Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to February

So I managed to avoid this for the entirety of January. But never fear! I'll escort your cupcakes to safety! (Don't worry about was an ad on the radio -.-) Little jingles are always running through my head and it's slightly irritating, but at least it's never boring up there? *shrugs*

SO, where did I leave off? I have no idea. Hmm... well for pretty much the entirety of my being gone I was actually dating The snuggler (I mentioned him a couple entries ago...I'm too lazy to link it). We dated for just over 5 weeks. I'll give you a basic rundown - we started hanging out more and more, other guys would ask me to do things but because I was spending so much time with him in particular...I figured I owed it to him to give him a chance. He was a great guy, really nice and easy to get a long with. But I would say there were a few downfalls....
1. There didn't really seem to be much of a "spark" there.
2. I felt very unsure about him - people have told me that I should feel more sure.
3. Sometimes it seemed like he was more into movies/games/whatever than me.
My feelings can kind of be related to this song...
So I don't know entirely if I made the right decision. But it is what I chose and I'm sticking to it. I felt really bad the first little bit after the breakup because he seemed pretty hurt and I had been telling him that all is well (I like to hide my uncertainties sometimes)...and ya I felt terrible.
But I think things are ok now. I feel alright about things and I hope that all is well with him. We haven't talked much in person but we have texted a bit since the breakup. Today was our first encounter in person since the breakup (at church). It was seemed like we were slightly avoiding eachother. I don't know. It was meh(?), I suppose really it's what's to be expected after a breakup. So that's the way of it. Everyone at church could tell we had broken up as well because we usually sit together and usually talk....and well, as you've probably guessed...there was none of that. But I think the worst is over. Sadly though I miss him. Sure I miss the idea of being in a relationship - having someone there for you all the time and someone to hang out with and all that jazz. But I miss him as a person and friend as well. I'm frequently reminded of him from all the activities we did. But I reckon this is expected as well... ANYWAYS...enough of that ramble fest (well in regards to that anyways ;))

What else...there's a few things that I'll choose not to mention. But I can say that my sister is back from her vacay for a while (for a couple more weeks). It's been nice having her around. We're gym buddies, cooking companions, work friends, and roomies :) We do pretty good together (I think so anyways). Not to mention we've made some delicious meals and we now both have fun at the glorious Kick class. Yay~!

OH! I got a haircut :) But I can't really show a picture...because someone "fixed" my laptop for me and I either no longer now how to take pictures using my webcam or he removed it's capability to do so. Either way, you don't get to see. But I like it and I was in need of a change. ^^

Hmm, mentioning my haircut actually takes me back to last Saturday...when Hettie and I decided to have a 'Staycation'. It was supposed to be glorious and it was all going to start with going to a movie. Little did we know...we picked the wrong movie (and that's an understatement I assure you). We went to Black Swan for about an hour and talked about leaving several times before this point. She was covering her eyes and I was staring at it...unable to look away and I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I started crying. Hettie and I then left. Clearly I don't do good with scary movies, but she doesn't really either. Needless to say, we both learned our lesson - that movie is wretched (unless you're in to the whole dark twisted weird scary disturbing thing?). So this put a damper on our moods. I tried to lift mine with a delicious George cookie, but worky :( But then I got my haircut and we both seemed to be a bit better. We then went out for a delicious supper at Open Sesame after shopping for a bit. And then we went out dancing for a bit, and then bedddy-by.

I'm sure I'll be thinking of more things to add and more things to say but for now...I'll post this. Hopefully I can get another one up before March, but you never really know with me. So hope all is well in your lives...let me know how you're doing :)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I usually like to have sugar in some form (ice cream, chocolate, or some sort of treat) every day. But the sis and I are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. (Meaning no processed junk foods obviously, we never eat out.) So basically just things from the food guide....wait...isn't ice cream on the food guide? D: We started February 2nd and have had one cheat day since then (the 4th because another sister called us up and asked if we wanted to come for homemade pizza and also homemade chocolate popcorn - ya...there was no turning that down). And we've been back to being strong ever since. It was hard being good all weekend. But we did it! I feel like I'm going crazy and starting to have withdrawals without my glorious sugar D: I'll let you know how it goes.