrumptious)
>>SIDE NOTE<< It was great to see you Nani - congrats to you ;) >>RETURN<<
AND THEN niecey and I decided we wanted to see a movie! So to the cheap theater we went.. and we ended up seeing Beastly. Which was actually not too bad. It was a story coming off Beauty and the Beast. There were definitely lame parts but overall I thought it was pretty alright. (***/5). Then took her home and bid our farewells! And then back to Marble Slab I went to see W! I hadn't seen her in sooooo long and it was great to catch up! (Yes I got ice cream again... x3)
She's busy with prep for wedding. But I was happy to see you :D We hung out til wee hours of the morning and then I saw her again on Sunday before I headed back home. And I even hung out with the giant (W's fiance) a little bit... and I would like to think I was even nice! of luck to both of you with the wedding prep ;)

Got back here Sunday evening and hung out with Francesca and a couple other people. That's the basic rundown of that weekend! And I know I still need to do this weekend. But this was hard enough to force myself to do ;) So until next time...

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I am probably the worst Lazer Tag-ger in the world...more to come ;) Check in soon! (Hopefully I get another one up in the next couple days).

PS. Happy May!