Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here we go again...

Well... I suppose as it has been an utterly long time since my last post that I should just get one up. What has happened in my life....

OH well firstly it got deliciously warm outside! And I was even able to soak in a few rays (of UV radiation...which really probably isn't that good but oh well). There's something about the sun and warmth that just makes me feel happy inside :) I love to be outside and just drink in the warmth...because before I know'll be gone again D:! I even mowed! Yes MOWED! (not a lot, but still mowed nonetheless)... And there was an OBSCENELY LARGE amount of Ladybugs in my backyard. Quite literally HERDS of them... and when I mowed they would fly up and ATTACK MY FACE! I KID YOU NOT! As you may or may not have noticed... I hate bugs... all of them. To me they are seriously awful and I feel as though I need someone to be defending me from them at all times. I would rather... fight someone than face a bug (pathetic? I know -.-).

I have been doing a power yoga videoish type thing the past few days and although I'm utterly relaxed by the end... It's pretty intense! And I'm sore the next day.... but I guess that's kind of good.

ANOTHER THING! I have no idea why or how... but I've randomly gotten a slight cold for the past few days! It's disgusting!It started out with just a runny nose... then I couldn't even breathe through my nose.... THEN APPARENTLY I started snoring at night because of the loss of useage of my nose. And then I wake up with a terribly sore throat and then today I was croaking away D: And it's just not too pleasant really.

Today we did spring cleaning of the house... Which took a really long time actually... But I'm just glad it's done and everything is clean and nice and yes :) Well... except for my room... but I'm not going to worry about that because well it's summer vacation now. OH! I haven't mentioned that yet! School is now done for me!(for the semester). Communications there was no final but I ended up with 98% in the class... I think that's pretty awesome haha. Kickboxing... I'm not sure what my final mark is. But we did the final written exam and skills testing on monday and I think it went pretty good. ALSO! We did our fitness testing to see how we had improved since the start of the semester (we did this with pushups)... at the beginning I did 14... the end I did 32. And well I know it doesn't sound THAT fantasticredible... but well... I'm proud of myself :) So there :P Computers, we didn't have a final and I don't have my final grade in that quite yet. Last, but not least, Anatomy... I had my final for that on Wednesday and the grade is not up yet... I think I did decently well BUT I suppose I shall have to wait and see.
Also this weekend I went on a trip to Waterton with W and Mr. H which was actually really fun! It was pretty nice up there :) Although it took Mr. H seemingly FOREVER to start the fire (but you can't blame him... he's kind of a city boy) and I was STARVED D: (along with W) it was all in all quite a fun trip! Friday/Saturday night even went to a couple of Mormon house dance party type things which were surprisingly not too bad... Generally I'm quite anti social seeming and yeh, I just don't go to those (haha). But they were alright.

Well I think... that is... it... OH! I saw Avatar in 3D on... Wednesday night? Yea I think so... ANYWHO... I think it was really good! I was kind of iffy about it at first. But I would definitely see it again! So if you're willing to take a risk... SEE IT! but watch the trailer first just to get a rundown. :)

Anyways... this is the end now haha

Bonne nuit for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well... the past week (Monday- Saturday) there has been a deal at dairy queen for buy one get one for 25 cents :o So I've gone... everyday except one. I like ice cream an exceedingly large amount hehe

Monday, April 12, 2010


How do I manage to be so successfully disastrous?!? I just made pancakes (which were fairly scrumptious by the way) and I think there's syrup everywhere... honestly...I don't know how it happens. ANYWHO.... I managed to do this only burning 1 :D (out of three...but don't worry about it, it's cause I was talking to facebook -- or to people on facebook rather). SO I SAY IT WAS SUCCESSFUL! *gives self medal of achievement* :3 Well now that I'm all full of pancakey goodness and am definitely avoiding studying (for my lab exam which is TOMORROW DD:)....decided to drop a quick bloggy blog in.

THE ZOO! Was fun... saw lots of cute animals (duh of course -.-) AND t
he prehistoric park was updated! there's a new thing called Dinosaurs Alive... and they have dino's that move! AND ROAR! And oh... it was just exciting I assure you (and they go on censors and I managed to scare myself to death by trying to get them to move... and of course it was a little one :l) But yes, t'was fairly awesome. I always see these tigers and... leopards and other fuzzy cat like animals and I want to pet them D: ( which would likely end in serious pain --> or perhaps even death really). Saw some people get a nice spray of pee from the elephants, which is always amusing... from afar anyways. And watched the monkey's for quite a while (they're ever so cute) as they picked at each others lice and whatnot and caught bugs in the air.The picture above is of Yoda Monkey... he was fairly awesome at catching bugs and then he would generally go back to the meditation type pose...awesome haha. Then they started chasing one another which was fun.... until they started doing DIRTY THINGS! And then it was time to leave... o.o 'nuff said I assure you. OH! And my niece and I were making peacock mating calls (no lie we were really good--something to brag about? Likely not...) and well peacocks were following us left right and center! D: (pretty peacock picture though eh? :D)PS>>> I discovered that i think bats are really cute... don't judge me. ALSO I really wanted a little kangaroo DD: GAH! Time to move to Australia :D
Random thought... I have Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison stuck in my head (listen if you wish -- music video is pretty weird... so only watch if you really want to haha). OH! Another song that has kind of amused me today is Say It In A Love Song by Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce (so you can also listen to that if you wish). I quite enjoy both really haha. Every Rose Has It's Thorn is more a classic need to hear it sometime song whereas Say It In A Love Song will definitely not appeal to some lol. but by all means check 'em out :)

WELLL I applied at good ol' Wally World today (I've worked there twice before as a cashier and then in the accounting office) -- so we'll see what happens with that... because I really kind of need a job haha.

AND I got a booster juice today which was quite scrumptious... Pomegranate Punch is what I got :) It does have protein powder in it... so if you don't fear it... try it. It's berry-ish and quite tasty ~mmm!

Well, I suppose that should be all for today because I really do actually need to study for that Lab Exam haha. SOOO wish me luck and thanks for reading :D

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Sweat pants are probably my most favorite article of clothing D: They're so commmmfffy :3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Failure to Blog

So, I pretty much fail at blogging.... especially when it seems like nothing really eventful happens. So I finished that My Big Fat Greek Wedding project and got that handed in on Monday. (which is lame that we even had class on Easter Monday :l). So yes.... it was General Conference weekend (which is a big conference that takes place live in Salt Lake City and is broadcasted on the internet and tv for the LDS church). But anyways! That went well. Then Sunday afternoon a couple of my sisters came to visit which was pretty awesome because I hadn't seen either in a while. Then we visited more family (then finished my project because yes, I am an awesome procrastinator like that). Monday had schoool.... kickboxing only like 6 people showed up but we went for a run anyways and then we could leave. Went to communications handed in teh (yes teh) project and endured a very boring and seemingly pointless class and then went home... and honestly cannot remember what I did that night. I saw W for a bit I think. Tuesday....

BRIEF INTERRUPTION...I have not been able to sleep in lately and it is bloody awful :l What's this crap about waking up at like 8? Outrageous...

Didn't really sleep in...did my exercises. Probably wasted time most of the day. Either monday or tuesday I watched Fast and Furious (yes the 4th one) so... I now have those all watched up. And here we are with wednesday, went to the school bright and early (around 8ish...but got up at 7) and a sign is put up on the door saying Kickboxing is cancelled and I'm like WHAT!?! You don't cancel a class like this :l and I was annoyed. But ANYWAYS.... I came home, did some push ups...went for a run (which is reasonably difficult when it's this windy really)... did some more push ups...did some sit ups...stretched out. And then I just sat there realizing my left ankle was really sore along with my right shoulder. The ankle is likely just from running and I just have pitiful weak ankles. The shoulder I think is from pushing myself with the push ups. But URGH it's just annoying that my body isn't keeping up with me :( Maybe this is the price I have to pay for having the immune system of a champion (seriously I hardly ever get sick, it's amazing). Then I went back to the school for anatomy... came back here... made KD... and now here I sit, rambling on because I have nothing interesting to say. Sad life really.

And I'm quite sleepy, so hopefully I sleep good tonight. OH! TOMORROWWWW... I get to go to the zoo with the sister and niece that I went to Shutter Island with. But yes :) I'm excited cause I haven't been there in a long time and it'll be nice to just relax for a day. And there won't be time for me to workout so :D!

Anywho...I think I'm out of things to say. So I shall get back to you (hopefully a little sooner than last time), and I'll update on the zoo and other random bits happening in my life.

Hmm, here's a song I found recently called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.... click the link if you want to listen to it on youtube (don't watch the video though cause it's weird... but watch it if you want I guess lol). Tell me what you think of it :D
Ok one more... this song I've had for awhile it's called Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. But yes I like it, what do you think?

Anyways... toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I wear a night guard at night (on my's kind of like a retainer really), but's because I grind my teeth at night and it protects them. YAY PROTECTION! x)