Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phewf... life is exhausting!

Hey everyone! It has been awhile and I have been meaning to get on here (I swears it to you) I've just been busy busy! Anyways, here I am :)

What's new.... well I'm no longer at Wal Mart and I've now moved! Sunday night was my last day at Wally and I'm not gonna lie, I'll definitely miss some of the people there and HECK I'll even miss the easy repetitiveness of the job. But it's ok, I think it was time to leave that behind (at least for now). SO! I've moved and I'm living with a sister of mine and working for a brother haha. (Oh all my family connections eh?) So I'm working in the office and all is going well so far! It's pretty easy there was just a lot of information for me to learn in a short period of time. BUT ALAS it is all crammed in there (I think?), whether I can recall it or not is a different story however...meh. So I get to sit at a computer with an earpiece to answer phones, do invoicing, play with the work cell (new htc... kind of cool) and schedule appointments. The phones get pretty busy sometimes, but for the most part... it's not too shabby :)

So yes, for those of you who didn't know I had moved...surprise! haha.

AH yes, I was considering doing a Health/Beauty blog..and I'll still do that when I have time :)

To start that off, I'll just say...I'm presently eating french fries - YAY! haha. I do think it's important to eat from all the food groups but I do think it's also important to just relax and enjoy yourself every now and then. If one refrains themselves for too's just unnecessary, then you either begin to crave things or you just have a binge fest all at once. It's better to just let loose every now and then. And honestly a little physical activity every day is not only a) really great for you, but b) not hard to do! Even if it's just a short walk...something is better than nothing. So if you ever think...nah it's not worth it. It is worth it! So defy your brain and just do it! That is my rant of the day. It was very quick and pretty straight forward. BUT MEH! :D

ANYWAYS. Hope all is well and whatnot in your lives.

Byeah for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Generally I always have nail polish on my toesies...HOWEVER I actually haven't painted my toes since I got back from California. Yep that's how lazy I've been. And now I want to! So I'll probably do it this weekend, I'll let you know if I'm successful or not :) haha. Also, I never paint my finger nails... ever.