Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toothless is mine... =l

Sooooo Heyy everyone :)
Just got home from How To Train Your Dragon... SO GOOD! Especially if you like childish animated movies and are even slightly into dragons. Although, it really just made me want a Nightfury dragon named Toothless....my life will not be complete without one... :l. (Pretty sure I'm setting myself up for failure with that one -.-). Moving on, it was definitely a cute one...ESPECIALLY in 3D ;) (and yes I am a nerd like that... OK?!? Okay. 'Nuff said... But yeh, so long as you can deal with a few 'Awwwws' from the cheesy girly girlsies....I'm sure you'll be ok. Beh, Toothless was just so cute D: with his (her...IT'S?!? I dunno) big cute eyes... and then the teeth that come out when they want to and and and.... trying to feed nasty raw fish to wee Hiccup :) ANYWAYS, that's enough of that...(Note: picture above is of Toothless trying to smile :D... don't judge me D: the little piece of the head is Hiccup)

Hmm.... what else have I been up to, got together with my groupie (member of my group for a class) today for communications. It's a project for My Big Fat Greek Wedding and yes it's due Monday. Soooo I'll be working on that for this weekend... ;P It won't be too hard though so yes.
Got to know her (the said groupie) a little more, and...bond? in a sense? Haha. It was good.

Watched 2 Fast 2 Furious last night, and well.... I don't think it's a good idea for me to watch those movies before bed. I'm fairly certain I had a few dreams about people in fast cars chasing and trying to kill me, was slightly frightening really. Also, I think one drove into my house? D:
So, I think I should watch those a little earlier in the day. Haha.

OH! That Anatomy exam I told you about... I got 86% which is, not too bad right? Lol.

P.S. Jesse, what do you want to know? Haha.

I feel like there was more I wanted to say but now I don't remember D: Well I guess I could mention I'm looking for a job now... it's kind of annoying and any help would be greatly appreciated? :) But yes, I'll be on the lookout and search. Anywho...that's enough...

Au revoir for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love frozen yogurt...especially with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. So good D:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fast and the Furious :P

Elllo world. And yes I am watching the fast and the furious (first one). After watching these movies...it just makes me want to go drive around fast and recklessly (and yes I do mean moreso than usual)...BUT HEY I can drive slowly and calmly if I want. So don't judge me >:l. I've got some laundry going and I'm going to work on a couple projects for computers. BUT I figured I'd come get a blog in, or it probably wouldn't happen this week. D: So heerrrreee goes...

Well....not exactly sure where I left off....so I'll think for a minute...I believe I left off with my dying on Monday from running. I don't recall what I did Tuesday at all anymore. Wednesday I had classes then went to Whitney's house. Thursday went to my aunties house for some scrumptious homemade chicken cordon bleu...so good! Thursday night had a computers quiz (which went good I believe) and I shall tell you how it went when I know. :) I still don't know what I got on that Anatomy exam last friday, it better be up soon D: I'm ridiculously curious... RIDICULOUSLY. Anyways....friday...got to relax some, and then picked up W from clinical and we went for ice cream and then back to her place to watch....Did You Hear About the Morgans? (I believe it was called) with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. It was actually pretty funny, made me laugh anyways. :)!

OH I got a haircut :o! I'll put a picture up if I figure out how... if not I'll do it in a bit. But I promise I will get one up eventually. haha. Not sure what all y'all think of my hair...but I don't mind it. It's quite a bit shorter and more thin than before. But it's nice to get some weight off :P

(clearly it worked as you can see at the beginning haha)

Don't really have any exciting stories sorry to say.... probably go see W and get ice cream tonight. And then later going to Leinani's for Otai (amg...so yummy), and games.
Buttttt anywho. I'm out...life is good. :)

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love warmth and the sun. I'm reaaaalllly excited for the summer :3

Monday, March 22, 2010


Does everybody have their own routine that they go through every morning (well probably varying slightly depending on what needs to be done that day)? I have a routine for almost everything I've noticed. From the way I put lotion on... to how I get my cereal. ANYWAYS -- First thing I do when I get up...is brush my teeth and then floss. Many find this odd...but meh, that's how I do I guess?

Yes that was a random thought but we'll move on to what's been up lately. (I was bored ok so :P).

Hmm... now I don't even know where I left off. I hung out with Amy (another good friend of mine) on Friday night.... and well all I will say is... EVENTFUL NIGHT. The blog doesn't deserve to know the details... haha. Both her and I know so yeh :). She ended up staying here til about 3:40 and we were just chatting about life at this point. But yes, it was pretty good :D And yes, in case anyone was wondering, (which obviously someone would) we were drinking chocolate milk... because well, it's AWESOME! (although it wasn't 2%...but ah well). Good night over all.

Saturday, let me think...AH...I went to Shutter Island with one of my sister's and her daughter(<-- for her birthday). Shutter Island wasn't too terribly action filled, but of course I jumped at least once -.-, BUT if you like those thriller type movies that have twists and involve thinking (and that are also eerie and creepy) then HEY this movie is for you :D *thumbs up*. THEEEENNNN I went to Marble Slab *drools just typing the name* to get some ice cream :D. So I got to see W and chat for a bit, and of course eat delicious ice cream. Then I went home and I think I watched some TV shows on the internet? haha. Yeh, I'm cool like that. Had a HUGE weird...craving I guess....to go for a run at 11:00pm this night. But I decided against it because well the people i asked were very insistent that it wasn't safe...which I guess it isn't. :P. But ah well. :D

Sunday...went with W to church...it was good. (: Went to eat at my aunties house.... then went home and did some homework and yes I am awesome because I leave it to the last minute like that.

This all leads up to today....Kickboxing... DEATH! i though running was bad before...BUT NO, before did not even compare :l (kwell it felt pretty bad at the time). We ran from the college to Henderson and then back...it took up the whole class D: TRUDY IS NOT A RUNNER OK?!!
Had a quiz in Communications which wasn't too bad. Came home and ate, showered..even put a weird mask on my face :D Now...here I sit in front of the computer with my huge smiley face shirt on :3 But i guess I've rambled on enough, so I'll put you all out of your misery and leave? haha.

Au dieu for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I probably do masks on my face about once a week...I'm cool like that I guess.

Friday, March 19, 2010

All is well

Well here I am again.... because well I have nothing to do at le momento. I really should take up a hobbie.... (or just work on some that I already have... -.- *failure*). I still sing pretty much all the time, typing is a hobbie right? Maybe? No? Okay :l As for guitar, well....lets just not talk about it because that has not come out in a LOOONNNNNG long while. Is eating a hobbie? I'm good at that too. :D Probably not something to be overly proud of :l

Soooooo, today I had that Anatomy exam....and well, it went alrightish. I knew the diagrams and the short answer but I probably guessed on about half the multiple choice (which likely isn't good) so....I'll just have to see how that goes. I'll keep you updated...unless it's really terrible....or I forget x).

OH I got gas in my car today :D I decided this was a good thing because...well, it was on empty. BUT after that, I swung by staples annnnnnnnd.... GOT A NEW PURPLE PEN :D (well actually 2 because I didn't want to go through this again any time soon :l). So yes :) I am happy....and I may or may not have gotten a kinder egg as well.... but you should lean more toward the may... -.- AND NO, I'm not addicted. Maybe. :P

Hmm... well I'm done, I want pizza...so I'll probably get it... the end.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I drive a GEO Metro.... is that a crapmobile? Yea pretty much, but I like her anyways :P

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

R.I.P Purple Pen :[

Well, I shall begin by saying I always have a pen that I'm particularly fond of. Perhaps this is odd....but that's alright with me. It has to be smooth (and Leinani knows from experience that it can take awhile for me to test them) and yes color matters :P. BUT ANYWAYS, lately I've been really a fan of this purple pen... and yesterday... it died :( and I am saddened. So tomorrow (hopefully) before my computer class I can run to Staples and find the same one...if not I may cry (...then again maybe just be really sad...) :l.

Sooooo you may have noticed that I have gotten QUITE lazy with this since I did my week haha. WELL SORRY D:! I'll still write reasonably often I swears!

Anyways....today was St. Patrick's Day which I'm not really against nor for. I'm indifferent to it I suppose, it's just there? I do quite enjoy the color green.... but not when everyone is wearing it! D: Seriously!

Hmmm, what else could I speak about.....random fact, IT IS VERY RIDICULOUSLY WINDY HERE! Like seriously :l I don't really like the wind, it just annoys me. But it seems like it's always here...nothing I can do about it.

But anyways, this is turned into quite a random, and in little bursts, blog.....so I may as well just stop for now haha. I shall be studying tomorrow.... so likely won't write then, but we shall see.

Sooooo, buh byes for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Green is my favorite color, slightly fond of blue though....and I have a soft spot for purple :P haha

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Om nom nom

So I'm currently eating cereal.... because it's amazing and I love it and could eat it multiple times a day, every day. OM NOM NOM

I just got back from visiting family around the city and I felt hungry (just leading to the cereal). And I just caught myself petting my head.... maybe I shouldn't straighten my hair -.-
OH and I watched Old Dogs today (at W's house... t'was pretty funny, especially the gorilla scene...when the guy is screaming :D) and I ate popcorn... LOTS of popcorn *.*

Welllll today we had a special conference in our church with a visit from one of the head honcho's from Salt Lake. It was a pretty cool experience, he was a good speaker and was pretty powerful. So overall very good. And good music. Just good lol x)
Oh and last night, it was a sort of meeting with the same guy and it was a question and answer type thing which was also really good.
Sooooo.... overall it t'was just a good weekend.

Well going back to my post last night (which I got in at 11:59 last night :o! -- close call I know!) but anyways...the personality type I am....I'm never really satisfied with myself. Let me explain, I always feel like I can do better... be better... so it leaves me being pretty hard on myself a lot. BUT last night was just kind of a boost for me that left me knowing what things are really do need to work on, so that'll be good...hopefully...maybe... I don't know :) Now I just need to do it lol.
Any suggestions for easing off myself though? D:

Hmm.... I guess I have a communications quiz to study for that's tomorrow, so I suppose I should get on that...

So ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like pie.... but I do not like rhubarb pie ._. BUT I especially loves the crust :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I bring you this message midfloss

I've decided I at least want to write everyday for the first week, after that if it doesn't happen... well it just doesn't happen :) But I'll try for as often as possible. But yes, I had to stop flossing midfloss to get this out there before midnight!

I won't say much for I don't have much time. It was one of those experiences tonight that I just want to be a better person. And I will work on it. I'll give more details tomorrow :)
Sorry for this lameness but I want to get this in.

And gay daylight savings tomorrow -.-

Night for meow ^^!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I floss twice a day :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh church dances

So here I am at 11:30 back from the church dance....lame right? Why lame, because first off....it IS a church dance, secondly...because we're back at 11:30!! What the douce...ending at 11 is slightly overly ridiculous. But whatever, me and the W (me bestie [yes here's the word again -.-]) had fun acting like fools :D. Yesh fools...acting normal is not a regular occurrence...or an ever occurrence really.

So the dance you may be wondering about but well...there's not really much to say, we both got a couple slow dances (not matter how much we try to avoid them [and by avoid I mean run out of the gym really]) but oh well...we're still alive and well...ish I suppose. Some boys are annoying, some boys aren't annoying, and some boys are REAAAALLLY annoying...that's all I'm going to say on that matter. OH and ps...Leinani you were not at that dance you toad :l. You were supposed to go do the Single Ladies dance, although they didn't even play it...but you could've done it anyways I suppose. Well that's enough about dances. And homosexual talk... WHAT!!?!...you may ask. But what I will tell you is...don't worry about it :P.

What else could I talk about..... today I cleaned my house? (And by mine I mean my mothers -.- but I clean it so :P) Thrilling stuff eh? I went to Anatomy Lab and learned stuff about the braaain. I got Booster Juice... then came to W's where they expected me to eat this MASSIVE plate of spaghetti D: I was like AMG! I tried.... I failed....but that's ok. I got quite a bit in really and then was hungry again in like 2 hours. Jeesh.... I'm a growing girl? Well I better not be :/ cause the only way I'd be growing is wider and I do not need that thank you very much :P

Well...overall I can say today was a good day, and I quite enjoy life. But alas, lo and behold...I am tired and yes...done.

Sooo bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love Kinder Eggs and would probably DIE for them.... Although I wouldn't get to eat them if I died.... so maybe I just like them a really large amount which cannot be expressed with words. Okay? Okay. The end. Fin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What the sleep? :/ or lack of it...

I just feel really tired lately :( ...but alas, this is life. I tell myself I'll go to bed earlier but it really just never seems to happen ._. And then I wake up all through the night D: Come on! I need like a week just to sleep.

So I just finished writing my notes for Anatomy tomorrow. They seem to take too long and my hand hurts by the end.

Sheesh....apparently I'm annoying when I'm tired (or all the time) -.-

I was just going to whine about my computers class that I had tonight...but I won't :D I'll just say I had it...and then I went and got a booster juice :)! YAY! Strawberry Sunshine this time...t'was tastilicious.

Well this has been a really lame pointless blog...so I shall leave 2 random facts.

RANDOM FACT(S) ABOUT ME -- 1)I almost always have nail polish on mah toes :P but never my fingers.
2)Socks bother me...I don't really know why. Even though my feet are always cold, not a socky person. lol

Hopefully I can get a good sleep to reboot my mind...it seems to have crawled in a hole and died :( poor brainy...

Well nighty for meow :)!

I can see clearly now...the snow is gone.

SO the snow is gone :D Well....it's not entirely gone yet...but well...it's no longer snowing and hopefully it's all gone soon!

As you are aware, I went to Alice in Wonderland last night...I thought it was really GOOD! It made me hyper after though and made me REALLY just want a chesire cat...HECK I'll even BE a chesire cat, I just want one around D: But if you like Alice in Wonderland and slash or Tim Burton movies...I would definitely recommend it. But yes, it was a good time....got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a bit and just have a good time so YAY!

Today in kickboxing... was INTENSITYNESS! Well basically our teachers always just push us...which is technically good I suppose. Haha...nah it is good. Just seems crazy while doing it. Also my anatomy class was cancelled (:o!) for today so I went with my bestie (I dunno how one would go about spelling it or making that look normal) to her house to plan more about our awesome trip to CALI~! :D It's just very exciting. While we were at her house we had nachos with... BLUE (yes blue) chips. Maybe that isn't oddd to you, but well to me...I was like WHAT! But yeas they were actually really good haha. Hmm.... I was also watching Medium (the first season) it's quite good and slightly addicting. My favorite TV show would probably have been reaper though... SO FUNNY! But it only had 2 seasons *tear* :(!

Well.... my brain just seemed to roll over and die...so I guess I'm going to say this is good enough haha.

Farewell for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like the smell of gasoline...yes it kills my brain cells...but MMMM! x)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Why is it snowing DD:
I don't mind the snow...I assure you BUT I am terribly sick of it. I'm ready for Summer right now...let alone Spring. But heck, I'll take Spring if I have to :l. All I can say is this snow better not last very long. OH! But exciting news! I'm planning to go to California this Summer :D AND DISNEYLAND! YAY! I've never been so I'm really quite excited...I don't really have any details but I shall keep updating when I know more.

So, I just showered about 20 minutes ago....I'm aware that most people would not like to hear this...but I'm going to rant about it anyways. I love showering because I love the feeling of being clean and warm....HOWEVER I hate washing conditioner out! It seems to take forever, seriously. I never know if it's out, it never feels like it's out :l it frustrates me. Oh, and leg shaving is a long annoying process. But yea...that's enough.

Speaking of leg shaving! Ok this has nothing to do with shaving of legs...I LOVE chocolate milk. Currently drinking some. Thing that's sad...it's 1%. 2% chocolate milk is about 12478623238714786176174 x10^million times better. It's just so creamy and good D: SO if you see 2% chocolate milk...get it! (I know they have it at Safeway) haha.

I know my blog's are fairly random with not a lot of point to them.... but oh well...ANOTHER THING! I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, kind of excited...although it looks kinda creepy, but I shall tell you how that goes. :)!

Well...toodles for meow :D

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME--I like Threadless shirts and am currently wearing a green one with giraffe's on it :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Fiiiiiirst One

Well...here goes. Never really thought I'd be doing this, but oh well. :D
First off I guess I'll say a bit about myself, I come from a very large family and family is very important to me. Also friends are a big part of my life...they make it enjoyable and well I love to laugh and have fun. I love food...a little too much, but HEY that's ok...for now anyways. Some of my interests/hobbies/whatever you'd like to call them would be music, reading, exercising (which honestly is probably surprising haha), makeup(lame I know eh :l), AND I am an excellent sleeper x). Annnnnyywaays, that's all I could think of for now...so if I think of more I shall let you know.

SO, I'm currently in college and am taking general studies and the classes I'm in are...Communications, Computers, Anatomy and Physiology part 2, and Kickboxing and Fitness (quite the array I know). But anyways, so far I'm quite enjoying this semester and am reaaally loving kickboxing. Intense though, today we ran to the sugar bowl (from the college), did a bunch of running up and down the hill, then ran back....I felt like death was upon me SERIOUSLY o.o Trudy's lungs do not appreciate being pushed like that D: I love doing strength training and stuff like that but running..... is not really my forte, so to speak.

I'd say I'm a reasonably talkative person...people probably hate me because I'm annoying really. BUT nobodies said anything yet :D, so I shall continue as is (which I would probably do anyways).

A couple days ago, ok Saturday night to be exact -.-, I watched a movie with my friend (this friend knows who she is haha). But yes, we watched Across the Universe...good movie, weird but still good.....AND SINCE THEN I have had Beatles songs stuck in my head, which may be slightly due to the fact that I've been listening to it a lot on my iPod. *sigh* Oh well. And I also have Single Ladies by Beyonce stuck in my head... and well you don't need to know why :D

I think this is pretty good for my first one right? If you have any questions....comments...let me know :)

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like perogies...and I ate them like half an hour ago :3 om nom nom