Friday, December 10, 2010


OK, so first off...this is obscene how many bloggies I've got up for December already. It's more than I've got up in pretty much the last...3 months combined. Wow.

ANYWAYS -- I TRIED THE YOGURT LAST NIGHT! (If you don't know what I'm talking about... look at my last blog)

I went to the gym (which was fun if you're wondering haha), and then afterwards I went to the grocery store and thought to myself..."Hey, I'm gonna look for some yogurt!" And it was quite easy to find really haha. There was a few options - but the one I ended up choosing was Olympic brand, no fat (0%), Organic, Natural, Probiotic (plain obviously) haha.
So what I did was I showered first and washed my face and shampoo'd my hair quick. Then I got out and turned off the fan (to keep the steam in there) and put the mixture of olive oil and yogurt on my hair. One suggestion is to towel off your hair decently well so it isn't dripping - I did it alright, but it did end up dripping a bit (in the back). So I'm not sure if you want to do this yourselves or if you have someone that can help you it might be easier. So I started in my roots and put it all over my scalp and then started running it through the ends.
*TIP* Don't put so much that it drips - just enough to coat your hair.
I then put it up in a bun to keep it back and to keep it from dripping as much.
THEN... it was face time
*TIP* Don't use the leftover from the hair mixture - I don't imagine Olive oil being the best for your face?
So I started with one layer and gradually built it up to basically as thick as I could get it. (You'll realize when you try it...if you try it).
Then I put a robe on and just meandered about for half an hour or so. The yogurt on your face does dry after a bit, thus making your face feel kind of tight and constricted from emotion showing. But it's bearable.
The nice thing about doing them both at the same time was...when you do the face mask, you don't have to worry about getting the yogurt in the hair.
The bad thing about all of this - it's kind of a pain putting it in your hair...because you're trying not to get yogurt everywhere and also trying to move your hair around to coat the scalp completely. (and also I think plain yogurt just smells plain awful :P)
SO after half an hour, I just got back in the shower....rinsed it all off. I didn't wash my face again, but I did shampoo and condition my hair after.
I then moisturized my face as usual. My pores felt so clean and refreshed. Seriously. Haha. And I felt like my face was glowing and looked so squeaky clean. And my skin felt - plump? So to speak. haha. Sounds weird - but I liked it! If you don't want to try the hair mask - I would at least recommend it for the face.
When I was shampooing and conditioning my hair - the pores on my scalp also felt very refreshed and open. Really - it felt so nice.
I'm sure results vary from person to person and also depending on which yogurt you use. But I have tried it and I found that my hair is so smooth and even very shiny today. I would definitely recommend that you try it (if you're willing)! So try it! And let me know what you think!

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- The only yogurt I really eat is Strawberry. Raspberry is alright...Peach - maybe. All the others don't appeal to me. I used to put plain yogurt in smoothies until I licked the spoon after once. I started gagging - it was awful. The end.

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