Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top O' the Mornin' to Ya

Mmm...nice sunny day :)It's actually been a fairly sunny weekend and it's been awesome.

Scott and I managed to get a fairly decent amount done this weekend so the house is starting to look half decent - hooray! As for showing pictures...not until it's in at least a BIT better shape ;)

So there's not really a whole lot to share. Scott and I have been going on some nice walks every day because, well because I like walking! We live fairly close to U of C, so quite a few of our walks are right by a duck pond which...have some of the cutest baby ducks EVER! I kid you not. One mama duck had 8(!) adorable, little, fuzzy ducklings :3 AWE~! And then there was another mama with about 5 slightly bigger ducklings...and I managed to touch one! Let me tell you, it was SO SOFT! :D Today Scott and I are planning on heading there with bread...the plan is to capture one and take it home ;)
And yes, this is the most exciting thing happening in my life lately. What does that say about me?
Who cares :D

Married life. It's nice to be able to hang out and spend lots of time with Scott :) This past weekend, we were watching some How I Met Your Mother and I was playing with Scott's hair. And then it eventually progressed to braiding :D

He doesn't look overly impressed....but trust me, he is :D

And just to get an updated idea...here's the rings now :)

How's the world out there? Hope all is well :)

Ciao for meow :)!

Friday, July 27, 2012

So I'm married ;)

Do I look any different?? :o

No? I don't feel any different either. The main difference to me is just thinking that I now have a 'husband' and that I'm now a 'wife'. Weird...

But well, I am married and so far so good :D Though it's basically only been 2 weeks so far...

I had some time off of work after the wedding, which was awesome, and I just got back this past Wednesday. Scott went off to work on Tuesday to cover for someone, and he gets back today - yay!

What can I say... it was an awesome day basically! Tons of support from family and friends, and everything went surprisingly smooth considering how packed the day was. The weather was a little overcast...but that actually ended up being pretty nice for not only pictures, but also aiding in not being too roasting hot. ;)
Thanks to all who were able to be a part of it, and all the hard work that was contributed. I especially thank those who traveled to be a part of my day - love you!

One thing I noticed upon returning...is that I actually reached my 200th post while I was away (2 posts ago I believe...). SO yay me for reaching 200 posts!

Another thing I noticed...I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on! Jeez... I didn't realize how many blogs I read. *.*

Other than that, life has basically been continuing as per ush! Still trying to get everything settled in the new place, still enjoying the sun whenever possible, and still trying to enjoy things to the fullest!

Hope all is well out there! What've all you been up to the past few weeks??

Peace for meow :)!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last post of a single girl

Well hey! Today's the day!
My make up is all done and soon I'll be heading to get my hair done!

Wish me luck - here I go.

Thanks to everyone and their help and support :)

I'm getting married for meow :)!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uhhhh ya...hey there

Basically...I've been busy. Not overly stressed, just lots going on. One of the main things being Stampede!
Scott and I went Friday to wander around the market and park and hit the grandstand show (as Scott had tickets for buying the new truck). Monday I worked a half day and then headed back to Stampede (because I had some family going {nice to see you all! :D}) and to hit some rides! We also had a couple friends join us for a bit.
Anyways...we didn't go on a ton of rides, but it was still a fun time. But boy...was it HOT - real hot. I wanted to take another gun picture to replace last years (my facebook profile picture) but alas, I didn't. Oh well, no changing it for now I suppose.
So, we walked a ton...spent a pretty decent chunk of change...had delicious deep fried foods (and lots of ice cream, and lemonade)...sweat buckets...saw awesome fireworks...enjoyed massage chairs...lusted over the massage chairs...but mostly, just had a good time :)

Here's a few pictures from that:

These dudes are creepy... A million times creepier in person. At least.
Sweet little dummy...
Scott and I on a ride...I'm a dummy too.
What have you been up to? Are YOU going to Stampede? And how's your summer been so far?

Yesterday, Scott and I got an internet guy to come in...so we now have that taken care of, which is nice. 
We also got to go to Lake Midnapore with Scott's (and my future) sister in law and and niece (so cute). It was awesome, relaxing, and super hot. Then we got to spend a little time with them at their house :) Annnddd drink slurpee's. 
** TODAY JULY 11 IS FREE SLURPEE DAY AT 7/11 (first 1000 customers)**

Other than all this...just still trying to get things sorted in the apartment (kind of), get all wedding things together, and also have a good time.

Hope you're enjoying the heat!

Ta ta for meow :)!

PS. I'm getting married in 3 DAYS! *.*

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ballooner Landing!

Do you remember that show?? Here's the theme song for those who may not remember... and to fully horrify all those who may have never seen it :D
I don't know...it just seems pretty creepy now, but I used to like it! 
YAY for early 90's ;)

Where did that come from??
Well this morning, on my way to work, there were a couple hot air balloons dotting the sky. I tried to take a picture...but ended up with a ridiculous video instead -.-
ANYWAYS, it reminded me of this TV show I watched looooonnnggg ago.
So what else is up...the sun has come out! :D And has left me with a little bit of a flip flop tan. (Which I wear...basically all the time) ;)

Scott got his pre wedding hair cut...which I didn't take a picture of D:
But it looks good :)

I myself, have decided not to get a pre wedding hair cut. I'll wait a bit and have as long of hair as possible for the wedding.

And this morning I was 15 whole minutes early for work! So what did I do? Well I took my car to THE CAR WASH (music should be playing in your head right now...) And now it's so beautiful and shiny :3 Mmmm~!

I believe that's it! Almost Stampede time!

Fare well for meow :)!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday = Monday (sort of)

For me anyways. (It also equals hump day) ;)
Sooo it was a long weekend and although I didn't have to work, it was not like a vacation by any means!
And it was back to work today. 

How was your Canada Day?
We went out to Strathmore again for a little fire to roast wienies and have delightful s'mores (and Dad's root beer) and it was a fun and delicious time. PLUS it was gorgeous out! 
Though later it did turn into a down pour of a lightning storm. 

The past few days have been mainly overcast...but we've also had a few nice days so that's fantastic!

Other updates...so Scott and I (well mainly myself for now), have moved into the new place. Let me tell you, it is a mess! It's making its way into looking decent, but there's still a long way to go!
Perhaps I'll post pictures when it looks relatively decent ;)

Yesterday, we went to IKEA (yay~!) for a few furniture items (dressers, bed frame, shelves, etc.) and it was quite the trip. But it's done!

And that's all the spastic randomness I have for you today!

Hope all is well in the world!

Peace for meow :)!

A week and a half left to go!?!? Wow.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Soooo, yesterday was moving day and we got it allllll done. But boy, was it a long day!

As for today, Happy Canada Day!

What are you up to?

Happy Canada Day for meow :)!

Ps. 2 weeks to go ;)