Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday. Friday. Got to get down on friday...

(oh dear goodness...judge me if you wish {I'm already judging myself})

So hewwo!
It's been a while you little nerdlings (I'm not sure why...but you're apparently all nerdlings. Don't blame me, my fingers made me do it...)
So suprisingly, there isn't a lot going on in my life :[ I feel like there's nothing really to update on! Well... Francesca has gone away to BC to go to school {fare well and good luck!}. But as for me, a big pile of nothingness!

But this scene from Steve Martin's Pink Panther (yes I know it's ridiculous...) has been in my mind today...
(I don't care if you hate it - watch it! >:l )

"I'm glad he's pushing up daisies"
"Eee izz not pushing up daisies, eee izz dead!"
"It's an idiom"
"You sir, are za idiom"

So ridiculous :'D.

Anyways...not a lot to share. Happy September? Here I am again...jealous of all those going back to school. Seriously. I'm pretty sure this happens to me every September. Bunch of lucky losers going back to school :l *sigh* Soon enough.

So along with the start of September comes Labour Day Weekend - any big plans??
I'll be hanging out with the roomie {Mami} and heading down to the Bridge. (If I make it there that is...I'm having car issues :< Curse you Sunfire... )

And I think I'm going to keep it short and real today. Maybe I'll get a 5 things friday up next weekend ;) So make sure to enjoy this long weekend - stay ice cream :D

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I can do a backflip off the diving board now :D Not that it's any good...I'm sure it looks ridiculous. -.- Anyways! At swimming this past wednesday, I went to the end of the board to do said backflip....and, simply put, I pulled a Trudy and immediately proceeded to fall off and do a back flop instead. Go me.

PS...This song was also on my mind today.

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