Friday, September 28, 2012

Not George...

So Scott is back...and he's already adding different things into my life - such as this video.

If you haven't seen it, you probably should.

Happy Friday for meow :)!

I have some good news for all of us!

Scott's back! :D

Maybe I'll have some other things to post about now, but maybe not. I'm happy for him to come back nonetheless :)

But for now, I still have my little cuddle bug to keep me company. Scott's jealous sometimes...
What an adorable little weirdo. I need another ;) ...or maybe just a Scott to stay around so I can keep my sanity and not become a crazy cat lady. Who am I kidding, It's too late...

Meow :)!

PS. Happy Birthday to my Mom yesterday, my Pop's (which was the 3rd), and a sister of mine (which was on the 24th). Love you all!



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yes... a lot of my posts are about George

But that's basically all that's going on right now! What do you expect?!

George thinks he's pretty's really quite humorous. These don't quite do it justice...I'll try and get a better one sometime.

 What a weirdo x) As I said, these aren't the best examples but sometimes, it's like he's stalking me. When you're not looking he'll move slowly and then he'll freeze when you look.

Stalker cutie.

Bye for meow :)!

George is a beast! adorable beast, but a beast nonetheless. He is ALWAYS hungry...always wanting more food. It's kind of normal as he is growing...but still! He's actually growing quite a bit, he's at LEAST doubled in size since I first got him...but he's still adorable.

Almost shower time again >:3

Toodles for meow :)!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showering the cuteness

(The Cuteness meaning George...DANG IT...I should've named him The Cuteness{from a movie})

So every once and a while, I feel the need to give sweet little George a bath (or rather, shower) of sorts.

He doesn't hate it. But I feel like he hates me when it's happening. He doesn't really struggle, but he looks at me with such betrayal. Poor guy...
Instead of comforting him, I'm taking pictures...
So, I basically feel like a horrible person while this is all going on...but he's so soft and fluffy afterwards!

At least he forgives me and still wants snuggles afterwards.

Soggy for meow :)!

Smiling Cookies I'll start off with these deligthfulsome things. For about a week, Tim Horton's had chocolate chip cookies with smiles and all the proceeds went to charity. I don't know what it is about these smiling cookies, but they were amazing (probably crack cocaine in the icing). I was definitely sad when the week was more smiling cookies for Trudy :(
And if you didn't know about them, then I am deeply deeply sorry that you didn't have these to brighten your week. And I strongly recommend you keep an eye out for next year.
The first one I got, I was so excited that I took a bite before taking a picture (for shame).
Probably my 4th or 5th and final. I miss you.

No more smiling cookies for meow :(!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh right! Blooooggggg....

I've had a few posts or things to share...but I just got busy and/or lazy, and distracted.

Anyways. I don't have time to share right now (and I have to look back at my pictures and into my memory bank as to what I was going to talk about) BUT I will share soonish. I can almost guarantee that ;)

Happy Monday.

Fare well for meow :)!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A weekend...

So the weekend came and it came with a bang...although it was rather unfortunate 'bang' for me.
I may (or may not) have told you...I've been in a few accidents in my whole like...6 years of driving.
My Friday, sadly, began with one.
Basically, I pulled up to an intersection to turn right... it wasn't safe to go, so I pulled up and was waiting for the coast to be clear.
There was a vehicle (#1) coming the opposite direction that was going to turn right, with another vehicle (#2) behind it. The light turned yellow and then red as #1 was turning and #2 was slowed right down, so I figured it would be safe for me to go behind #1 (as the light was very red and I needed to get out of the intersection). However, as I turned to go behind #1, #2 suddenly sped up to go through the red light. I slammed on my brakes, thus avoiding getting smashed myself but it wasn't quick enough to avoid hitting #2 (as she didn't brake at all).
Long story short, I didn't get charged...though I'm not sure if she'll get charged for running the red light. So either she'll be at fault, or they'll say no fault. Awesome, right? No witnesses stuck around...

So I moped around all Friday night, and then Saturday I knew I had to go run some errands...and I felt like making myself up (with make up). It had been a while since I'd worn it (I couldn't even find my make up brushes...), some red lips were sported even.
And then Sunday was another lazy day for me. Most of my weekend was spent hanging out with little Georgey.
He was a nice little cuddle buddy for a disheartened Trudy, especially since Scott's out of town.

It was all made even better (not better...) by my having a Jurassic Park themed nightmare last night. -.-

Was your weekend a better bang than mine?

Toodles for meow :)!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So, I've never had a calzone...but I know what they are (at least I think I do). They're basically a pizza folded over on itself or a giant pizza pop; right?

So, what I'm wondering, why is it called a calzone?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So we had a honeymoon baby. And it's a kitten. :D
He's adorable and when we got him a week and a half ago, he was about 7/8 weeks old...making him about 9/10 weeks old now. So blog, this is George. You'll be seeing a lot of him...
I'll show a few pictures of him so far.

It all started on Thursday, August the 30th. I had seen an ad on kijiji and I had been wanting a kitten for a while. I haven't had a pet since living at the farm (which is about 6.5ish years ago?) and I had been missing having them around! So I made an appointment to go see them after work. I didn't really have many reservations to getting a pet, but Scott had a few. I assured him that this was just to go LOOK at them, we weren't necessarily going to get one. He disagreed, he figured once I saw them...I'd be sold.
How very right he was... I walked into the door and was like... 'Awwww~! Ya, I'm not leaving without at least one of these little fluffballs!' And thus it began. And Scott's reservations are mostly gone, because well, LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS :D
On the way home from choosing the cuteness.
He could barely even walk straight, yet he'd prance all over the place.
We built him a little ramp up the couch (so he doesn't claw his way up).
Sleeps a LOT.

But then again, so does this guy.
He's also a big snuggler...sometimes hard to find!
He seems to like the Platypillow (from becomes a little pillow).

He always manages to get into interesting places...
He doesn't really like when Scott and I work out at home....he wants attention!
Sometimes can be vicious with his little teeth and claws.
But that's basically George so far!
He's cute, but he's also very mischievous. He already seems to be growing so quickly D: Looks like his eyes are becoming less blue as well (judging between this last picture, which was taken yesterday, and the first one). But he's still cute and we love our little honeymoon kitten :)

Meow for meow :)!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alright, alright...

So I figure I should get on this post before I lose all motivation to do it... and also all recollection of the trip itself!

So...California was awesome! We flew into San Diego and spent 5 days there. First night, we went on a decently long walk (few miles each way) and up quite the hill(!) to get some frozen yogurt at Cup of Yo :D It was delicious! In the states, they have frozen yogurt places everywhere! You pick your flavor(s), you put on your toppings, and then you weigh it in and pay based on how much you have! And it's kind of cheap as well! For a huge was like 5 bucks! Not to mention it was delicious.
After that first experience, I wanted it every day after that... but we only went 3 of the 5 nights (not that we didn't find more elsewhere!) ;)
(I never got a picture of my cup because 1. I scarfed it down immediately, and 2. I never carried my phone around with me)

Here's a couple pictures I took on the plane TO San Diego...

Scott and I :D
Scott and I (and Lady in Yellow)
Cloud Land :D
Other things done in San Diego are as follows (in no particular order)...
  •  Well, we rented a car... and ended up with a nice Challenger ;) Scott thoroughly enjoyed cruising around in that!
  • Trader Joe's (I've never been, and I wanted to check it out as I've heard about it...) We tried a few snacks like crackers and cheese, chips, cat cookies, Cookie Butter (haven't tried it yet), and Peanut Butter. All tasty so far :D
  • Beach! It was alright... too seaweedy  for my likings, but the sand was nice :3
  • Got sun burnt...after the beach day...
  • Took the ferry to... Catalina Island?? I don't remember, but that's where we beached.
  • Saw downtown (it was parking)
  • Saw the Midway (that's been decommissioned, lots of cool planes on there)
  • Went in a couple Submarines and on the Star of India and a "Pirate Ship" (that was actually used for the first Pirate's movie - apparently)
  • Sea World! I've finally seen Shamu ;) Pretty crazy what they can train the whales, Sea Lions, and Dolphins to do. 
  • Went to the San Diego Temple...which was really nice and had delicious food :D
  • Shark Week on TV! (Scary, but we both still swam in the Ocean!)
  • Both of us got our hair cut!
Don't mind me and my half snarly face...I was hungry
Now Scott's hair is all short! And there's me! ;)
Then we headed to Anaheim for a week! We had a hotel right across from Disney Land, and here's what we got up to there...
  • Disney Land of course! 1 day in Disneyland, 1 day in California Adventure, and half a day on our favorite rides! (Everything is way too expensive there...) (Tower of Terror is the best)
  • More exploring... we both got some new runners (shoes are cheaper there)
  • Hollywood Blvd! Crazy busy... and lots of crazies. 
  • Universal Studios. Tons of fun, but insane lines!
  • Venice Beach - so fun! Awesome beach, nice clear water. Good day B) ...Burnt again unfortunately....
  •  We also brought home some Peanut Butter Captain Crunch - it's so good! Why don't they have that here????!?!?
  • Oh ya... I also got these! Unfortunately when they fully dried, they didn't stay together very well... and I ended up leaving them in California (mainly because there was no room!) But they were cute while they lasted.
And sadly, the time eventually came to head home.
But this little hummingbird was there to bid us adieu! :D (yes, the little speck on the line)
And there was frozen yogurt at the John Wayne Airport to console me ;) (it was so yummy!)
And although it's always sad to leave and come back to real life and all the daily tasks, it's still good to be back. 
It was a good honeymoon and adventure and I can't wait until the next one :D

What were you up to while I was gone?
And what adventures/vacations have you been on this summer?

Toodles for meow :)!