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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food, George and Christmas

Holy Guacamole!
December is in 2 days. That's crazy. Then before you know it, it'll be Christmas and then it'll be 2013!

Doesn't it feel like 2012 has flown by??

Though as you may or may not know, I love Christmas! (Besides slippery roads...I HATE slippery roads).
The decorations, the festivities, the family, the fun. Love it!

Speaking of decorations... 
Here's a big tree, near our back alley entrance that just got decorated a couple nights ago :)

Scott and I don't have a tree (yet)...though we don't really have much room for one, but we did put up some lights :D

YAY! I think they're so cute :3 
You know what else is cute? You guessed it... this (kind of) little guy!

Lately, he's been acting like a dog - grabbing articles of clothing, towels, and even this rug and trying not only to attack them, but also run off with them. Weirdo. You show that rug who's boss...

As you see above, he has also developed an addiction to TV...and yoga. Ok, ok... he's not that awesome. But he is really flexible, he could probably do it. He can also crawl all over me as I do yoga, so?? 
He's a total Yogi. 'Nuff said.

When it's "bed time", he lays with me... and if I get up for something, he crawls into my spot to wait for me! I used to think it was because he loves and misses me, but I've come to conclude it's actually because he wants the warmth of my spot. I think, deep down, he loves me too. Maybe. 

When I was growing up, one of my favorite things used to be zucchini fried with cheese! I always wanted the whole thing, but of course...everyone had to have some. Now I can have all the zucchini my little heart desires :D Look at that healthy meal! It was delish! (I didn't have any unfrozen meat... but that was ok with me) :). George kept trying to steal broccoli? Though I guess he tries to steal everything...

That's what's been up!

What's been up with you this week?
 Any Christmas lights/decorations and such up in your home??

Toodles for meow :)!

PS. What does December 1st mean?? :D :D :D (see if you can guess...)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend fun and Sunday Blues

So, hey there. Happy Monday to you.

Ooo...sparkles...(google images)
Where did the weekend fly off to?
I even had an extended weekend. I made sure to get lots done Thursday so I could be gone Friday.
I had been meaning to go to a walk in clinic for a little bit (I don't have a family doctor...yet...) and I like to be there first thing in the morning (9 am...or in my case, 8:30 to ensure my first place in line). So that's where I (with my loyal Scotty) went; I needed to renew my prescription and get my order for my yearly bloodwork. I had been fasting for 12 hours, so I figured I should just try to get everything done that we headed over to the walk in lab. Let me tell you, this place was packed; I could just imagine the illnesses floating around... ._.
Most people had appointments and then there were probably 20 'walk-ins'. I sat there for about an hour and they only took 2 'walk-ins' in. I was about 12th in the 'walk-in line' when they announced on the intercom that the wait time was probably about 2 hours - no thank you. I'll make an appointment and fast another day, thank you very much.
So Scott and I went home for another hour or so and then headed to the mall (Black Friday, y'know). We met up with Francesca (as Benifred was at work) and wandered about the mall for a few hours. We even got a few things! Scott got a few clothes (they're awesome), I got a Nativity (but not just any nativity...), and Scott and I got something else!

|First off, I'll show you THE Nativity...

I knew I needed it...

When I first opened it and took all of the characters out, I noticed something was missing. George had become fond of, and had run off with the Woodstock in a manger. Just wait, when he can jump up there, they're all doomed.

No pictures of Scott's new clothes yet.

And the other thing I mentioned...

Mini Kobo (or rather...Kobo Mini, I guess)! They were on sale at we decided to go for it! (Francesca also got one...and some new shoes and even took care of a couple Christmas presents - YAY for productive shopping!) Now I need some good books to get...or free ones. Any recommendations?? 

We then had a Jeffrey meet up with us and we headed for sushi...yay :D I know I only stick to my few faithfuls there...but I just love them!
Then we went to see the movie Lincoln. Good movie. I was tired by the end...but it was pretty well done including humor, seriousness, and history. I'll give it... ***.5/5 (3.5/5).
Saturday was a stay in kind of was awesome. We had a productive morning including cleaning the house, laundry, and showering the kitten ... and then just relaxing at home :3
Sunday was the dreaded day...the Scott leaves day. We got up and he packed up while I made banana bread and pancakes. 
These pancakes were so good! So fluffy... I got the recipe from Courtney here
Delish. (No pictures...sorry!)
Then it was go time. He wasn't even back for a full week...which is sad. But he'll be back...eventually. 
On Sunday, I even made a little video with a tour of our place...but I have no idea how to put it up here. I think the only way would be if I were to upload it to YouTube and then attach or have a link here. But that seems like a lot of work considering no one would likely watch it. Haha. But hey, if you're interested...let me know and we'll go from there ;).
Banana bread... I made a couple different ones. This one looks not too shabby , eh? :D

And ya, that's pretty well it. Your weekend! - How was it??

Have you seen any movies? Lincoln or Skyfall??

I was actually wanting to see Silver Linings Playbook... anyone seen it??

Bye for meow :)!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

He's back! (For now...)

Meaning Scotty. He was back by the time I got home Monday night (which isn't saying a whole lot as I don't get home until about 6ish), and I was greeted with a feast!
Chicken cordon bleu  (m&m's), steamed broccoli and some roasted taters. 
So good! (Especially those potatoes...*drool*)

So it's definitely nice to have Scott back...but now I have to get used to having more than just a sweet little George in the bed with me. What happened to Trudy sleeping in the middle of the bed??? D:
Needlesstosay...I haven't been sleeping the best these past couple of night. But I'll get used to it...and then he'll go out again and so the cycle will continue - hooray!

Last night, we had a date night! Which included a hot bevy from Starbucks :3, the newest James Bond movie - Skyfall, and just a little bit of sushi afterwards (because we were both kind of full after having chocolate almonds during the movie... and yes, of course we bought those in the theater.....>.>...).

Fun night, good movie!

Have you seen Skyfall yet? Or any new movies for that matter??

If you're into Bond (which I'd probably say most people are), you should DEFINITELY see it. It was a little different from the other bonds... but it was kind of neat in the sense that it was a 50th anniversary movie and they brought back a few things (if you're familiar with the old 007 films). I won't go into anymore details than that. It was good ;).

OH! And did I mention the song?? Great Bond song Adele ;)

Don't you think??

That's it for today! Happy Hump Day :D

Peace for meow :)!

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's just another Monday

Well, if you recall from my last post...I had a small list of things to do for the weekend. And (although it wasn't overly difficult) I managed to complete it all!

The house was cleaned. 
(Imagine a picture of a decently clean home).

Groceries were gotten (I even went for a nice walk to get them).

I didn't get it...but I saw it. Boy, did I ever see it...
And my toesies got painted!

You can even see a sweet George in there...
Most of my time (after coming back from errands), was spent like this. :D I definitely got some relaxing in ^.^

I even got a visit from a little Scotty on Friday night! His rig was shut down for the night. He looks a little disheveled...

Heck I even made banana bread! My first time too! It turned out pretty alright...a little crispy, but delicious :D! You're probably thinking...'What the heck?! You were complaining about hating bananas!'
Allow me to explain...
I, Trudy, do not hate bananas. I do however, hate the texture of bananas (slimy/gross). I also dislike banana 'flavored' things (as in artificially flavored). I don't mind bananas in both smoothies, and bread.
Understand? Good. 

Other than this....I went to church (as per ush), and then went out to Scott's aunt and uncles place for pizza! I don't recall if I've mentioned it before...but they have a pizza oven! So delish~! (You don't even know)... I should've taken pictures....but alas, I did not. So, I got to see some of Scott's cousins! I've mentioned Tyler and Holly and then there were also a few others ;).

And that's pretty well it! It was a good weekend...and I'm sad it's over. Only 5 (ok, 4.5) more days until the next one!
Anyone get up to anything exciting??

We can get through this Monday together. Hopefully.

Ta ta for meow :)!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pictures, as promised.

So usually, I'll put up a picture or two with a post...but lately, I've been forgetting! So here are the pictures that have been storing up on my phone - waiting to be seen!

George is getting so big! But he's still cute :)

As much as I don't really enjoy snow...look how fluffy the first fall was!

I got new boots! In my defense...they were on sale and I kind of needed some. Kind of. :P

What the what?! When did they start using Rolo as Halloween goodies??
(This reminds me of another post I've wanted to do but haven't gotten around to...
maybe I'll wait for next year haha)
So that's my picture stories as of late. 
One thing I've also gotten, was some Christmas soap! :D The day I got the boots, I also went into Bath and Body Works and of course things were on sale and smelling delicious. So I got 5 soaps for $20...only 2 of which were Christmas because we can only use 2 hand soaps at a time (bathroom and kitchen) and I want them to be gone by the time Christmas is. But I was excited anyways ;)

I've also had a few random links to share as of late...
- this little guy is playing peek-a-boo :D
- cuddly lions O.O
- classy picture...definitely a keeper
- better the peeing man than me...
- if only all pop quizzes were like this!
- aw! The only bad thing, is that the poppa tiger would likely attack me if I ran off with a baby...
- !!!! I've been wanting a chauffeur lately - he'll definitely do.
- and one of my favorites.... I'm pretty sure this is me some days...

I feel like I've given you enough to entertain you for a few minutes... but I'll share a song that's been stuck in my head lately. I should probably change radio stations because they seem to play it every day!
May it infest your mind as well :)

So I can hardly believe it, but the weekend is finally here! Do you have plans? 
I sure do! Sit around at home and do absolutely nothing :D That's pretty close to what I'm going to do...but I guess I'm also going to clean the house, pick up a few groceries...and maybe paint my toesies :D Maybe.

Ciao for meow :)!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Well hello again! It's not warm out, but the sun is out...which is always a nice thing (in my books anyways). ;)

So yesterday, I gave a quick update on what's been happening in my life and I mentioned Scott was back out at work. 
For those of you who didn't know, Scott is my husband and he's a drilling supervisor for oil/natural gas rigs. Along with this job, he has to be gone for extended periods of time...but when he's back, he's off. 

On yesterday's post, there was a comment that I figured I should address as I've never really talked about and some of you may be wondering about it as well. 

Here's the comment...

I've always wondered, what kind of schedule is scott on? From what you described in this post it sounds like he's gone for two weeks at a time, am I right? How long is he home for? Joe's gone for two weeks and home for one. But with the driving time between here and grande prairie that takes two days off his time home, I hate it!

So Nani, You're pretty accurate in your guess ;). Scott is actually (technically) on a contract for two weeks on, two weeks off. (Correct me if I'm wrong, sweet thing...haha). However, it's not how it always is. Sometimes he's back for much longer (spring breakup) and sometimes he's gone for 3+ weeks. Basically, he needs to get a certain amount of days 'on' in a year to get his bonus at the end of the year. I don't remember how many days that is....but it's a lot. But yes, Scott generally has to drive to his destination as well...which adds time on there. (But luckily, lately he's been within a few hours of home).

It's definitely difficult and I miss him when he's gone...but I love when he's back (though it does take getting used to). 

So, thanks for the question Nani. And miss and love you Scott ;)

Byeas for meow :)!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just quickly...

Well, I'm still around...just busy! Yesterday we moved our office making it a long, long day. Fairly nice location...just not so convenient getting home. Last night it took me an hour to get home instead of the regular 25 minutes :< ...dang you Calgary traffic. This morning I left bright and early, just in case (6:45). So, I got to work at 7:15...goody. I may be able to leave a few minutes later to get here in decent time...but if I leave too late, then I'll be having to deal with insane rush hour traffic. *sigh*

Lately I've been a little bit of a lonely bird as Scott left for work last Friday. However, this past weekend I was able to hang out with both Francesca (fun time!) and a friend named Chelsey, which was good as well! Thanks to both of you ;). Luckily, Scott will be getting back in less than a that's nice :)

Oh! This past weekend, I also went back to YSA for a farewell. Best of luck to you Jonathan!
Nice to see some of you ;)

That's the basic run down as of late! George is still good and so am I :)

How're you? How's life out there?

Ta for meow :)!

PS! I'll do a few random pictures posts as of late, soon ;)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Seriously... It is definitely WHITE out there. Why can't we all just stay snuggled at home? Real life? Pfft...I could last a week without leaving the house.
Can I?? ^.^

So hey there! It's been a little bit. This past weekend was busy because I went down to Lethbridge for my Grandpa's funeral. It was a very nice service, great to see everyone (okay, and the food was delicious...). Grandpa will be missed.
(Sorry we weren't able to get together W).

Other than has been going on pretty regularly.
George is still adorable, annoying, and is getting bigger! He got his last set of booster shots and his rabies shot on Tuesday night. He is still not a fan, but can you blame him?? He's all back to his crazy self now :)
(Little does he know, his next visit to the vet will be right before Christmas to get fixed - poor George!)

While I was looking the above photo up, look what I found!

Awwww~! Apparently these cute little fuzz balls happened after a cat got spayed?
My thoughts? Well if this is the result, clearly all cats should be spayed ;)

Anyways, that's it! Not a lot going on yo.
What's up with you? What did YOU get up to last weekend?
I'm glad another weekend is almost here :)

Toodles for meow :)!

(photos were just taken from google images, as per ush)