Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I had a few ideas for what I would blog about today...return Nani's 4 list...Christmas/holiday rundown...update on my life. (Don't worry - I will get to those eventually). But well, I just found out something today that far surpasses those. I don't know what to say because it's not my place to say anything about it. But here goes.
You don't really realize how insignificant some of the things you think/worry about are...until something comes along that surpasses them on so many levels. Why do we worry about the little things in life - what we'll wear to that dance, what does that person think of me, what to do this weekend? (Not saying I worry about these things much at all - but I will admit, that sometimes these thoughts do come to mind). The people in my life that I love and care about are the most important thing. Without them - I would have no purpose. Something is happening to one of these people - I just found out today. First off I was in shock, second...disbelief/denial, third...realization/tears. (Not to mention that I got a bloody nose after crying...and just admitted I cry on the internet [it's rare] -.-) The worst part of it all is that there's nothing I can really do. But it's situations like these where you have to step back and re-evaluate your priorities. And of course there's always the element of "trial of your faith".
I'm hoping and praying for the best. Love you (you know who).

I'm ending here, without meow's and without a random fact (I'll get 2 in the next one).

Friday, December 24, 2010


(yes that smiley is wearing a santa hat)

Alrighty wellll the title is pretty self explanatory BUT oh well... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE TO YOU ALL. I very likely won't be getting on here tomorrow so Merry Christmas to you all as well!

Nothing too exciting on my end here. I made it back home! And it's good to be here. I've hung out with a few people. So Nanikins :) Her and I are practicing for a song we're singing both tonight (I believe?) and on Sunday in church. And I don't want to brag or anything but well WE SOUND AWESOME TOGETHER. Really though...even though we're not super amazing - but together we're pretty powerful and blend so nicely and... I'm sure nobody cares about this so I'll stop now. Haha. (sorry - but not really)

Well...so here I am on Christmas Eve and still quite excited for Christmas. Yes I'm immature and yes I'm odd but I hope to never lose the spirit of Christmas :) And I hope that you can all feel even a small portion of it in your lives around this season!

I feel like I have to put lotion and lipbalm on every 10 minutes! It's terrible - but I guess I can handle it... for now :l

Well I guess I should keep it short because firstly...I need to pee (and yes I'm too lazy to get up mid way through) and secondly...family festivities will soon be starting! I'm not entirely sure what will be happening but well I do know it'll be good :) Probably just games, reflection (on many things), and just Christmas Spirit joint effort! haha.
So I hope all y'all out there have something exciting going on and that you can make the season good for you!

I'll share 2 more Christmas songs because well 1. I love Christmas songs 2. This is the last day :(

So the first one is Silent Night (by Taylor Swift) -- not really a fan of hers...but I really like the song! ;3 And second is Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley (and hopefully you aren't having a blue Christmas - I just enjoy the song! haha) :o
(Another good one if you want to look it up is Gesu Bambino...I didn't do a link because I couldn't find one that I especially liked)

So have a great and very Merry Christmas everyone :)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- One of my favorite foods is funeral potatoes. Weird? Probably. BUT THEY'RE SO GOOD! My mom made ham and funeral potatoes for me yesterday :D It was quite tasty! (W came too, t'was awesome - the end)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


One other quick little tidbit.

I thought it was really quite good! Especially in 3D...and IMAX. Kay it was awesome :3
And if you're a nerd like the guy I was with (snuggle buddy) you'll love it!


2 day meltdown

2 days until Christmas~! Craziness? Well I think so anyways.
I feel almost like a child. It's not as though I'm losing sleep or anything but... well, I am excited for Christmas. However, a big part of that may have something with my not being home for awhile and it'll be nice to just have a few days to relax and eat terribly (and in excessive amounts) :)

So I leave today after work...not that I'm at work now...ya (>.<)
ANYWAYS -- I'm definitely looking forward to it all (:

I was meaning to get on here before now but I've been a busy little bird! First off, I've been going on dates! Haha. You're probably thinking what the heck...you? Because well I don't think I ever really talk about dudes because I never go on dates! I talk to guys quite a bit, but ya...don't date really. I don't know what it is as of lately but *shrugs* I'll run with it for now ;P Anyways...one consisted of watching Emporer's New Groove - 'Nuff said...awesome. Another guy we went out for hot beverages (he had tea, I had hot chocolate [duh]) then we went and made some granola bars at his house. And they're so good! Seriously haha. If you're interested in making some - ask me for the recipe! Then another guy I've just been hanging out with the most - we've done a few random things, and overall he's my snuggle buddy (it just happened, ok?). But that's all the details you're getting from me - for now at least.
Another thing I've been busy with... trying to find a place to live! My sister is coming back soon (December 29th?) and I think they were wanting me out by then. But I haven't found a place yet :( WHAT TO DO?!? *sigh* I guess I'll figure it out and cross that bridge when it's completely necessary. So Along with my sister coming back I've been organizing the place more and cleaning and such.
So between work, the gym, boys, and looking for a place. I have been busy.

I was going to do round 2 of the yogurt masks this week... but ALAS I didn't find the time. So I'll do it sometime next week probably. Really though, you should try it! Does this ----->
look like the face of someone who would lie to you? YES! And I'm not making that face - so really...try it.

OH! One thing I really dislike about Christmas... malls. Seriously, I think they're annoying on a regular day with all the people...But around Christmas - INSANITY!

I'm going to throw another couple of Christmas songs in here for ya. The first is a classic song but a different kind of cool version - All I Want For Christmas Is You ^.^
And the second, is one of my favorites... Merry Christmas Baby :3 (suffer through the first 30 or so seconds... GIVE IT A CHANCE [though you probably don't want to listen to the whole thing, it starts weird and ends weird and just...ya])

And I'll end here, because I actually don't have anything very useful to say haha.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I don't wake up easily. I sometimes listen to the alarm go off for an hour before I get up. Many times I have hit it so long that it just shuts off OR sometimes I accidentally dismiss the alarm instead of pressing snooze (crap).

Friday, December 10, 2010


OK, so first off...this is obscene how many bloggies I've got up for December already. It's more than I've got up in pretty much the last...3 months combined. Wow.

ANYWAYS -- I TRIED THE YOGURT LAST NIGHT! (If you don't know what I'm talking about... look at my last blog)

I went to the gym (which was fun if you're wondering haha), and then afterwards I went to the grocery store and thought to myself..."Hey, I'm gonna look for some yogurt!" And it was quite easy to find really haha. There was a few options - but the one I ended up choosing was Olympic brand, no fat (0%), Organic, Natural, Probiotic (plain obviously) haha.
So what I did was I showered first and washed my face and shampoo'd my hair quick. Then I got out and turned off the fan (to keep the steam in there) and put the mixture of olive oil and yogurt on my hair. One suggestion is to towel off your hair decently well so it isn't dripping - I did it alright, but it did end up dripping a bit (in the back). So I'm not sure if you want to do this yourselves or if you have someone that can help you it might be easier. So I started in my roots and put it all over my scalp and then started running it through the ends.
*TIP* Don't put so much that it drips - just enough to coat your hair.
I then put it up in a bun to keep it back and to keep it from dripping as much.
THEN... it was face time
*TIP* Don't use the leftover from the hair mixture - I don't imagine Olive oil being the best for your face?
So I started with one layer and gradually built it up to basically as thick as I could get it. (You'll realize when you try it...if you try it).
Then I put a robe on and just meandered about for half an hour or so. The yogurt on your face does dry after a bit, thus making your face feel kind of tight and constricted from emotion showing. But it's bearable.
The nice thing about doing them both at the same time was...when you do the face mask, you don't have to worry about getting the yogurt in the hair.
The bad thing about all of this - it's kind of a pain putting it in your hair...because you're trying not to get yogurt everywhere and also trying to move your hair around to coat the scalp completely. (and also I think plain yogurt just smells plain awful :P)
SO after half an hour, I just got back in the shower....rinsed it all off. I didn't wash my face again, but I did shampoo and condition my hair after.
I then moisturized my face as usual. My pores felt so clean and refreshed. Seriously. Haha. And I felt like my face was glowing and looked so squeaky clean. And my skin felt - plump? So to speak. haha. Sounds weird - but I liked it! If you don't want to try the hair mask - I would at least recommend it for the face.
When I was shampooing and conditioning my hair - the pores on my scalp also felt very refreshed and open. Really - it felt so nice.
I'm sure results vary from person to person and also depending on which yogurt you use. But I have tried it and I found that my hair is so smooth and even very shiny today. I would definitely recommend that you try it (if you're willing)! So try it! And let me know what you think!

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- The only yogurt I really eat is Strawberry. Raspberry is alright...Peach - maybe. All the others don't appeal to me. I used to put plain yogurt in smoothies until I licked the spoon after once. I started gagging - it was awful. The end.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Christmas

Well I'm just kind of reminiscing on my last Christmas. (And I know... I'm proud of myself for getting another blog up this quick as well :P)
Last year at this time I wasn't even a blogger yet :o But I was going to school in Edmonton (at the U of A - didn't last very long apparently). I was in nutrition, but more accurately I was in general studies working towards getting in nutrition. Long story short (well not that long) - I liked the nutrition aspect of it all, but the chemistry was VERY HARD! Or maybe I didn't study enough...or at all. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be talking about this.
So at this time last year I was also pretty sure that I'd be going home right after. And I was very much looking forward to that because I missed all my family and friends. The thing about being in Edmonton was I didn't really get to visit much because it was too far. And so now here I am - no further it knowing what I want to do with my life. And I know you're all probably tired of hearing me talk about it - but I'm hoping talking about it and thinking about it will get me further along. Then again...it hasn't really worked so far *sigh*. I'll keep trying!
So I don't remember everything about last Christmas (Christmas Eve rather)...but I'll tell you what I do remember. We didn't have a very big family gathering because lots of the sub family units were either doing their own thing or were taking a turn on the other side of the family. But it was still a nice gathering...we ate plenty, spent a nice relaxing evening chatting, we always seem to share musical talents on Christmas. So we sang a bit and read the Christmas story from the Bible, exchanged our little gifts and all went our separate ways. Christmas morning, my parents and I did our little gift opening and then went to visit some more family and I'm sure had a nice feasty feast.
Nothing too exciting - but I've been listening to Last Christmas the whole time I was writing this blog...so really this was bound to happen. Last Christmas is one of my favorite songs and the version by Wham is one of the classics...so to listen to it click :) (do not judge it by the music video - yes it's cheesy, deal with it) OR if you watch glee and want to hear that version (I think it's good!) click :D. Or I guess if you don't want to listen to it...suit yourself (fun sponge).

Quick Health and Beauty Section
-As the weather is reasonably cold and dry, make sure you moisturize not only your body but also your face! It's very important - too oily of skin causes breakouts but too dry of skin will do the same thing. (Drink water too - even though it's not hot, even if you're not thirsty... stay balanced). Another good thing is to keep your hair moisturized. Maybe you need to condition your hair more than wash it (varies from person to person). Also...I've heard of a do-it-yourself mask for both the face and hair - I haven't done this yet but I will and then I'll let you know (if I find the product). So this product is... yogurt! (Plain, natural yogurt). Start with a cleansed face and put the yogurt on. Start with a thin layer and build it up - this can either be done with a foundation brush or your fingers or whatever you want really. Leave it on for about 20/25 minutes and apparently it helps your skin feel super moisturized after. As for putting it on your hair - it's optional to add some olive oil into the yogurt as well. So take some yogurt (however much you think you need) and add about a tbsp of olive oil. Put it all over the hair and let it sit for a good half an hour. Then rinse it out - and you can shampoo and condition your hair afterwards if you so choose. It supposedly leaves your hair not only softer but more smooth as well. I will look for the plain/natural yogurt and try this. But don't be scared to try it yourself - I mean what's the worst thing that can happen with yogurt? So do it - or don't, really I just thought it sounded kind of cool.

One little update from my life - I went and saw the movie Tangled last night. Yes it's animated, yes it's Disney...if you like either of those or both then see it! I thought it was pretty cute with some pretty funny parts. I quite enjoyed the horse and the little chameleon (and of course now I wish I had a cute little animated chameleon to play hide and seek with). But I didn't think there was anything special about the music in it. It was pretty dry in my opinion - but that could just be me! I still think it's worth seeing :)

OH! And I don't know if people don't read my blog anymore or if they just don't feel it necessary to respond - but I haven't heard from many of you! I want comments (and questions) and YES I'm pushy :l
Hope all is going well and don't worry - Christmas break is in sight! Just get through those finals (for those who this applies to).
Miss you W.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love hot chocolate - a lot. If you like mint chocolate...try adding either a mint tea bag to your chocolatey delight or sticking a candy cane in there!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sure it's been December for well...a week. But I'm here! I'm hoping to get a few blogs in for this month - because I may not like the cold but I LOVE the Christmas season!
I love hot chocolate, I love fireplaces and most of all I love caroling :)!

Well I'll start with what's been going on in my life and then give a little rant about Christmas (and no the beginning was not even close enough to covering it).
Alrighty! So last I left off was - well you look if you want to know :P
I'm still living here in the big city and I'm still living alone in my sister's place (while she's on vacay) Still talking to that sister (through emails and calls) and another sister (who moved to Baku). Anywho...for the most part life is pretty good! I enjoy the city and I like my job for now. I'm still trying to decide what I should do with my life for forever - but I still have time (I guess). I like my ward (church for those who don't know) and I'm involved with choir and music within that. It's actually been pretty busy lately with choir and being asked to sing for another thing. So I've been practicing and such. But I'm not complaining! I love music and ESPECIALLY Christmas music :)
BUT one bit of eventfulness - however unnecessary it was...A BUS HIT ME! A city bus... ran into my back right corner. It wasn't very bad by any means but it was still a pain! I stopped at a red light and there were apparently going to get behind me - and YES, you can use your imagination. So that was not so pleasant. And I had to make a claim and all that jazz. After the bus hit me - all I could think was really? Again? Is this a sign? Should I not be living here? Should I give up the keys? Throw in the towel? Call it a day? (Yes I'm sure you get the point) But all this was running through my mind and I eventually just said well you know what - it wasn't my fault and things happen. SO MOVING ON WITH LIFE - hopefully there's no more accidents in the near (or distant) future.

OH! AND that night I went home and the fireplace didn't work! And it hasn't worked since then - and it depresses me slightly but what can I do? (Get it fixed?? Meh.)

Alright...well Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year. We would always have a huge get-together - the whole fam damily. There would be tons of food - probably slight weight gain, and we would act out the Nativity and well...it was always a disaster.
Sheep would be running free (and Shepherds too likely), Angels missing, Mary falling off the donkey and well - I think you get the drift. But for me - I wouldn't have it any other way! I loved those days and I hold those memories dear. Christmas (and also being away from them more) makes me appreciate my family - especially my parents - so much more. Sometimes I used to think what it would like if I would have been born into a different family, but honestly...now, I can't imagine that at all. I love my family so much and I'm grateful for my parents and the example they are and all they've done for me throughout my life.
But anyways - Christmas is full of delicious bevys, and scrumptious goodies.
And Christmas music - I love it. Enough said.

OH! Another thing - I've also gotten out my guitar! I hadn't played in - pretty much a year! pretty crazy eh? The first day was utterly painful, but I think my finger callouses are coming along pretty good again. :)

I think that's pretty much it....I haven't been home for a few weeks now, can't wait til Christmas! Miss everyone. Haven't been able to go to the gym as much as I used to because I usually work kind of late and don't feel up to it at 7ish. But I still try and go when I can!
Still need to get a few more Christmas gifts and keep practicing - one of my performances is this Sunday! Wish me luck!! :)

Tell me some of your Christmas memories/traditions! (message or comment)

Also! Looking for some questions of any sort - leave me a comment, text me, messsage, facebook... question me!

Hope all is well in your lives :D


RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I got W and I some special advent calendars this year (yes, where you eat a chocolate everyday - it's behind a special little window/door and it's awesome~!) - anyways...this awesome advent calendar is KINDER! It has little eggs, and shoko bons and yes just amazing. For Christmas it's a Kinder Surprise! I'm excited (and easily amused yes). But that is beside the point - just thought I'd let you know.

Happy Holidays Everyone~!

Friday, November 5, 2010

The time has come...

...For me to get another post up. So as you know I have moved to the bigger city and am working for my brother. My sister has gone on vacation to Indonesia until the end of the year, so now I'm all on my lonesome at her place. And it's kind of amazing how I crave PEOPLE. Really...it's kind of sad. I hardly know anyone up here, and I haven't made any friends in the new ward(church for those who didn't know). They're all in their groups already so - I'll admit to it...I'm a LONER.
My day goes as follows:
-wake up and do my 30 push ups (no real reason...just cause)
-contacts in, brush teeth, dress self
-drive to the office (which is also a reasonably easy and repetitive job but at least I talk to people on the phone?? *shrugs*)
-work for usually 10+ hours
-homeward bound
-exercise, eat, shower, watch a bit of tv (or something of this sort)
-go to bed, sleep, and start all over again

Thrilling eh? Not really...
But I still love life. (:

It's amazing all the time one has to think when they're on their own....though I don't think about anything productive (fail). I still don't know what to do with my life - it saddens me. Why can't it be all laid out on a platter what I should do with my life?

OH! I don't really want to share this....but what the hey - since moving here I've already gotten in a car accident. Pathetic. I was talking on the phone (can I get arrested for saying this? :X ) and I was lane changing and I don't know if I just didn't see the car or if it came from behind and raced up (but I suppose it doesn't really matter as I am sadly at fault) and my front/side bumper made a small dent in her car and the main thing was my mirror slightly dragged along the side of her car and there's a black mark along almost half her car and...well it's just sad. So I have to pay for the damage (obviously) and well...lets just say it's a surprisingly large amount for what seemingly wasn't a big deal (well it didn't appear to be anyways). So, this kind of depresses me as I have to come up with this money. SO this is where all you loyals show how much you care :D Click here to donate :3 Just kidding...settle yourself :P

Hmm... health and beauty segment.
Water. Drink lots of it. It keeps everything in your body regulated and equalized. It also keeps your skin hydrated and youthful looking, longer. Also it's just tasty (I think so anyways) and it helps remove wastes from your body (yay waste removal!). Also, it can help suppress hunger for a short period of time.

So now I will end for this time.

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Christmas oranges (meaning those chinese ones or whatever) are utterly SCRUMPTIOUS
...and I'm quite certain I could eat an unending amount of them. The end (fin)

Here's a song I enjoy for anyone who wants to check it out ... Aimee Mann - Today's The Day. I find it pretty and just relaxing.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phewf... life is exhausting!

Hey everyone! It has been awhile and I have been meaning to get on here (I swears it to you) I've just been busy busy! Anyways, here I am :)

What's new.... well I'm no longer at Wal Mart and I've now moved! Sunday night was my last day at Wally and I'm not gonna lie, I'll definitely miss some of the people there and HECK I'll even miss the easy repetitiveness of the job. But it's ok, I think it was time to leave that behind (at least for now). SO! I've moved and I'm living with a sister of mine and working for a brother haha. (Oh all my family connections eh?) So I'm working in the office and all is going well so far! It's pretty easy there was just a lot of information for me to learn in a short period of time. BUT ALAS it is all crammed in there (I think?), whether I can recall it or not is a different story however...meh. So I get to sit at a computer with an earpiece to answer phones, do invoicing, play with the work cell (new htc... kind of cool) and schedule appointments. The phones get pretty busy sometimes, but for the most part... it's not too shabby :)

So yes, for those of you who didn't know I had moved...surprise! haha.

AH yes, I was considering doing a Health/Beauty blog..and I'll still do that when I have time :)

To start that off, I'll just say...I'm presently eating french fries - YAY! haha. I do think it's important to eat from all the food groups but I do think it's also important to just relax and enjoy yourself every now and then. If one refrains themselves for too long...it's just unnecessary, then you either begin to crave things or you just have a binge fest all at once. It's better to just let loose every now and then. And honestly a little physical activity every day is not only a) really great for you, but b) not hard to do! Even if it's just a short walk...something is better than nothing. So if you ever think...nah it's not worth it. It is worth it! So defy your brain and just do it! That is my rant of the day. It was very quick and pretty straight forward. BUT MEH! :D

ANYWAYS. Hope all is well and whatnot in your lives.

Byeah for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Generally I always have nail polish on my toesies...HOWEVER I actually haven't painted my toes since I got back from California. Yep that's how lazy I've been. And now I want to! So I'll probably do it this weekend, I'll let you know if I'm successful or not :) haha. Also, I never paint my finger nails... ever.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Alrighty, so this past week has been Whoop Up Days...when we get our local fair. And if you're going just for fun (and food) and aren't TOO terribly serious about the rides...then hey, it's a good time :) I went with some of the fam fam on Friday for about 6 hours...it was fun and I'm definitely a fan of the Ring of Fire and the Zipper. I ate some terribly overpriced food which is probably equally terrible for me (ice cream, elephant ears, slushies, so on... AND came home with some scrump-diddly-upmtious fudge). Mmmm Fudge *.* Anyways, I managed to satisfy everyone's "sit by me" and "one more time" requests, so overall it was a fantastic day :)

Which was then ended by going to a dance with W... I hadn't been in FOREVER because I work weekends. We had fun, I remembered how lame they were... but it's ok because we can have a good time regardless! :)

Anyways... I'm not going back to school this semester, And I'm still looking for a second job for the semester (HELP ME PLEASE!). Well I'm not going back because...
1. I still don't know what to do
2. I really couldn't afford it (unless I got a student loan) And I really didn't want to get a student loan when I was still so unsure of what to do.
There's options flying around such as... a degree in Psychology, or Finance, Accounting, or even Physiotherapist. And for all you readers out there... I'm looking for YOUR opinion! I'll take as much help as I can get! Because it's my hope to get back into school for the Winter '11 semester.
As everyone's getting ready and actually GOING back to school now/soon... I'm finding myself jealous and WISHING I were too. *sigh* I'm embarassed, but I crave more learnings!

OH! I've been thinking about starting a Health/Beauty bloggety blog... And I'm curious if any of you would be interested? And do you think I should have a second blog? Or just continue with this one? Input pleeaaassse? :D

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Ta ta for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I still have my favorite stuffed dog from when I was a wee lass... His name is Rolly and I don't sleep with him but he'll be around for awhile (if not forever). And actually I have a small collection of stuffed dogs so... yep :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok, I am most splendidly excited for my first question :) *which was from Leinani...(ps thanks for asking one haha)

Leinani said... Alright missy-face, I've got a question for ya.

Toothpaste: What kind do you use? Do you squeeze from the end or the middle? Do you leave the cap on or off?

Alright, so here goes...
As most of you know (who have been reading my blog) I use a different toothpaste in the morning and at night. At night I use Crest Pro Health and in the morning I use Colgate Visible White (which I'm not sure if my teeth ARE actually more visibly white...but I haven't noticed haha). I only squeeze from the bottom if it's almost out and that's the way it must be done, otherwise I just squeeze from somewhere in the middle. And lastly, I've always been a cap on person. It kind of bugs me when people leave it off... haha.

And for anyone who wants to answer these questions as well... just leave a comment :)

I'm still looking for more questions people, questions about anything :D Pleeeaaassssee? :3

Anywho, bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love being in bare feet, I would go around without shoes all the time if it were possible :D

Friday, August 20, 2010


Alright, well as you may or may not have noticed I did not finish my California stories. And well I've been meaning to get a blog up and I've definitely had times where I COULD do it... but I really haven't felt like doing a big long California trip one again. Soooo... for now I'll skip it. maybe I'll feel like posting it in the future but as for now...no thanks. If anyone has any questions about the trip...ask, and I'll let you know :) I'll just say it was fun, warm and I miss it.

OK, so you're probably thinking I have some awesome topic or something exciting to share... well you're definitely mistaken :D I just felt like posting one. I don't really have anything to say.
Update on my life...I still work 5 nights a week and I'm wanting a full time job on top of that. I've decided I won't be going to school this fall, I may go back in January...but well, I'll have to see. I still need to decide what to do with my life...so difficult. BUT YES, I'm looking for a full time job...any ideas folkies? When I'm not working...I'm exercising or visiting family or hanging out with friends. But, for the most part, life is pretty good right now :)

I've been trying to think of new ideas for blogs...if there's something fast and easy I could do. And well I'm still thinking about it. And I'll continue to think about it and let you know.

Does anybody out there in the blogging world have any questions for me? Seriously... any questions? About anything? Not just about me. COME ON... Ask me a question. Do it.

But yes, it's good to finally get something up.

Ciao for meow (:!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- If I could eat one last thing before I died... it would be ice cream. Om nom nom.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh, Canada

Well, here I am...back in the rain and wind. My being aches to be back in California again though. *sigh* Oh well. Canada is a good place where we only have to worry about 2 colors (red and white). SOOOO I'm not sure if I'll give you a rundown of the whole trip or just a nice tidbit. But I will start by saying it overall was a great trip full of lots of fun times, foolish moments, and of course awesome memories.

We(we being W, her sister(L), her sister's hubby(T), and myself left on Friday June 25th, all not entirely prepared for the 18+ hour venture to Las Vegas. T, being the man he is, seemed to feel like he had to drive the majority of the time...and he did, so good on him I suppose. But at about 2 in the morning when everyone was sleeping, he started to get drowsy and pull off from time to time. At this point I probably had gotten about half hour of sleep and I woke up because it was just much too cramped and hot in the vehicle :l So at about 3 I volunteered my services and I got to drive for a few hours while everyone slept :) YAY! (ps...wasn't tired at all oddly enough). OH! Another thing I could mention is the "mile" guessing game we played. We would look at the green signs that say how many (kilometers here) miles there was to the next place and we would guess what the next number would be and whoever got it...got a point. Sounds slightly sad doesn't it? But hey it made a few hours go by faster :P

Saturday June 26th
At about 8 o'clock we found ourselves mosying into Vegas (finally!) and we decided we should get some breakfast. (At this point we were all quite hungry and slightly cranky from lack of sleep). Soooo, we looked up an IHOP (heck yes it's awesome :D) on the GPS (we called her Grizzly) and set off in search. WELLL apparently Grizzly is stupid and likes to tell us there's IHOP's where there clearly isn't...so, disappointed and growing ever more hungry, we ventured to find our hotel and see when we could check in. At least we found it reasonably easy... it being Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino. And after a bit more struggles (because we had to call and change the name we had the reservation under -- ridiculous? I know :l) we found out we could check in, in a few hours. So we asked the people there if they knew where the nearest IHOP (we were very set on IHOP at this point if you didn't notice :P) was and we set off...yet again. After about another 45 minutes, we FINALLY found the IHOP and stuffed ourselves good :) ( I had french toast cause it's awesome duh) Then we actually went to 2 Wal Mart's (I don't recall why... ) to pass the time. Then we headed back and finally checked in. OH and may I mention, BOILING slash DEATHLY hot here... aka 40+ degrees C. SO first thing on our list was to hit the pool :D Which was fairly decent :) (aside from the creepy man on the side of the pool who kept staring...) and this is where W first slightly got burnt. And then it was back to the hotel room to get purdied up and explore the strip.
I'll say now we weren't sure where "The Strip" was but neither did anyone we asked.... which seems retarded as they live there -.- jeesh. So we started out by walking. Which we only lasted about 7 blocks (which are much bigger down there by the way) -- before we were all about ready to die. SO we decided to get a slurpee... at which point we also decided that we were not going any further without a vehicle.

SIDE NOTE -- You know the newspaper dispensers we have on some sidewalks? Wellll in Vegas they have about 5 of them every block. BUT instead of newspapers... it's personal ads ._. awful

So we walked back to the hotel, tried to make ourselves look decently NOT disgusting and got the car and drove off in search. We eventually found it many blocks down (aka...would've died if we walked). It was fun to see and definitely had some glitz to it.... but not gonna lie, I was slightly let down. Instead of being about leaving everyone impressed and shows and whatnot... it was mainly about casino's, drinking, and the personal ad's being handed out. But oh well, still glad I got to see it :) There was a huge mall (very spread out...and a lot of it outdoors) called the Miracle Mile (I believe?) which was fairly awesome :o So after a couple of hours of that (and still boiling by the way) we headed back to the hotel and swam again for a bit. Then got ready for bed and watched the good ole telly for a bit and ended up all going to bed around 9. And then (at least W and I) slept straight til 7:30. And neither of us moved the whole night either. So we were very stiff and sore in the morning. But t'was a good sleep.

ANNNNNDDDD this is where I end for now... because apparently I like giving lots of details and have difficulty shutting up. So I shall continue within the next couple of days :)

PS. The blogging world has kind of...died while I was away. Still out there?

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love beaches and could probably lay in the sand and sun alllll daaaayyyy long :3

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hidy Ho

Wellll it's a been awhile.... quite a long while actually. But meh, MY TRIP IS ALMOST HERE :D We leave tomorrow and I'm ridiculously excited. You may be thinking ah... you've been busy getting ready. Nope. Nope I haven't x) I can actually get ready for a trip quite quickly. I find plenty of other things too. I should be a professional time waster because, honestly, I'm really good. You'd think I'd find more time to write these bloggedy blogs...and well technically I do have time but... uh, well I dunno what to write about. My life is so boring D: If you give me something to rant about I probably could. And I doubt you want to hear about adventures I have with wasps in my room, or ginormous spiders in my bathroom, or my splashing candle wax all over. That brings back memories for me though :l

ANYYYWWAAYYSS. Back to the trip... so I leave tomorrow :D And I'll give you a little run down on the schedule. Driving through the night, spending a day in Vegas, driving to Anaheim (Cali) and then we'll get to spend a few days at DISNEYLAND :D :D :D, and a day at the beach... then we're taking off to the Land of Mormons...yes Utah. For a temple day, shopping, and hopefully some awesome fireworks. Yes, this is the basic rundown. But yeh...I'm excited ^^

And...that's the end. I really have nothing else to talk about. Sad I'm aware. *shrugs* Oh well.

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I hate bugs... they seriously creep me out, a lot :l I know I'm bigger, but they're creepier and just D:

P.S. Everyone is getting married...apparently I fail as a Mormon? x)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Leave People Guessing

Well, this all started when I tried to go to bed earlier last night (12:30ish to be more exact) and well to prove the unsuccessfulness of my attempt I recall looking at the clock at 2:30 -.- Oh well, I'm hoping it comes soon. Anyways, I just COULD NOT shut my brain off. You know what I mean? When you try to stop thinking but your brain just keeps a-going. Well I won't share everything that I was thinking about (mainly because that would be a hideously long list) but one of the things that...stood out(?) I suppose, was letting people know how you feel or just expressing appreciation or even just let know people know when you've thought about them. Not only is this good in the case of "you never know which moment will be you last" BUT people like to know they're being thought of... they like to feel appreciated and special. So, I'm going to be trying to do this more myself as well. And I challenge you out there to do the same. :D

AND I shall include a shoutout to all those who I know read or who are subscribed anyways. Denise you are a very bubbly person who can tell awesome stories, Leinani...you're very kind and fun to hang out with, Jesse...you're crazy and like to have a good time, Star...you're very loving and easy-going, Cora... you're outgoing and cheerful, W... you're caring and a great friend :)

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- WELLL now that I've got that out of the way. I watched the season finale of Glee last night ( I know... total nerd but oh well) and it was really good :D And don't hate on Glee...if you don't like it, so be it. But I like it because it has lots of singing and dancing and it's pretty random and lame haha. But for the main group's music they did a Journey Medley and it was good. I tried to find a link but alas, I was pretty unsuccessful...so just watch it if you can :D If not, just listen to the original songs by Journey of Faithfully, Don't Stop Believing, Any Way You Want It, and so on.

Anyways...toodles for meow :)!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The bottom of the tube of toothpaste

Well I don't know about all of you out there...but I've realized something about myself. I figured it out when I finished off a tube of toothpaste this morning and I felt a little proud of myself...I find a small sense of accomplishment in little things such as this. Finishing a bottle of vitamins, finishing a bottle of water, mowing the lawn, exercising every day, finishing a book and so on. So... my question is, is it normal to feel this way? Or is this completely odd and should I pay less attention to these little things?

If you have this same feeling from time to time... what are the things that you pride in doing or accomplishing?

That's it for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I use a different toothpaste at night and in the morning, and no they aren't special for night or day or anything like that. I just like having a different one for them? The end.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Just dropping a quickie in

(and yes that title is mainly for you W...you better get it haha ;3)

Alrighty! Well no nothing is particularly new or anything like that. Still the same daily routine, though today I'll probably clean the house before I get ready for work... so that way I'm at least doing SOMETHING even remotely productive :)

Anywho...my reason for this blog is just to share a song with you by a new band I have found. They're called You vs mE... I think they're actually quite good and have their own unique sound. SO I'm going to give you a link to their first video on music and if you want access to more of their music just let me know :D This song is called Someday

Well thanks for checking it out if you do...if not, I suppose I still like you anyways.

Ta ta for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love music and am always interested in finding something new :) (And I appreciate Denise sharing her music as well)

Hmm... since this was short I'll do another one. I'm kind of a neat freak sometimes... not with my room really. But I'm slightly a germ-a-phobe. I kind of like cleaning and I don't mind cleaning bathrooms at all. Well there ya go.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A whole lot of nothing

The title pretty much covers what has been happening in my life right now.... All I do is eat, sleep, exercise and work. Sad but true. Hence why there has been a lackage of blogging because well, there's nothing really for me to say. I've noticed that when you don't really hang out with people, you become strangely aware of how single you are and well I feel very aware as I don't hang out with a lot of people often. Mainly I see W whenever I can and my family and that's about it. How exciting.

Well on one of my days off last week W and I took a little shopping trip up to Calgary which was fairly exciting for us because we'd never gone up on our own and it was my first time driving there (we have very overprotective parents I assure you). But ANYWAYS it ended up being a good time to sing, talk, laugh and just spend the whole day together. It was swell :) And I spent way too much money. You know that sinking feeling you get when you spend too much money? Well I DIDN'T get it... so that must mean I made good purchases so yay :D I got some things from my 2 favorite stores Lululemon and Sephora. Lululemon I really like because well come on...stretchy comfy clothes that last for a long time, heck of a lot better than like...jeans. :P. Sephora...well I told you in one of my first blogs that one of my odd interests is makeup. And then I just got a couple of other items such as my first pair of tights, a snazy sweater type thing, and a leather purse :D (because generally I carry around something that looks more like a school bag -- not that I'm going to be ditching it anytime soon... I'll just use the leather purse sometimes :P) And I believe that about covers my spendage. THEN we decided to catch a movie as we were at the Chinook Mall, so we saw Robin Hood. I would definitely recommend it if you like the old classic Robin Hood and if you like Russell Crowe. I love both so :D Double bonus *thumbs up*.

Hmm... well yup that's about it sadly. That's what my life has been like...not too exciting I know. *sigh* Oh well, yay to making money.

OH but I guess the TRIP TO CALIFORNIA is coming in LESS THAN A MONTH NOW :D I'm very excited because that's actually all I have to look forward to in my life right meow haha. Deets, you may request? Well, all I'll really say for now as that we're for sure going to Disneyland which I find utterly exciting because I've never been :) AND I LOVE DISNEY...and amusement parks...so YAY!

Anyways... that is the end.
Au revoir for meow. :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well if you didn't catch this above...I don't like clothing that restricts me (which jeans can do sometimes), hence why I really really love stretchy clothing such as lululemon. Also I really don't like skirts because they refrain me from sitting however I want :l

Another quick tidbit - I've gotten in a pretty interesting routine...I go to bed at 2 or later and then wake up at about noon. Man I have a sad life x) But I love life nonetheless!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here we go again...

*sigh* It's been a while my followers...yet again. -.- And I don't even really have much to say. I have a fairly boring and uneventful life...does that make me a loser? Probably. But oh well. The past week or so my life has consisted of enjoying the absolutely GORGEOUS weather we've been having, and working 5 nights a week. And no it's not full time because I only work for about 4 hours per night. But HEY it's a job. I should probably try to find another job for in the day to get some more mula...but I just cannot bring myself to do it. I quite enjoy having spare time and I want to be able to at least somewhat enjoy my summer :P. And then whenever I get a chance I hang out with W and go see her at the Slab (Marble Slab)...which I'll probably go see her tomorrow, because I'm fairly certain I told her I would.

I've been reading a couple books....one was a typical LDS book...but it was actually good (but I downed that in one day), it was called A Love Like Lilly's. The second is called The Host (by the same chick who wrote the Twilight series...it was pretty good but I guess it's also reasonably odd. But anyways...this reading has made me realize how much I've missed and actually enjoy reading. Because I seem to have such a vivid imagination, reading is like watching tv for me. Kind of fairly awesome, I think anyways.

Work has been fairly good...it gets kind of boring and lonelyish at times, but hey it's a job :)

Well, I know this wasn't much but at least I got one down. So hope you all are having as great a time as I enjoying the weather and that your Spring/Summer's are going swell.

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I have dreamt about people before I met them :o Odd? Definitely. Random? Of course. True? Don't question me. :l

Friday, May 7, 2010

*sigh* I give you...me?

Well, inasmuch as I am a failure at blogging...I'm going to write one anyways. Though I should probably be working at making my sleep schedule normal...oh well :D SO biggest thing that has happened lately is probably getting a job and though I won't indulge as to where (because if you know me....you probably know anyways) BUT I will say that most of it is counting a lot of money. I don't know if any of you have counted a large amount (or should I say heaps ;P -- that was for you Nani) of money and I don't know if everyone feels the same way...but it's just very relaxing to me haha. The time goes by so fast and it's just relaxing...sounds pretty good eh? Only downfall is...I generally get pretty crappy hours -- thus resulting in a decreased amount of money for me D: But at least I get to feel like I have a lot at work right?!? :l

Hmmm....OH scaryish thing happened lately -- scary thing being I GOT FRAUDED (yes frauded, I can't think of a better way to put it because I don't really consider it identity theft). ANYWHO so the bank calls me and asks if I had made a money transfer lately, and I responded that yes I made one on my Visa. They kind of paused and asked if I had made a transfer of $2,000+ ...which was immediately responded to with HOW MUCH?!?! O.O So they told me to go change all my accounts around as soon as I could and that I should hopefully get the money back. This of course left me in tears because all my mula's had been cleared and I was unsure of what to do. BUT WORRYETH NOT because I eventually calmed down and realized that everything would be alright (whether the money was returned or not -- though of course I'd rather it come back to me). And well I already have a conclusion to this story because I did go and change my accounts around and my money has been returned so YAY! :D

Well, this is about all the excitement that's been happening in my life (unless you include my room finally being decently clean as exciting). Mother's Day is coming up so tell all your mummies Happy Mother's Day because well.....we would not be here if not for them and their va-jay-jay's :P (do not judge me for this comment please).

Anyways...toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Just this season I've become slightly addicted to America's Next Top Model. Ridiculous you may say...don't worry, I say so too. They're all so dramatic and some so seemingly ditzy and dumb that sometimes I'm just left there sitting wondering...seriously? o.o But generally it's just amusing to me to watch. SO THERE :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here we go again...

Well... I suppose as it has been an utterly long time since my last post that I should just get one up. What has happened in my life....

OH well firstly it got deliciously warm outside! And I was even able to soak in a few rays (of UV radiation...which really probably isn't that good but oh well). There's something about the sun and warmth that just makes me feel happy inside :) I love to be outside and just drink in the warmth...because before I know it...it'll be gone again D:! I even mowed! Yes MOWED! (not a lot, but still mowed nonetheless)... And there was an OBSCENELY LARGE amount of Ladybugs in my backyard. Quite literally HERDS of them... and when I mowed they would fly up and ATTACK MY FACE! I KID YOU NOT! As you may or may not have noticed... I hate bugs... all of them. To me they are seriously awful and I feel as though I need someone to be defending me from them at all times. I would rather... fight someone than face a bug (pathetic? I know -.-).

I have been doing a power yoga videoish type thing the past few days and although I'm utterly relaxed by the end... It's pretty intense! And I'm sore the next day.... but I guess that's kind of good.

ANOTHER THING! I have no idea why or how... but I've randomly gotten a slight cold for the past few days! It's disgusting!It started out with just a runny nose... then I couldn't even breathe through my nose.... THEN APPARENTLY I started snoring at night because of the loss of useage of my nose. And then I wake up with a terribly sore throat and then today I was croaking away D: And it's just not too pleasant really.

Today we did spring cleaning of the house... Which took a really long time actually... But I'm just glad it's done and everything is clean and nice and yes :) Well... except for my room... but I'm not going to worry about that because well it's summer vacation now. OH! I haven't mentioned that yet! School is now done for me!(for the semester). Communications there was no final but I ended up with 98% in the class... I think that's pretty awesome haha. Kickboxing... I'm not sure what my final mark is. But we did the final written exam and skills testing on monday and I think it went pretty good. ALSO! We did our fitness testing to see how we had improved since the start of the semester (we did this with pushups)... at the beginning I did 14... the end I did 32. And well I know it doesn't sound THAT fantasticredible... but well... I'm proud of myself :) So there :P Computers, we didn't have a final and I don't have my final grade in that quite yet. Last, but not least, Anatomy... I had my final for that on Wednesday and the grade is not up yet... I think I did decently well BUT I suppose I shall have to wait and see.
Also this weekend I went on a trip to Waterton with W and Mr. H which was actually really fun! It was pretty nice up there :) Although it took Mr. H seemingly FOREVER to start the fire (but you can't blame him... he's kind of a city boy) and I was STARVED D: (along with W) it was all in all quite a fun trip! Friday/Saturday night even went to a couple of Mormon house dance party type things which were surprisingly not too bad... Generally I'm quite anti social seeming and yeh, I just don't go to those (haha). But they were alright.

Well I think... that is... it... OH! I saw Avatar in 3D on... Wednesday night? Yea I think so... ANYWHO... I think it was really good! I was kind of iffy about it at first. But I would definitely see it again! So if you're willing to take a risk... SEE IT! but watch the trailer first just to get a rundown. :)

Anyways... this is the end now haha

Bonne nuit for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well... the past week (Monday- Saturday) there has been a deal at dairy queen for buy one get one for 25 cents :o So I've gone... everyday except one. I like ice cream an exceedingly large amount hehe

Monday, April 12, 2010


How do I manage to be so successfully disastrous?!? I just made pancakes (which were fairly scrumptious by the way) and I think there's syrup everywhere... honestly...I don't know how it happens. ANYWHO.... I managed to do this only burning 1 :D (out of three...but don't worry about it, it's cause I was talking to facebook -- or to people on facebook rather). SO I SAY IT WAS SUCCESSFUL! *gives self medal of achievement* :3 Well now that I'm all full of pancakey goodness and am definitely avoiding studying (for my lab exam which is TOMORROW DD:)....decided to drop a quick bloggy blog in.

THE ZOO! Was fun... saw lots of cute animals (duh of course -.-) AND t
he prehistoric park was updated! there's a new thing called Dinosaurs Alive... and they have dino's that move! AND ROAR! And oh... it was just exciting I assure you (and they go on censors and I managed to scare myself to death by trying to get them to move... and of course it was a little one :l) But yes, t'was fairly awesome. I always see these tigers and... leopards and other fuzzy cat like animals and I want to pet them D: ( which would likely end in serious pain --> or perhaps even death really). Saw some people get a nice spray of pee from the elephants, which is always amusing... from afar anyways. And watched the monkey's for quite a while (they're ever so cute) as they picked at each others lice and whatnot and caught bugs in the air.The picture above is of Yoda Monkey... he was fairly awesome at catching bugs and then he would generally go back to the meditation type pose...awesome haha. Then they started chasing one another which was fun.... until they started doing DIRTY THINGS! And then it was time to leave... o.o 'nuff said I assure you. OH! And my niece and I were making peacock mating calls (no lie we were really good--something to brag about? Likely not...) and well peacocks were following us left right and center! D: (pretty peacock picture though eh? :D)PS>>> I discovered that i think bats are really cute... don't judge me. ALSO I really wanted a little kangaroo DD: GAH! Time to move to Australia :D
Random thought... I have Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison stuck in my head (listen if you wish -- music video is pretty weird... so only watch if you really want to haha). OH! Another song that has kind of amused me today is Say It In A Love Song by Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce (so you can also listen to that if you wish). I quite enjoy both really haha. Every Rose Has It's Thorn is more a classic need to hear it sometime song whereas Say It In A Love Song will definitely not appeal to some lol. but by all means check 'em out :)

WELLL I applied at good ol' Wally World today (I've worked there twice before as a cashier and then in the accounting office) -- so we'll see what happens with that... because I really kind of need a job haha.

AND I got a booster juice today which was quite scrumptious... Pomegranate Punch is what I got :) It does have protein powder in it... so if you don't fear it... try it. It's berry-ish and quite tasty ~mmm!

Well, I suppose that should be all for today because I really do actually need to study for that Lab Exam haha. SOOO wish me luck and thanks for reading :D

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Sweat pants are probably my most favorite article of clothing D: They're so commmmfffy :3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Failure to Blog

So, I pretty much fail at blogging.... especially when it seems like nothing really eventful happens. So I finished that My Big Fat Greek Wedding project and got that handed in on Monday. (which is lame that we even had class on Easter Monday :l). So yes.... it was General Conference weekend (which is a big conference that takes place live in Salt Lake City and is broadcasted on the internet and tv for the LDS church). But anyways! That went well. Then Sunday afternoon a couple of my sisters came to visit which was pretty awesome because I hadn't seen either in a while. Then we visited more family (then finished my project because yes, I am an awesome procrastinator like that). Monday had schoool.... kickboxing only like 6 people showed up but we went for a run anyways and then we could leave. Went to communications handed in teh (yes teh) project and endured a very boring and seemingly pointless class and then went home... and honestly cannot remember what I did that night. I saw W for a bit I think. Tuesday....

BRIEF INTERRUPTION...I have not been able to sleep in lately and it is bloody awful :l What's this crap about waking up at like 8? Outrageous...

Didn't really sleep in...did my exercises. Probably wasted time most of the day. Either monday or tuesday I watched Fast and Furious (yes the 4th one) so... I now have those all watched up. And here we are with wednesday, went to the school bright and early (around 8ish...but got up at 7) and a sign is put up on the door saying Kickboxing is cancelled and I'm like WHAT!?! You don't cancel a class like this :l and I was annoyed. But ANYWAYS.... I came home, did some push ups...went for a run (which is reasonably difficult when it's this windy really)... did some more push ups...did some sit ups...stretched out. And then I just sat there realizing my left ankle was really sore along with my right shoulder. The ankle is likely just from running and I just have pitiful weak ankles. The shoulder I think is from pushing myself with the push ups. But URGH it's just annoying that my body isn't keeping up with me :( Maybe this is the price I have to pay for having the immune system of a champion (seriously I hardly ever get sick, it's amazing). Then I went back to the school for anatomy... came back here... made KD... and now here I sit, rambling on because I have nothing interesting to say. Sad life really.

And I'm quite sleepy, so hopefully I sleep good tonight. OH! TOMORROWWWW... I get to go to the zoo with the sister and niece that I went to Shutter Island with. But yes :) I'm excited cause I haven't been there in a long time and it'll be nice to just relax for a day. And there won't be time for me to workout so :D!

Anywho...I think I'm out of things to say. So I shall get back to you (hopefully a little sooner than last time), and I'll update on the zoo and other random bits happening in my life.

Hmm, here's a song I found recently called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.... click the link if you want to listen to it on youtube (don't watch the video though cause it's weird... but watch it if you want I guess lol). Tell me what you think of it :D
Ok one more... this song I've had for awhile it's called Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. But yes I like it, what do you think?

Anyways... toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I wear a night guard at night (on my teeth...it's kind of like a retainer really), but yes...it's because I grind my teeth at night and it protects them. YAY PROTECTION! x)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toothless is mine... =l

Sooooo Heyy everyone :)
Just got home from How To Train Your Dragon... SO GOOD! Especially if you like childish animated movies and are even slightly into dragons. Although, it really just made me want a Nightfury dragon named Toothless....my life will not be complete without one... :l. (Pretty sure I'm setting myself up for failure with that one -.-). Moving on, it was definitely a cute one...ESPECIALLY in 3D ;) (and yes I am a nerd like that... OK?!? Okay. 'Nuff said... But yeh, so long as you can deal with a few 'Awwwws' from the cheesy girly girlsies....I'm sure you'll be ok. Beh, Toothless was just so cute D: with his (her...IT'S?!? I dunno) big cute eyes... and then the teeth that come out when they want to and and and.... trying to feed nasty raw fish to wee Hiccup :) ANYWAYS, that's enough of that...(Note: picture above is of Toothless trying to smile :D... don't judge me D: the little piece of the head is Hiccup)

Hmm.... what else have I been up to, got together with my groupie (member of my group for a class) today for communications. It's a project for My Big Fat Greek Wedding and yes it's due Monday. Soooo I'll be working on that for this weekend... ;P It won't be too hard though so yes.
Got to know her (the said groupie) a little more, and...bond? in a sense? Haha. It was good.

Watched 2 Fast 2 Furious last night, and well.... I don't think it's a good idea for me to watch those movies before bed. I'm fairly certain I had a few dreams about people in fast cars chasing and trying to kill me, was slightly frightening really. Also, I think one drove into my house? D:
So, I think I should watch those a little earlier in the day. Haha.

OH! That Anatomy exam I told you about... I got 86% which is, not too bad right? Lol.

P.S. Jesse, what do you want to know? Haha.

I feel like there was more I wanted to say but now I don't remember D: Well I guess I could mention I'm looking for a job now... it's kind of annoying and any help would be greatly appreciated? :) But yes, I'll be on the lookout and search. Anywho...that's enough...

Au revoir for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love frozen yogurt...especially with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. So good D:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fast and the Furious :P

Elllo world. And yes I am watching the fast and the furious (first one). After watching these movies...it just makes me want to go drive around fast and recklessly (and yes I do mean moreso than usual)...BUT HEY I can drive slowly and calmly if I want. So don't judge me >:l. I've got some laundry going and I'm going to work on a couple projects for computers. BUT I figured I'd come get a blog in, or it probably wouldn't happen this week. D: So heerrrreee goes...

Well....not exactly sure where I left off....so I'll think for a minute...I believe I left off with my dying on Monday from running. I don't recall what I did Tuesday at all anymore. Wednesday I had classes then went to Whitney's house. Thursday went to my aunties house for some scrumptious homemade chicken cordon bleu...so good! Thursday night had a computers quiz (which went good I believe) and I shall tell you how it went when I know. :) I still don't know what I got on that Anatomy exam last friday, it better be up soon D: I'm ridiculously curious... RIDICULOUSLY. Anyways....friday...got to relax some, and then picked up W from clinical and we went for ice cream and then back to her place to watch....Did You Hear About the Morgans? (I believe it was called) with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. It was actually pretty funny, made me laugh anyways. :)!

OH I got a haircut :o! I'll put a picture up if I figure out how... if not I'll do it in a bit. But I promise I will get one up eventually. haha. Not sure what all y'all think of my hair...but I don't mind it. It's quite a bit shorter and more thin than before. But it's nice to get some weight off :P

(clearly it worked as you can see at the beginning haha)

Don't really have any exciting stories sorry to say.... probably go see W and get ice cream tonight. And then later going to Leinani's for Otai (amg...so yummy), and games.
Buttttt anywho. I'm out...life is good. :)

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love warmth and the sun. I'm reaaaalllly excited for the summer :3

Monday, March 22, 2010


Does everybody have their own routine that they go through every morning (well probably varying slightly depending on what needs to be done that day)? I have a routine for almost everything I've noticed. From the way I put lotion on... to how I get my cereal. ANYWAYS -- First thing I do when I get up...is brush my teeth and then floss. Many find this odd...but meh, that's how I do I guess?

Yes that was a random thought but we'll move on to what's been up lately. (I was bored ok so :P).

Hmm... now I don't even know where I left off. I hung out with Amy (another good friend of mine) on Friday night.... and well all I will say is... EVENTFUL NIGHT. The blog doesn't deserve to know the details... haha. Both her and I know so yeh :). She ended up staying here til about 3:40 and we were just chatting about life at this point. But yes, it was pretty good :D And yes, in case anyone was wondering, (which obviously someone would) we were drinking chocolate milk... because well, it's AWESOME! (although it wasn't 2%...but ah well). Good night over all.

Saturday, let me think...AH...I went to Shutter Island with one of my sister's and her daughter(<-- for her birthday). Shutter Island wasn't too terribly action filled, but of course I jumped at least once -.-, BUT if you like those thriller type movies that have twists and involve thinking (and that are also eerie and creepy) then HEY this movie is for you :D *thumbs up*. THEEEENNNN I went to Marble Slab *drools just typing the name* to get some ice cream :D. So I got to see W and chat for a bit, and of course eat delicious ice cream. Then I went home and I think I watched some TV shows on the internet? haha. Yeh, I'm cool like that. Had a HUGE weird...craving I guess....to go for a run at 11:00pm this night. But I decided against it because well the people i asked were very insistent that it wasn't safe...which I guess it isn't. :P. But ah well. :D

Sunday...went with W to church...it was good. (: Went to eat at my aunties house.... then went home and did some homework and yes I am awesome because I leave it to the last minute like that.

This all leads up to today....Kickboxing... DEATH! i though running was bad before...BUT NO, before did not even compare :l (kwell it felt pretty bad at the time). We ran from the college to Henderson and then back...it took up the whole class D: TRUDY IS NOT A RUNNER OK?!!
Had a quiz in Communications which wasn't too bad. Came home and ate, showered..even put a weird mask on my face :D Now...here I sit in front of the computer with my huge smiley face shirt on :3 But i guess I've rambled on enough, so I'll put you all out of your misery and leave? haha.

Au dieu for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I probably do masks on my face about once a week...I'm cool like that I guess.

Friday, March 19, 2010

All is well

Well here I am again.... because well I have nothing to do at le momento. I really should take up a hobbie.... (or just work on some that I already have... -.- *failure*). I still sing pretty much all the time, typing is a hobbie right? Maybe? No? Okay :l As for guitar, well....lets just not talk about it because that has not come out in a LOOONNNNNG long while. Is eating a hobbie? I'm good at that too. :D Probably not something to be overly proud of :l

Soooooo, today I had that Anatomy exam....and well, it went alrightish. I knew the diagrams and the short answer but I probably guessed on about half the multiple choice (which likely isn't good) so....I'll just have to see how that goes. I'll keep you updated...unless it's really terrible....or I forget x).

OH I got gas in my car today :D I decided this was a good thing because...well, it was on empty. BUT after that, I swung by staples annnnnnnnd.... GOT A NEW PURPLE PEN :D (well actually 2 because I didn't want to go through this again any time soon :l). So yes :) I am happy....and I may or may not have gotten a kinder egg as well.... but you should lean more toward the may... -.- AND NO, I'm not addicted. Maybe. :P

Hmm... well I'm done, I want pizza...so I'll probably get it... the end.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I drive a GEO Metro.... is that a crapmobile? Yea pretty much, but I like her anyways :P

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

R.I.P Purple Pen :[

Well, I shall begin by saying I always have a pen that I'm particularly fond of. Perhaps this is odd....but that's alright with me. It has to be smooth (and Leinani knows from experience that it can take awhile for me to test them) and yes color matters :P. BUT ANYWAYS, lately I've been really a fan of this purple pen... and yesterday... it died :( and I am saddened. So tomorrow (hopefully) before my computer class I can run to Staples and find the same one...if not I may cry (...then again maybe just be really sad...) :l.

Sooooo you may have noticed that I have gotten QUITE lazy with this since I did my week haha. WELL SORRY D:! I'll still write reasonably often I swears!

Anyways....today was St. Patrick's Day which I'm not really against nor for. I'm indifferent to it I suppose, it's just there? I do quite enjoy the color green.... but not when everyone is wearing it! D: Seriously!

Hmmm, what else could I speak about.....random fact, IT IS VERY RIDICULOUSLY WINDY HERE! Like seriously :l I don't really like the wind, it just annoys me. But it seems like it's always here...nothing I can do about it.

But anyways, this is turned into quite a random, and in little bursts, blog.....so I may as well just stop for now haha. I shall be studying tomorrow.... so likely won't write then, but we shall see.

Sooooo, buh byes for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Green is my favorite color, slightly fond of blue though....and I have a soft spot for purple :P haha

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Om nom nom

So I'm currently eating cereal.... because it's amazing and I love it and could eat it multiple times a day, every day. OM NOM NOM

I just got back from visiting family around the city and I felt hungry (just leading to the cereal). And I just caught myself petting my head.... maybe I shouldn't straighten my hair -.-
OH and I watched Old Dogs today (at W's house... t'was pretty funny, especially the gorilla scene...when the guy is screaming :D) and I ate popcorn... LOTS of popcorn *.*

Welllll today we had a special conference in our church with a visit from one of the head honcho's from Salt Lake. It was a pretty cool experience, he was a good speaker and was pretty powerful. So overall very good. And good music. Just good lol x)
Oh and last night, it was a sort of meeting with the same guy and it was a question and answer type thing which was also really good.
Sooooo.... overall it t'was just a good weekend.

Well going back to my post last night (which I got in at 11:59 last night :o! -- close call I know!) but anyways...the personality type I am....I'm never really satisfied with myself. Let me explain, I always feel like I can do better... be better... so it leaves me being pretty hard on myself a lot. BUT last night was just kind of a boost for me that left me knowing what things are really do need to work on, so that'll be good...hopefully...maybe... I don't know :) Now I just need to do it lol.
Any suggestions for easing off myself though? D:

Hmm.... I guess I have a communications quiz to study for that's tomorrow, so I suppose I should get on that...

So ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like pie.... but I do not like rhubarb pie ._. BUT I especially loves the crust :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I bring you this message midfloss

I've decided I at least want to write everyday for the first week, after that if it doesn't happen... well it just doesn't happen :) But I'll try for as often as possible. But yes, I had to stop flossing midfloss to get this out there before midnight!

I won't say much for I don't have much time. It was one of those experiences tonight that I just want to be a better person. And I will work on it. I'll give more details tomorrow :)
Sorry for this lameness but I want to get this in.

And gay daylight savings tomorrow -.-

Night for meow ^^!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I floss twice a day :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh church dances

So here I am at 11:30 back from the church dance....lame right? Why lame, because first off....it IS a church dance, secondly...because we're back at 11:30!! What the douce...ending at 11 is slightly overly ridiculous. But whatever, me and the W (me bestie [yes here's the word again -.-]) had fun acting like fools :D. Yesh fools...acting normal is not a regular occurrence...or an ever occurrence really.

So the dance you may be wondering about but well...there's not really much to say, we both got a couple slow dances (not matter how much we try to avoid them [and by avoid I mean run out of the gym really]) but oh well...we're still alive and well...ish I suppose. Some boys are annoying, some boys aren't annoying, and some boys are REAAAALLLY annoying...that's all I'm going to say on that matter. OH and ps...Leinani you were not at that dance you toad :l. You were supposed to go do the Single Ladies dance, although they didn't even play it...but you could've done it anyways I suppose. Well that's enough about dances. And homosexual talk... WHAT!!?!...you may ask. But what I will tell you is...don't worry about it :P.

What else could I talk about..... today I cleaned my house? (And by mine I mean my mothers -.- but I clean it so :P) Thrilling stuff eh? I went to Anatomy Lab and learned stuff about the braaain. I got Booster Juice... then came to W's where they expected me to eat this MASSIVE plate of spaghetti D: I was like AMG! I tried.... I failed....but that's ok. I got quite a bit in really and then was hungry again in like 2 hours. Jeesh.... I'm a growing girl? Well I better not be :/ cause the only way I'd be growing is wider and I do not need that thank you very much :P

Well...overall I can say today was a good day, and I quite enjoy life. But alas, lo and behold...I am tired and yes...done.

Sooo bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love Kinder Eggs and would probably DIE for them.... Although I wouldn't get to eat them if I died.... so maybe I just like them a really large amount which cannot be expressed with words. Okay? Okay. The end. Fin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What the sleep? :/ or lack of it...

I just feel really tired lately :( ...but alas, this is life. I tell myself I'll go to bed earlier but it really just never seems to happen ._. And then I wake up all through the night D: Come on! I need like a week just to sleep.

So I just finished writing my notes for Anatomy tomorrow. They seem to take too long and my hand hurts by the end.

Sheesh....apparently I'm annoying when I'm tired (or all the time) -.-

I was just going to whine about my computers class that I had tonight...but I won't :D I'll just say I had it...and then I went and got a booster juice :)! YAY! Strawberry Sunshine this time...t'was tastilicious.

Well this has been a really lame pointless blog...so I shall leave 2 random facts.

RANDOM FACT(S) ABOUT ME -- 1)I almost always have nail polish on mah toes :P but never my fingers.
2)Socks bother me...I don't really know why. Even though my feet are always cold, not a socky person. lol

Hopefully I can get a good sleep to reboot my mind...it seems to have crawled in a hole and died :( poor brainy...

Well nighty for meow :)!

I can see clearly now...the snow is gone.

SO the snow is gone :D Well....it's not entirely gone yet...but well...it's no longer snowing and hopefully it's all gone soon!

As you are aware, I went to Alice in Wonderland last night...I thought it was really GOOD! It made me hyper after though and made me REALLY just want a chesire cat...HECK I'll even BE a chesire cat, I just want one around D: But if you like Alice in Wonderland and slash or Tim Burton movies...I would definitely recommend it. But yes, it was a good time....got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a bit and just have a good time so YAY!

Today in kickboxing... was INTENSITYNESS! Well basically our teachers always just push us...which is technically good I suppose. Haha...nah it is good. Just seems crazy while doing it. Also my anatomy class was cancelled (:o!) for today so I went with my bestie (I dunno how one would go about spelling it or making that look normal) to her house to plan more about our awesome trip to CALI~! :D It's just very exciting. While we were at her house we had nachos with... BLUE (yes blue) chips. Maybe that isn't oddd to you, but well to me...I was like WHAT! But yeas they were actually really good haha. Hmm.... I was also watching Medium (the first season) it's quite good and slightly addicting. My favorite TV show would probably have been reaper though... SO FUNNY! But it only had 2 seasons *tear* :(!

Well.... my brain just seemed to roll over and die...so I guess I'm going to say this is good enough haha.

Farewell for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like the smell of gasoline...yes it kills my brain cells...but MMMM! x)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Why is it snowing DD:
I don't mind the snow...I assure you BUT I am terribly sick of it. I'm ready for Summer right now...let alone Spring. But heck, I'll take Spring if I have to :l. All I can say is this snow better not last very long. OH! But exciting news! I'm planning to go to California this Summer :D AND DISNEYLAND! YAY! I've never been so I'm really quite excited...I don't really have any details but I shall keep updating when I know more.

So, I just showered about 20 minutes ago....I'm aware that most people would not like to hear this...but I'm going to rant about it anyways. I love showering because I love the feeling of being clean and warm....HOWEVER I hate washing conditioner out! It seems to take forever, seriously. I never know if it's out, it never feels like it's out :l it frustrates me. Oh, and leg shaving is a long annoying process. But yea...that's enough.

Speaking of leg shaving! Ok this has nothing to do with shaving of legs...I LOVE chocolate milk. Currently drinking some. Thing that's sad...it's 1%. 2% chocolate milk is about 12478623238714786176174 x10^million times better. It's just so creamy and good D: SO if you see 2% chocolate milk...get it! (I know they have it at Safeway) haha.

I know my blog's are fairly random with not a lot of point to them.... but oh well...ANOTHER THING! I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, kind of excited...although it looks kinda creepy, but I shall tell you how that goes. :)!

Well...toodles for meow :D

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME--I like Threadless shirts and am currently wearing a green one with giraffe's on it :D