Monday, June 20, 2011

Coming to you from Texas

Well hello you bunch of strangelings!

I know it's been a fairly long time, especially since I was doing so well with regular posts before!
Oh well. SO, I got quite busy with things before I went to Texas and I was unable to get anything up! Now I'm presently IN Texas and don't really have time to get on here anyways. But I am still alive and quite well ;). I've been here since last Wednesday (the 15th) and let me tell you, it's been quite roasty toasty! (As in 100+ degrees every day and then humidity on top of that - but I love it!) There's a few clouds today it seems like it just might rain D:

No real updates for ya... nothing really going on that I can think of. And I have no idea what's going on with people back at home. I'm probably forgotten about anyways ;) - oh well!

Hope all is well with the rest of Y'ALL ;)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love new things, and there are SOOOOO many different products and foods and just WAY more selection here! I want to try it all D:
"I'm quite at my leisure"(quote from a movie... which one!??) here with all the glorious sun. I'll be sad to leave (in fact I may not). If you don't see or hear from me in the next week and a half or so, FEAR NOT! I am still alive and have probably just taken refuge here in Texas ;D

Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving on....

Literally...I'm moving D:
Lambie's boyfriend is coming home so I get the boot (a boot I was willing to take, but a boot nonetheless). Though it's a pretty good deal! I'll be living with 2 other girls (who are quite easy going and friendly), only sad thing will be sharing one bathroom between the three of us D: But I'm sure I'll manage just fine (as it's only for 2 months anyways).
Soooo, yesterday I moved about half of my things in... and tonight I'll be moving the other half and then getting settled I suppose. I'll keep ya posted with how things are going ;)

The weekend is fiiinnnnaaaaallllyyy here! (GAH - I have a ton of McSqueet bites! --yes that does mean mosquito). ;) So, we'll be having a joint birthday party for Francesca and a going away party for Strongbad (as he is about to head back to work! - we'll miss you!). What else is going on this weekend? I have no idea! But I'll let you know after it's over :)

Have any good weekend plans - hmmmmmm??

Shoutout to W and the giant - I don't believe it's my place to talk about why on here, but it was a special day nonetheless and I was thinking of you :)

Also shoutout to BK who got his mission call to Halifax (french speaking) - congratulations! :D

Ok - one more shoutout... to the sun! Please stick around this weekend! <3 (and yes, I'm aware I frequently talk about the weather :P)

Andddd I really have nothing more to talk about... heh heh. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

Bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- (I have no idea if I've shared this before or not). I usually like to have nail polish on my toes all the time... but I haven't had it on for many a month! I should get on that... I could also mention I always have a toering on (like quite literally always - never take it off), but most of you already know that ;)

OH! Update - today is my 3rd day without sugar/ice cream/chocolate :D YAY! (Lambie is doing excellently as well). So far so good (I know it doesn't sound that impressive... but you should know I love ice cream!), but I have a feeling bad things will happen tomorrow at our party D: Am I allowed one indulgence?? PLEASE?!

Also, 2 songs that have been on my mind today..... ;) (Shoutout to Strongbad for this song... he knows why) :o (and shoutout to Francesca for this song!)

Lots of shoutouts in this post - I know! I think you'll all be ok ;) Later!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just thought I should let you know that NO, I am not tired of swimming yet. Saturday was really fun (at West Ed Mall - in previous post ;> ), and I still swim every Monday and Wednesday.

I can't wait until I can swim outside :D!

Peace nerds.

Here's a couple of pool related videos ;)

1. 2. 3. 1. Dude, this cat can swim better than me....
2. Well hello, he's just funny and ridiculous
3. Tricked you ;) I just felt like posting that song :D

Bubble tea fo' me?

Thanks for giving me nooo responses ;P
Just kidding (not really).

Anyywaaayyys. I'm not longer sick, worryeth not! I'm doing pretty fantastic and am about to tell you of my weekend.
Frriiiddaaayyy - Black Light Dance! It was quite fun, tons of people (so it got a little stinky near the end - BO x.X)
Saturday - To EDMONTON! It was Maximus' birthday, so we got up nice and early and headed to the mall. BK, White China, Maximus, (and BK's girlyfriend) were in one vehicle and then Strongbad, Francesca, and myself were in the other. I don't know if it was a party in the other vehicle, but our vehicle WAS TOTALLY not a party x). I'm not saying it was bad... Francesca slept most of the trip (there and back) so Strongbad and I had plenty of time to get our talk on!
OH! One more thing about the drive up, there were some police dudes on motorbikes - seriously people?! Some people get so ridiculous around cops... they won't even go above the speedlimit at all (on the QE!). But I will give it to the coppers, they were definitely messing with everyone.
SO, first thing on the agenda was hitting up the Water Park (t'was my first time). We were there for basically 5.5 hours - most definitely fun, but everyone was pretty exhausted after...
We then went to eat, perused the mall a bit and eventually hit the trail going home.
All in all - good day! Long day, but good. It was definitely fun - Happy Birthday Maximus.

Sunday - church and thhheeennn Lambie got home - yay! Great to see you again, I missed you!
SIDE NOTE -- it was free milkshake day at Peters, needless to say...we went and got one ;) The church is true!

So it was a great weekend - thanks to everyone who was in it :D

One more thing I'll share... yesterday (Tuesday), we had a soccer game. Sadly we lost again D: We were the better team overall, but things happen. Oh well. (3-2). We'll win next time!
Shout out to #10 from the other team though... you're amazing! Your team would lose without you.
Afterwards we went out for Bubble Tea - t'was my first time! I will say it was quite scrumptious and I even liked the pearls! (in small doses...)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Ok this is more an update...but it's still a random fact...about my life! Lambie and I have decided to try our healthy eating again for our 2 weeks before going to Texas.
SIDE NOTE -- Our trip to Texas is in 2 weeks :D :D :D YAY!
Wish me luck...this time it's success!

OH - PS...Happy June :3 June plans anyone??