Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Nani!

Just in case I'm not able to get a regular post out today, I at least want to get this out.

(from google images)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANI! Double deuce for you!

Hope it's a great day and fantastic year - I'll catch up soon ;)

And Happy Birthday from George...

One picture where he looks like a "special" cat...
And one where he looks both adorable and ridiculous...
Honestly, he looked so weird how he was sitting. I'm glad I was able to get a picture quick before he moved :D

PS... you can find Nani here!


  1. How did I miss this yesterday??? I saw your shout-out to the hubby, but I missed this one. Thanks Trud! I had a great day yesterday despite the lack of husband. (A day is always great when there's cake involved)

    1. Oh shoot! That's too bad. But you can celebrate AGAIN when he's back, which is also pretty awesome ;) And yes, cake is always delightful!