Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Weekends are nice...

Don't you agree??

This past weekend has been decently filled with things...but not TOO busy.

Saturday and Sunday was General Conference of course, which is a bi-annual conference that happens in my church where we get to hear from the leaders of the church. You can read the recaps here if you wish.
The sessions I caught were good. ;)

Saturday evening, Scott and I were trying to be productive and pick pictures for our wedding album and also start working to get out our Thank You cards, but well...sometimes things just don't go according to plan. It was a frustrating evening.

Sunday, out to Strathmore for the Thanksgiving feast! Thanks so much guys...it was SO DELISH! It was nice to see the family and eat delicious food. My sister even had made these cute little 'turkey's' out of treats.
Use your imagination...it's cute!
George also got lots of attention from the nieces and nephew.
But can you blame them?? He's getting big, but he's still cute! (Though he doesn't always love all that crazy attention...haha).

And then Monday... Benifred and Francesca joined Scott and I on an adventure to the dinosaur town - Drumheller!

If you didn't know, Drumheller is the home of the Royal Tyrell Museum, and is a completely dinosaur themed town as a result. The picture above is of the main grocery store - IGA. Scott was excited to show us all ;)

Here's a few more pictures...
Tree hugging dino :D
Francesca in front of the snazy bubbles.
The badlands of Drumheller.
The giant T-rex in the town.
It was a good time! 

After that, it was drive back home and find some food! We eventually decided upon a nice Thanksgiving (late) lunch at Boogies Burgers and it was delish! Then it was hanging out for a bit at our place before they had to head to their second family Thanksgiving dinner (their first was on Sunday as well). 
Thanks for the fun time Benifred and Francesca...we'll have to do it again sometime soon ;)

This morning Scott and I were up early because it was back to work for Scott (and I worked out as he got ready). It was nice to be able to spend the long weekend with him...but I miss him already!

How was your long weekend? What did you get up to?

Toodles for meow :)!

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