Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me?(!)

Well hello there. It's my birthday. SURPRISE!

It's been a little bit because... well basically because I didn't feel like blogging/didn't have the time. :D

So this past weekend was a fun one :) It all began Friday night with sushi at Kinjo with Holly and Tyler (Scott's cousin and his cousin's wife - I've mentioned them before but I'm too lazy to go find where). And it was delish! I love Kinjo now :D (But I always get the same things...and I likely always will). Afterwards we headed over to Starbucks and Chapters for a hot beverage and a wander and to chat. Then it was back to our place for a bit for even more chatting. :D
Thanks Holly and Tyler, we'll have to do it again soon!
(Sorry you couldn't come up Nani...next time!)

Saturday was a nice relaxing day in the morning... and then in the evening it was my birthday fiesta! Benifred and Francesca came and we made tacos and commenced the beginning of the murder mystery Francesca had created. Basically, we were all different characters and we had to find who had murdered Senor Sanchez! Francesca gave us each clues that we were able to use to question each other.
It was really fun - thank you!
And we got a kitty cake :D
And Sunday was the Calgary Temple dedication. Which was also good...though our broadcast cut off part of the way through...

Last night, was dinner with Scott's family. Thanks everyone! Nice to see you all again :)!

Which brings us to my actual birthday today! The double deuce. Nothing too exciting...but it's nice to hear from everyone. Thanks for all the birthday greetings ;)

So here's 22 things...
A) you may not know about me
B) are on my mind
C) are birthday related.
So here goes!

1. I actually haven't had many birthday parties that weren't family related. When I was 18, I had a little gathering of friends and when I was 21...I had another. But when I was young, I don't even remember!
2. I don't really remember my birthday's when I was younger at all. Am I senile? Can you remember yours??
3. I really like ice cream cake. We still have a quarter of the DQ ice cream cake seen above :3
4. I never thought I'd be married before I was 22...not at all!
5. I have so many scratches on my hands from George, but I still love him.
6. I'm hungry. You should NOT be allowed to be hungry on your birthday dang it!
7. You should actually probably not have to work or do anything on your birthday at all.
8. I find it crazy that I've been living in Calgary for 2 years now. It seems like it's been much longer.
9. I also find it crazy how much my life has changed in the past 2 years! Especially the last year.
10. I miss the 2 sisters that used to live in Calgary... that was always fun.
11. I still get up early to work out even though I don't have to...I just prefer to get it done.
12. Yes I even worked out today.
13. Lambie asked me if I've seen results. Answer: No, because I still eat what I want most of the time.
14. I still don't know what to do with my life :<
15. I no longer have any living grandparents.
16. I still love spending time with family and friends.
17. I bet no one's still reading this list ;)
18. I really love Turtle Pecan Cluster blizzards. I bring this up not because I think about ice cream all the time (I do), but because I just got an email for buy one get one free blizzards from DQ :D
19. The last clothing related purchase I made was a Tower of Terror t-shirt from Disneyland and I haven't even worn it...
20. Other than that, I don't remember the last time I bought clothes. It's likely time to change that.
21. At least I can still fit into all the same clothes I guess? Or is that a bad thing?
22. I'm getting old. You can see when I smile how wrinkly I'm going to be (around my eyelets)! You chose this Scott!

So celebrate for me, and for goodness sakes...have some dang ice cream.

Toodles for meow :)!


  1. We're sorry we couldn't make it up either. But the next time we have a chance to spend some time in Calgary I'll let you know!

    #2. I remember a few of my birthdays. I remember one time we went swimming. And another time we went rock climbing. And on my 18th we went to the cornmaze.
    #4. I never thought I'd be married before 21! It's a nice surprise though.
    #17. I read the list!! So I guess I am no one :P

    And I'm sorry Trudy, but the weather is far too cold for me to consider eating ice cream in your honor. Perhaps I'll have a hot beverage instead ;) Happy Birthday!

    1. You better!

      I actually ended up enjoying a hot beverage for me as well :D
      Thank you! :3