Friday, October 5, 2012

Tumblr? Thanksgiving and the likes.

Tumblr or other blogging sites - are they better? Is blogger alright? What do you think? I looked at a few others...I just don't really know how comparable they are because I haven't used them.'s Friday! And then, Thanksgiving weekend! YAYYYYYY! Mmm... turkey~!
This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all the same things as last year and more!

This year, there's a few more things I could add to the list...

1. Being married and spending most of my time with a sweet little Scottling. He makes things more enjoyable, even when I'm being difficult and YES even when you're being annoying ;D. Love you.

2. Having an adorable kitten!
(taken this morning)
Enough said. He's a pest most of the time...but he's cute and fun and my little cuddle bug! :)

3. That Scott is going to be around this Thanksgiving :) (we didn't expect him to it's a pleasant surprise).

4. That we've been having an extended warm weather season. There was a Chinook last night, and the sun is out today! Seems like it's going to be a pleasant weekend (until we get hit with snow again -.-).

5. Vitamix! :D I don't think I've mentioned it, but a month or so ago...Scott and I got a Vitamix with some gift cards we had gotten for our wedding. It may seem silly...but I make a smoothie everyday and the Vitamix just makes it so quick and easy :)

(That was kind of like another 5 Things Friday Thanksgiving Edition) ;)

Anyways, thanks for reading!

What're you up to this weekend? Do you get Turkey? ;)
  Turkey for meow :)!

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