Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween to you!

Don't worry...Scott and I have our own candy (though it wasn't free; nor as assorted :<).

Have fun,stay warm and watch this :D


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me?(!)

Well hello there. It's my birthday. SURPRISE!

It's been a little bit because... well basically because I didn't feel like blogging/didn't have the time. :D

So this past weekend was a fun one :) It all began Friday night with sushi at Kinjo with Holly and Tyler (Scott's cousin and his cousin's wife - I've mentioned them before but I'm too lazy to go find where). And it was delish! I love Kinjo now :D (But I always get the same things...and I likely always will). Afterwards we headed over to Starbucks and Chapters for a hot beverage and a wander and to chat. Then it was back to our place for a bit for even more chatting. :D
Thanks Holly and Tyler, we'll have to do it again soon!
(Sorry you couldn't come up time!)

Saturday was a nice relaxing day in the morning... and then in the evening it was my birthday fiesta! Benifred and Francesca came and we made tacos and commenced the beginning of the murder mystery Francesca had created. Basically, we were all different characters and we had to find who had murdered Senor Sanchez! Francesca gave us each clues that we were able to use to question each other.
It was really fun - thank you!
And we got a kitty cake :D
And Sunday was the Calgary Temple dedication. Which was also good...though our broadcast cut off part of the way through...

Last night, was dinner with Scott's family. Thanks everyone! Nice to see you all again :)!

Which brings us to my actual birthday today! The double deuce. Nothing too exciting...but it's nice to hear from everyone. Thanks for all the birthday greetings ;)

So here's 22 things...
A) you may not know about me
B) are on my mind
C) are birthday related.
So here goes!

1. I actually haven't had many birthday parties that weren't family related. When I was 18, I had a little gathering of friends and when I was 21...I had another. But when I was young, I don't even remember!
2. I don't really remember my birthday's when I was younger at all. Am I senile? Can you remember yours??
3. I really like ice cream cake. We still have a quarter of the DQ ice cream cake seen above :3
4. I never thought I'd be married before I was 22...not at all!
5. I have so many scratches on my hands from George, but I still love him.
6. I'm hungry. You should NOT be allowed to be hungry on your birthday dang it!
7. You should actually probably not have to work or do anything on your birthday at all.
8. I find it crazy that I've been living in Calgary for 2 years now. It seems like it's been much longer.
9. I also find it crazy how much my life has changed in the past 2 years! Especially the last year.
10. I miss the 2 sisters that used to live in Calgary... that was always fun.
11. I still get up early to work out even though I don't have to...I just prefer to get it done.
12. Yes I even worked out today.
13. Lambie asked me if I've seen results. Answer: No, because I still eat what I want most of the time.
14. I still don't know what to do with my life :<
15. I no longer have any living grandparents.
16. I still love spending time with family and friends.
17. I bet no one's still reading this list ;)
18. I really love Turtle Pecan Cluster blizzards. I bring this up not because I think about ice cream all the time (I do), but because I just got an email for buy one get one free blizzards from DQ :D
19. The last clothing related purchase I made was a Tower of Terror t-shirt from Disneyland and I haven't even worn it...
20. Other than that, I don't remember the last time I bought clothes. It's likely time to change that.
21. At least I can still fit into all the same clothes I guess? Or is that a bad thing?
22. I'm getting old. You can see when I smile how wrinkly I'm going to be (around my eyelets)! You chose this Scott!

So celebrate for me, and for goodness sakes...have some dang ice cream.

Toodles for meow :)!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hump Day apparently I don't like raisins.
Which is true... they're fairly gross (to me). The only time I'll eat raisins, is in Raisin Bran. I don't know why...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Snow is only fun to play in...that's it! It's too cold and it sucks for driving. Need I mention all the idiots on the road that think they can get away with whatever because it's slippery - you all suck...learn to drive.
And snow plows, don't even get me started! Where the heck are you?? There's snow everywhere and not a plow in sight!

*sigh* Winter is definitely here. And I definitely need to retire these flip flops for the year before my little toesies freeze off. Soon...maybe.

So little Georgey is about 3 times the size of when we first got him. Of course he's still adorable and we still love him...but sometimes, he's a terror! He goes a little crazy sometimes and wants to attack our hands and whatnot and unfortunately, one day, my face got in the way D:
Don't worry (because I'm sure you were worried), it wasn't very it healed after a couple days. How do you train a kitten?? He's generally pretty good, but he's also pretty good with his claws and teeth....

Any advice?

Here's the most recent picture of him.
Don't let his adorable little face convince you otherwise...he will attack.

Here's wishing I was snowed in at home today.

Do you like the snow??

Freezing for meow >.<!

PS. For your participation in comments on yesterdays blog, Nani, I give you an A ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Devonian Gardens

Well, it's still snowy and cold. But I haven't seen as many shopping carts out and about.
Today was a little slippery out on the roads...good thing I left early so I could drive nice and slow.
I don't know about you, but when it snows (even a little bit), I just want to cuddle up and never leave the house (or my sweat pants).

So my weekend went pretty alright. I had to work Saturday, so that's never all that fun. 1 full day of weekend just isn't enough for my likings.
After work, Scott and I quickly went to pick up a few groceries and head home because Francesca and Benifred were on their way!
We got home just as they got there - perfect timing :)

Francesca told us that the Devonian Gardens had just recently reopened since being that's where we went! Here's a few pictures...

Koi fish...they creep me right out. They're so big, and I'm pretty sure they wanted to eat us. Seriously...
Snazy. If only I couldn't see the koi fish over there!
Bubble trees! Made us think about bubble tea ;)
There were some nice views of downtown.
And here's the whole group :D
So that was a fun time :D There was even a little park to play on...though it was difficult (for us anyways). The kids were a little better... :P

Then we were all to Peter's we went! (Sorry Benifred, for all our backseat driving...and sorry Francesca, hopefully you can get a Donair soon) ;) Milkshakes, fries and burgers...delish! Though I just had a milkshake, some fries and cereal when we got back to our place :D Then we hung out at our place for a bit and played The Game of Life. Either Benifred or myself won - let's just go with me ;)
Good times guys!
This weekend, we're having a birthday celebration for me! Hooray!

So even though he missed his regular shower day, George still got showered on Sunday. He still didn't like it so much...but he wasn't as bad as last week. And we had a nice fluffy, clean George again :D Scott had the day off because it was too wet we were both able to go to church and then have a nice relaxing evening in :)
Though I wasn't able to have a good sleep last night sadly...I kept tossing and turning which is never fun.
Hopefully tonight is better. 

This morning, still got up early to workout and then consider hibernating. But going to work won out...this time...

Ta ta for meow :)!

PS. What did you get up to this weekend? Any excitement??

PPS. A little trivia for you (because Scott did this to us) - Do any of you know WHY the Devonian Gardens are thus named? Hmmm??

Saturday, October 20, 2012


1. It's snowing.
2. Have these carts never heard of public indecency? Jeez...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Things to share

I have nothing to talk about today... but here's a few things I've found on the interwebz lately that I wanted to share...

- This almost makes this mouse adorable, almost.

- How horrifying! D:


- quite the cover photo for FB...looks kind of snazy though

- Baby otter GIF :D

- That babies face is awesome

- Ever do this?

- Packaged piglet dinner D: (use your judgement...)

Sorry to end on that... To make it better, go back to the otter ;)

Peace for meow :)!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Lately, Scott and my routine has been to make a smoothie - EVERY morning. I love them :D

We keep talking about getting some variety...but we make the same smoothie every day. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious! But it would be nice to switch things up. 

Ingredients we use...
- banana
- yogurt
- spinach
- milk
- little bit of water 
- a little juice if we have any
- frozen mixed berries
- And Scott generally puts a little bit of ice cream in when he makes it :D

This makes for a delish smoothie, but sometimes it's nice to have something tropical and so on. 

But we don't really have room in our little freezer for a bunch of fruits!

Do you have a solution? Or do you have any delicious smoothie recipes/ideas??

Byeas for meow :)!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random thoughts

What's with all the hosers on unicycles?
1. When did that become a regular thing?
2. Don't they realize they look like clowns?? Unicycles are in like the circus, aren't they??
(It took me awhile to figure out how to spell looks weird).
 It's not just kids either, there's a bunch of weirdo's that are university age doing it as well.

On my way home yesterday, there was a kid TRYING to ride a unicycle and he was absolutely terrible. I was hoping to see a wipe out...but I wasn't lucky enough, I guess. 

Anyways, what's the point?
You look ridiculous.
Good day.
(Sorry if you ride a unicycle. Perhaps you can explain the joy of it to me).

And we'll end with this because I think it's funny...

:D You're welcome...for meow :)!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday!(?)

Maybe?? Oh I don't know. I'd say today seems pretty alright for a Monday.

So what did I get up to this past weekend? Not a whole lot really.
I got things done, but I didn't really go out and do anything particularly exciting.

Friday night after I got home, Scott and I cleaned the whole (though it's not very big) house (meaning basement suite), hung out around the house, and made delicious nachos :D

Nummers. ;3

Saturday I slept in a little bit (til about 7:30/8...which is much more pleasant than 5). I got my workout in and then walked to the bank to deposit a cheque and then to the grocery store to pick up a couple things. After that it was muffin time! I found a recipe for strawberry muffins, and then I also made a batch of peanut butter/banana/choc chip muffins. They're all scrumptious with just one problem...we have so many of them!
I like the mini muffins we were left with about...7 dozen mini muffins...84! *.*

Want some?? They are fairly tasty!

Then it was a bunch of loads of laundry (including bedding, futon cover, fuzzy blankets and such), so now everything is clean!

After doing my own yogurt mask(which actually works at least a little bit - on me anyways), it was time to clean the George beast. He was NOT liking it this time. I got attacked with claws....but I'm still going to do it again!

Despite the look in his eyes, he did love me again after this. And he's so soft and fuzzy and smells like coconut :D

Then he had to sleep for a long time to recover. Cutie.

Then when Scott got home, we just hung out at home again. And we actually got a few Thank You cards done :D We still have quite a few to go though...

Sunday was a much needed day of relaxation. AND I went to church which was really good, despite me being a loner. ;)

When Scott eventually came home, we went to feed the ducks :D They've drained the little pond now that it's starting to cool down and it stinks! Yet those ducks are sticking around in what little water is left. And we also made a reasonably delicious dinner...though I didn't take any pictures - sorry!
I even let George have a little taste of chicken...he likes it - a lot.

Anyways - THAT'S IT!
As I said, not too exciting but got some things done and now have oodles of muffins.

What did you go up to?

NANI - Did you go to the corn maze??

Toodles for meow :)!

Friday, October 12, 2012


I want muffins...strawberry muffins. Why? I don't know. They sound good, and I have strawberries in the fridge at home :D

This morning I was disappointed. Asking for a blueberry muffin, only to receive a bran and raisin muffin. No. ._.

But I guess if that's the main "disappointment" so far in my day, then I guess maybe that's alright. Though I suppose it did leave me doing a good deed for someone else... sadly leaving me muffinless. Hence why I now want my own muffins!

ANNNDDD that's enough ranting about muffins (for now anyways...)

SO, it's Friday and the weekend - HOORAY!

Are you looking forward to the weekend?

What do I have going on this weekend? Little to nothing actually.
But I still like the weekend. :D
And of course Saturday is always shower George day.
(shower with love always, but yes...I mean with water) >:3 (mwahaha)

Speaking of George, he looks like he's roaring in this picture... :D

(but yes, he's yawning)
Anyways...the weather is being random as per ush... snowy and freezing yesterday, sunny and warmish today. Ridiculous weather.


Share what you're doing this weekend!

I'll share with you if I actually end up doing anything ;)

Ciao for meow :)!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Surprise of sorts

So recall how I mentioned Scott went back to work yesterday? 
Well he did go back to work...but the area he's working in right now (Completions), he doesn't need to stay out on the rig! So he's able to come home every night, which is awesome!
Not so awesome? Having the alarm go off at 4:15 this morning... *.*

Dead to the world for meow...

PS. *sigh* it's snowing

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Weekends are nice...

Don't you agree??

This past weekend has been decently filled with things...but not TOO busy.

Saturday and Sunday was General Conference of course, which is a bi-annual conference that happens in my church where we get to hear from the leaders of the church. You can read the recaps here if you wish.
The sessions I caught were good. ;)

Saturday evening, Scott and I were trying to be productive and pick pictures for our wedding album and also start working to get out our Thank You cards, but well...sometimes things just don't go according to plan. It was a frustrating evening.

Sunday, out to Strathmore for the Thanksgiving feast! Thanks so much was SO DELISH! It was nice to see the family and eat delicious food. My sister even had made these cute little 'turkey's' out of treats.
Use your's cute!
George also got lots of attention from the nieces and nephew.
But can you blame them?? He's getting big, but he's still cute! (Though he doesn't always love all that crazy attention...haha).

And then Monday... Benifred and Francesca joined Scott and I on an adventure to the dinosaur town - Drumheller!

If you didn't know, Drumheller is the home of the Royal Tyrell Museum, and is a completely dinosaur themed town as a result. The picture above is of the main grocery store - IGA. Scott was excited to show us all ;)

Here's a few more pictures...
Tree hugging dino :D
Francesca in front of the snazy bubbles.
The badlands of Drumheller.
The giant T-rex in the town.
It was a good time! 

After that, it was drive back home and find some food! We eventually decided upon a nice Thanksgiving (late) lunch at Boogies Burgers and it was delish! Then it was hanging out for a bit at our place before they had to head to their second family Thanksgiving dinner (their first was on Sunday as well). 
Thanks for the fun time Benifred and Francesca...we'll have to do it again sometime soon ;)

This morning Scott and I were up early because it was back to work for Scott (and I worked out as he got ready). It was nice to be able to spend the long weekend with him...but I miss him already!

How was your long weekend? What did you get up to?

Toodles for meow :)!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tumblr? Thanksgiving and the likes.

Tumblr or other blogging sites - are they better? Is blogger alright? What do you think? I looked at a few others...I just don't really know how comparable they are because I haven't used them.'s Friday! And then, Thanksgiving weekend! YAYYYYYY! Mmm... turkey~!
This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all the same things as last year and more!

This year, there's a few more things I could add to the list...

1. Being married and spending most of my time with a sweet little Scottling. He makes things more enjoyable, even when I'm being difficult and YES even when you're being annoying ;D. Love you.

2. Having an adorable kitten!
(taken this morning)
Enough said. He's a pest most of the time...but he's cute and fun and my little cuddle bug! :)

3. That Scott is going to be around this Thanksgiving :) (we didn't expect him to it's a pleasant surprise).

4. That we've been having an extended warm weather season. There was a Chinook last night, and the sun is out today! Seems like it's going to be a pleasant weekend (until we get hit with snow again -.-).

5. Vitamix! :D I don't think I've mentioned it, but a month or so ago...Scott and I got a Vitamix with some gift cards we had gotten for our wedding. It may seem silly...but I make a smoothie everyday and the Vitamix just makes it so quick and easy :)

(That was kind of like another 5 Things Friday Thanksgiving Edition) ;)

Anyways, thanks for reading!

What're you up to this weekend? Do you get Turkey? ;)
  Turkey for meow :)!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funnies. At least I think so...

A few links I thought were funny :)

- peeping tom cat

- bear spaz attack...and retreat!

- crazy cat

- I've been wrong all along!

- shows them for terrorizing the puppy!

- well that's adorable...but why would they drink it? D:

- so yes, this is a giraffe drawing...

-I don't just amused me

- apparently this was happening in Lethbridge? Weird.

- this is for you Scott

- and finally... TOOTHLESS :D

Hope you liked at least a couple ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm sorry

Well I've cursed us all. Winter came like a punch to the face last night. Monday? Nice, warm and sunny.
Last night? Frreezing cold and snow!

Even though I talked about it, I wasn't ready.
It's like...what is this foreign substance?!?

Weird. Too cold. But it is hot chocolate season ;) And never leave the house again season. Time to quit the job :D (kidding, kind of...)

Did you get hit?

Toodles for meow :)!

PS. I saw the new Calgary Alberta (LDS) Temple last night. It was packed! But it was really nice. They did a good job!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Any day now.

It'll snow. ANY DAY!'s a frightening thought. Although we've been having some beautiful transitionary (yes...totally a word) weather as it's been turning from summer to fall. The leaves have all mostly changed color and are beginning to fall EVERYWHERE. But it's made for some nice, sunny fall days.

As for today, we've got some rain. And's been a long time! A good long time ;)

My update for lately... well...still working out? haha. Still eating food. Still sleeping and breathing and such.  I don't know! If you want to know something, then you ask me ;l.
What've you been up to?

This past weekend. Scott and I hung out a bit with the Benifred and Francesca and then we did absolutely nothing productive (wow, we kind of fail). But it was a nice weekend :D

So Saturday, we went out to Kinjo for sushi with B and F and it was delish! Of course I only eat a few, not really sushi-ish type things...but it was fun. The last thing B, F and Scott ordered was this crazy looking Dragon roll.
You see what I'm saying? Scary.

What we got afterwards however, was not so scary... ;)

We choose you DQ Pikachu! Choose to eat you that is :D And you were delicious, thank you.

And then we played some Super Smash Bros until I got tired at 9:30. Haha. Yes, I am that lame.
I've become so so old. But at least I get delightfulsome sleep ;).
I just don't enjoy staying up late anymore.

How was your weekend??

Of course my weekend was also delightfully George filled (as it should be). And now your day can be George filled as well :D
Pretty soon he'll be too big for his favorite hiding spot...
He thinks he's so sneaky...
Mid whine...(oh wait, that's all the time)
Happy Tuesday for meow :)!

PS. Here's what I was talking about last year around this time in regards to fall.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Shout out to my hubby

October 1st. Pretty well when Scott and I became "officially official". We were friends for about a year before that and we had lots of drama along the way. And then we got married! Still crazy... haha.
Anyways, I still remember this time a year ago like it was yesterday. It's been an interesting year, but a good one nonetheless. ;)

Love you :D

Happy Birthday Nani!

Just in case I'm not able to get a regular post out today, I at least want to get this out.

(from google images)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANI! Double deuce for you!

Hope it's a great day and fantastic year - I'll catch up soon ;)

And Happy Birthday from George...

One picture where he looks like a "special" cat...
And one where he looks both adorable and ridiculous...
Honestly, he looked so weird how he was sitting. I'm glad I was able to get a picture quick before he moved :D

PS... you can find Nani here!