Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Snow is only fun to play in...that's it! It's too cold and it sucks for driving. Need I mention all the idiots on the road that think they can get away with whatever because it's slippery - you all suck...learn to drive.
And snow plows, don't even get me started! Where the heck are you?? There's snow everywhere and not a plow in sight!

*sigh* Winter is definitely here. And I definitely need to retire these flip flops for the year before my little toesies freeze off. Soon...maybe.

So little Georgey is about 3 times the size of when we first got him. Of course he's still adorable and we still love him...but sometimes, he's a terror! He goes a little crazy sometimes and wants to attack our hands and whatnot and unfortunately, one day, my face got in the way D:
Don't worry (because I'm sure you were worried), it wasn't very deep...so it healed after a couple days. How do you train a kitten?? He's generally pretty good, but he's also pretty good with his claws and teeth....

Any advice?

Here's the most recent picture of him.
Don't let his adorable little face convince you otherwise...he will attack.

Here's wishing I was snowed in at home today.

Do you like the snow??

Freezing for meow >.<!

PS. For your participation in comments on yesterdays blog, Nani, I give you an A ;)

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