Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet, Sweet August...

Hopefully you bring many a sunny day (ok...listen to this song, I hadn't heard it in sooo long)!

Well helllllloooo! So basically, I haven't been on here in a while. There's some story about a robbery, getting seriously injured while trying to save the day and a baby. But alas...this story would be made up and make little to no sense ;).
I don't really have excuses, I've just been busy and preoccupied by other things as of late. PLUS this past weekend I moved! I'm still in the same city, and I'm still living with one of the same room mates (Mami).
RUNDOWN ON MAMI -- Alright, soooo she's very talented and smart and has been to school and had a lot of life experiences. She's already going places with her life but she's going back to school in the fall nonetheless to further her education ;). Very fun, fun to be around and just all around awesome. Not to mention...she's a total babe! She's multi-lingual and has been helping me learn a few random Spanish and French words/sayings. :D Her and I have decided that I'm Wispanic (wannabe Hispanic....)
So yes, Mami and I spent Friday evening/Saturday morning moving all of our things and cleaning a bunch. Our new place basically looked like a bomb went off because we're both kind of clean freaks/germ-a-phobes and we wanted everything to be washed down and cleaned before putting things away at all. Let me just say... a lot of bleach water and other cleaning supplies have been used. (Seriously though, fridge...kitchen, cupboards, counters, all walls, curtains and so on have been/will be cleaned). We've spent many an hour cleaning and there's still a bit more to do...but the majority seems to be coming together :)! It's nice to finally get more settled and organized. BIG shout out to everyone who helped us this weekend, we seriously appreciate it!! (You know who you were).

A couple more random shout outs...
1. Francesca...your brownies (or cookies, or browwwnnniesss) on Sunday were seriously delicious! I love you.
2. Strongbad - hope all is well.
3. Lambie - the mattress is so delightful, THANKS!

SO, I know I never got around to this earlier (I swears I meant to)... but HP7.2 review will occur now! So obviously the movies can't compare with the books but I thought it was good! I'd give it...probably ****/5. It was well done for effects and graphics and such, and it takes you on a vast emotional journey ranging from anger, to sadness, to happiness. And I feel like it all ends nicely :).

I don't recall if I've mentioned this at all yet, but lately I've tried and become somewhat attached to a Vietnamese dish. I don't remember what it's called...but it's basically little noodles (noods), and beef and it's just tasty :)

Random beauty tip for you well... (got this from Mami)...instead of using expensive makeup removers, use Johnson's Baby Oil (on a little cotton pad). She swears by this, and I see her use it all the time and it clearly works. Waterproof or anything, this inexpensive alternative works!

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well, first off... Mami and I watched Selena (yes, with Jennifer Lopez) on Sunday night. I had forgotten how much I loved this movie! I used to watch this over and over when I was younger and I could still quote lines, and know lots of the songs and so on.

Everytime I watch this movie , it makes me wonder how much more she would've done and where she'd be today if she'd been given the chance. Anyways... here's a few of my favorite songs ;) 1 .... 2 .... 3

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