Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday. Friday. Got to get down on friday...

(oh dear goodness...judge me if you wish {I'm already judging myself})

So hewwo!
It's been a while you little nerdlings (I'm not sure why...but you're apparently all nerdlings. Don't blame me, my fingers made me do it...)
So suprisingly, there isn't a lot going on in my life :[ I feel like there's nothing really to update on! Well... Francesca has gone away to BC to go to school {fare well and good luck!}. But as for me, a big pile of nothingness!

But this scene from Steve Martin's Pink Panther (yes I know it's ridiculous...) has been in my mind today...
(I don't care if you hate it - watch it! >:l )

"I'm glad he's pushing up daisies"
"Eee izz not pushing up daisies, eee izz dead!"
"It's an idiom"
"You sir, are za idiom"

So ridiculous :'D.

Anyways...not a lot to share. Happy September? Here I am again...jealous of all those going back to school. Seriously. I'm pretty sure this happens to me every September. Bunch of lucky losers going back to school :l *sigh* Soon enough.

So along with the start of September comes Labour Day Weekend - any big plans??
I'll be hanging out with the roomie {Mami} and heading down to the Bridge. (If I make it there that is...I'm having car issues :< Curse you Sunfire... )

And I think I'm going to keep it short and real today. Maybe I'll get a 5 things friday up next weekend ;) So make sure to enjoy this long weekend - stay ice cream :D

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I can do a backflip off the diving board now :D Not that it's any good...I'm sure it looks ridiculous. -.- Anyways! At swimming this past wednesday, I went to the end of the board to do said backflip....and, simply put, I pulled a Trudy and immediately proceeded to fall off and do a back flop instead. Go me.

PS...This song was also on my mind today.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

5 Things Friday?? Perhapsies?

(This is late due to my computer being sick in the brain >_>)
Well hello all you fine folklings...
Happy Friday! (and Thursday was pretty good as well if I do say so myself).

Shout out to Strongbad who's back for a few weeks...thanks for the cookies ;) Totally scrumptious...

SO! Today is Mami's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D So shout out to her as well - you're awesome! We have tons of fun living together...get along so well and we just have a nice system that works quite nicely ^^

This 5 Things Friday will be about Birthday's! (seems suiting?)

5 Things Friday
Birthday Edition

1. Ok, well this one's a given. CAKE! Sweet sweet, delicious cake! So I'll be making Mami's cake, and hopefully it lives up to both of our expectations! (I'll let you know how it goes). {And of course, ice cream slips in with this category as well ;> } Calories don't count on your birthday - YAY!!!(This one has SNOOPY ON IT!?!? :O! Awesome...)

(This cat knows what it's talking about...)

2. Having a day where the attention is on you! (well hopefully)! Doesn't necessarily have to be the whole day, but some extra attention is nice sometimes ;)

(What the heck?!? I googled "all about me" and this popped up?? Conceited dog...)

3. Ok lets be serious.... we all like some gifts every now and then. Not necessarily big expensive things, but some thought filled ones or HEY even a nice lunch? :) It just kind of adds a bit of excitement! And of course the random cards with nice thoughts and little drawings and such!

4. All jokes aside, I think it's nice to get a year older. Although it's slightly saddening growing up, it's all a part of life. It gives you a chance to step back and evaluate where you're at and where you're headed (I do this more at my birthday than New Year's personally). And lets face it, every year we're growing in some way...whether it be emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or even physically.

(this had nothing to do with anything just amused me) :D

5. And best of all...getting to hear from/hang out with all the people who truly love or care about you! Remembering someone's birthday makes them feel happy - 'nuff said :P
(And on that lame note...I'll call it a post...)

I'll give a few more details about Mami's birthday another day ;)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Naps and me...just don't really seem to work. Yesterday I had a nap (it was an accident) and then I slept terribly (as in not at all) last night. *sigh* No naps for me :(

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet, Sweet August...

Hopefully you bring many a sunny day (ok...listen to this song, I hadn't heard it in sooo long)!

Well helllllloooo! So basically, I haven't been on here in a while. There's some story about a robbery, getting seriously injured while trying to save the day and a baby. But alas...this story would be made up and make little to no sense ;).
I don't really have excuses, I've just been busy and preoccupied by other things as of late. PLUS this past weekend I moved! I'm still in the same city, and I'm still living with one of the same room mates (Mami).
RUNDOWN ON MAMI -- Alright, soooo she's very talented and smart and has been to school and had a lot of life experiences. She's already going places with her life but she's going back to school in the fall nonetheless to further her education ;). Very fun, fun to be around and just all around awesome. Not to mention...she's a total babe! She's multi-lingual and has been helping me learn a few random Spanish and French words/sayings. :D Her and I have decided that I'm Wispanic (wannabe Hispanic....)
So yes, Mami and I spent Friday evening/Saturday morning moving all of our things and cleaning a bunch. Our new place basically looked like a bomb went off because we're both kind of clean freaks/germ-a-phobes and we wanted everything to be washed down and cleaned before putting things away at all. Let me just say... a lot of bleach water and other cleaning supplies have been used. (Seriously though,, cupboards, counters, all walls, curtains and so on have been/will be cleaned). We've spent many an hour cleaning and there's still a bit more to do...but the majority seems to be coming together :)! It's nice to finally get more settled and organized. BIG shout out to everyone who helped us this weekend, we seriously appreciate it!! (You know who you were).

A couple more random shout outs...
1. Francesca...your brownies (or cookies, or browwwnnniesss) on Sunday were seriously delicious! I love you.
2. Strongbad - hope all is well.
3. Lambie - the mattress is so delightful, THANKS!

SO, I know I never got around to this earlier (I swears I meant to)... but HP7.2 review will occur now! So obviously the movies can't compare with the books but I thought it was good! I'd give it...probably ****/5. It was well done for effects and graphics and such, and it takes you on a vast emotional journey ranging from anger, to sadness, to happiness. And I feel like it all ends nicely :).

I don't recall if I've mentioned this at all yet, but lately I've tried and become somewhat attached to a Vietnamese dish. I don't remember what it's called...but it's basically little noodles (noods), and beef and it's just tasty :)

Random beauty tip for you well... (got this from Mami)...instead of using expensive makeup removers, use Johnson's Baby Oil (on a little cotton pad). She swears by this, and I see her use it all the time and it clearly works. Waterproof or anything, this inexpensive alternative works!

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well, first off... Mami and I watched Selena (yes, with Jennifer Lopez) on Sunday night. I had forgotten how much I loved this movie! I used to watch this over and over when I was younger and I could still quote lines, and know lots of the songs and so on.

Everytime I watch this movie , it makes me wonder how much more she would've done and where she'd be today if she'd been given the chance. Anyways... here's a few of my favorite songs ;) 1 .... 2 .... 3