Monday, October 22, 2012

Devonian Gardens

Well, it's still snowy and cold. But I haven't seen as many shopping carts out and about.
Today was a little slippery out on the roads...good thing I left early so I could drive nice and slow.
I don't know about you, but when it snows (even a little bit), I just want to cuddle up and never leave the house (or my sweat pants).

So my weekend went pretty alright. I had to work Saturday, so that's never all that fun. 1 full day of weekend just isn't enough for my likings.
After work, Scott and I quickly went to pick up a few groceries and head home because Francesca and Benifred were on their way!
We got home just as they got there - perfect timing :)

Francesca told us that the Devonian Gardens had just recently reopened since being that's where we went! Here's a few pictures...

Koi fish...they creep me right out. They're so big, and I'm pretty sure they wanted to eat us. Seriously...
Snazy. If only I couldn't see the koi fish over there!
Bubble trees! Made us think about bubble tea ;)
There were some nice views of downtown.
And here's the whole group :D
So that was a fun time :D There was even a little park to play on...though it was difficult (for us anyways). The kids were a little better... :P

Then we were all to Peter's we went! (Sorry Benifred, for all our backseat driving...and sorry Francesca, hopefully you can get a Donair soon) ;) Milkshakes, fries and burgers...delish! Though I just had a milkshake, some fries and cereal when we got back to our place :D Then we hung out at our place for a bit and played The Game of Life. Either Benifred or myself won - let's just go with me ;)
Good times guys!
This weekend, we're having a birthday celebration for me! Hooray!

So even though he missed his regular shower day, George still got showered on Sunday. He still didn't like it so much...but he wasn't as bad as last week. And we had a nice fluffy, clean George again :D Scott had the day off because it was too wet we were both able to go to church and then have a nice relaxing evening in :)
Though I wasn't able to have a good sleep last night sadly...I kept tossing and turning which is never fun.
Hopefully tonight is better. 

This morning, still got up early to workout and then consider hibernating. But going to work won out...this time...

Ta ta for meow :)!

PS. What did you get up to this weekend? Any excitement??

PPS. A little trivia for you (because Scott did this to us) - Do any of you know WHY the Devonian Gardens are thus named? Hmmm??


  1. - If you're so creeped out by Koi fish, then why do you have them at the top of your blog???

    - We finally went to the cornmaze! Hooray! We made it out alive.

    - In geology, the Devonian period was part of the paleozoic era and was characterized by the presence of large fish called koi that liked to eat people. So, any garden that contains koi can be called a devonian garden. (I based my answer loosely on the definition i found here:

    1. - those little pixelated things are nothing like real koi...they're adorable! (but touche ;>)

      - Oh good! Glad you were able to make it!

      - Very good! What Scott also mentioned was basically that it's also the types of plants that were in the era are what make it a 'Devonian Garden'. But I'm glad you were dedicated enough to look it up :)
      PLUS! They liked to eat people??! I knew it! They were going for me!