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Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 day meltdown

2 days until Christmas~! Craziness? Well I think so anyways.
I feel almost like a child. It's not as though I'm losing sleep or anything but... well, I am excited for Christmas. However, a big part of that may have something with my not being home for awhile and it'll be nice to just have a few days to relax and eat terribly (and in excessive amounts) :)

So I leave today after work...not that I'm at work now...ya (>.<)
ANYWAYS -- I'm definitely looking forward to it all (:

I was meaning to get on here before now but I've been a busy little bird! First off, I've been going on dates! Haha. You're probably thinking what the Because well I don't think I ever really talk about dudes because I never go on dates! I talk to guys quite a bit, but ya...don't date really. I don't know what it is as of lately but *shrugs* I'll run with it for now ;P consisted of watching Emporer's New Groove - 'Nuff said...awesome. Another guy we went out for hot beverages (he had tea, I had hot chocolate [duh]) then we went and made some granola bars at his house. And they're so good! Seriously haha. If you're interested in making some - ask me for the recipe! Then another guy I've just been hanging out with the most - we've done a few random things, and overall he's my snuggle buddy (it just happened, ok?). But that's all the details you're getting from me - for now at least.
Another thing I've been busy with... trying to find a place to live! My sister is coming back soon (December 29th?) and I think they were wanting me out by then. But I haven't found a place yet :( WHAT TO DO?!? *sigh* I guess I'll figure it out and cross that bridge when it's completely necessary. So Along with my sister coming back I've been organizing the place more and cleaning and such.
So between work, the gym, boys, and looking for a place. I have been busy.

I was going to do round 2 of the yogurt masks this week... but ALAS I didn't find the time. So I'll do it sometime next week probably. Really though, you should try it! Does this ----->
look like the face of someone who would lie to you? YES! And I'm not making that face - so really...try it.

OH! One thing I really dislike about Christmas... malls. Seriously, I think they're annoying on a regular day with all the people...But around Christmas - INSANITY!

I'm going to throw another couple of Christmas songs in here for ya. The first is a classic song but a different kind of cool version - All I Want For Christmas Is You ^.^
And the second, is one of my favorites... Merry Christmas Baby :3 (suffer through the first 30 or so seconds... GIVE IT A CHANCE [though you probably don't want to listen to the whole thing, it starts weird and ends weird and just...ya])

And I'll end here, because I actually don't have anything very useful to say haha.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I don't wake up easily. I sometimes listen to the alarm go off for an hour before I get up. Many times I have hit it so long that it just shuts off OR sometimes I accidentally dismiss the alarm instead of pressing snooze (crap).


  1. AHA! So your family did have a reason for spreading rumours of you having a boyfriend! It's all coming together now...

  2. Haha. Yes... they did have reasons. The number one reason being my dad is a blab face x)