Thursday, August 11, 2011

5 Things Friday?? Perhapsies?

(This is late due to my computer being sick in the brain >_>)
Well hello all you fine folklings...
Happy Friday! (and Thursday was pretty good as well if I do say so myself).

Shout out to Strongbad who's back for a few weeks...thanks for the cookies ;) Totally scrumptious...

SO! Today is Mami's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D So shout out to her as well - you're awesome! We have tons of fun living together...get along so well and we just have a nice system that works quite nicely ^^

This 5 Things Friday will be about Birthday's! (seems suiting?)

5 Things Friday
Birthday Edition

1. Ok, well this one's a given. CAKE! Sweet sweet, delicious cake! So I'll be making Mami's cake, and hopefully it lives up to both of our expectations! (I'll let you know how it goes). {And of course, ice cream slips in with this category as well ;> } Calories don't count on your birthday - YAY!!!(This one has SNOOPY ON IT!?!? :O! Awesome...)

(This cat knows what it's talking about...)

2. Having a day where the attention is on you! (well hopefully)! Doesn't necessarily have to be the whole day, but some extra attention is nice sometimes ;)

(What the heck?!? I googled "all about me" and this popped up?? Conceited dog...)

3. Ok lets be serious.... we all like some gifts every now and then. Not necessarily big expensive things, but some thought filled ones or HEY even a nice lunch? :) It just kind of adds a bit of excitement! And of course the random cards with nice thoughts and little drawings and such!

4. All jokes aside, I think it's nice to get a year older. Although it's slightly saddening growing up, it's all a part of life. It gives you a chance to step back and evaluate where you're at and where you're headed (I do this more at my birthday than New Year's personally). And lets face it, every year we're growing in some way...whether it be emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or even physically.

(this had nothing to do with anything just amused me) :D

5. And best of all...getting to hear from/hang out with all the people who truly love or care about you! Remembering someone's birthday makes them feel happy - 'nuff said :P
(And on that lame note...I'll call it a post...)

I'll give a few more details about Mami's birthday another day ;)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Naps and me...just don't really seem to work. Yesterday I had a nap (it was an accident) and then I slept terribly (as in not at all) last night. *sigh* No naps for me :(

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