Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Any day now.

It'll snow. ANY DAY! ...it's a frightening thought. Although we've been having some beautiful transitionary (yes...totally a word) weather as it's been turning from summer to fall. The leaves have all mostly changed color and are beginning to fall EVERYWHERE. But it's made for some nice, sunny fall days.

As for today, we've got some rain. And jeez...it's been a long time! A good long time ;)

My update for lately... well...still working out? haha. Still eating food. Still sleeping and breathing and such.  I don't know! If you want to know something, then you ask me ;l.
What've you been up to?

This past weekend. Scott and I hung out a bit with the Benifred and Francesca and then we did absolutely nothing productive (wow, we kind of fail). But it was a nice weekend :D

So Saturday, we went out to Kinjo for sushi with B and F and it was delish! Of course I only eat a few, not really sushi-ish type things...but it was fun. The last thing B, F and Scott ordered was this crazy looking Dragon roll.
You see what I'm saying? Scary.

What we got afterwards however, was not so scary... ;)

We choose you DQ Pikachu! Choose to eat you that is :D And you were delicious, thank you.

And then we played some Super Smash Bros until I got tired at 9:30. Haha. Yes, I am that lame.
I've become so so old. But at least I get delightfulsome sleep ;).
I just don't enjoy staying up late anymore.

How was your weekend??

Of course my weekend was also delightfully George filled (as it should be). And now your day can be George filled as well :D
Pretty soon he'll be too big for his favorite hiding spot...
He thinks he's so sneaky...
Mid whine...(oh wait, that's all the time)
Happy Tuesday for meow :)!

PS. Here's what I was talking about last year around this time in regards to fall.

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