Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a beautiful life

Isn't it?

Life is pretty good and hopefully for all y'all as well.
Lately I've been watching the Harry Potter movies with a couple of friends in preparation to see the 8th (7 part 2) and final movie - And the time has almost come! (As in we're done watching the past ones, but aren't going to see the new one until tomorrow as it's cheap Tuesday ;>).
SO! I shall let you know what I think :)
I hadn't seen the Harry Potter movies in quite some time, so it was good to catch up. It's interesting watching them close to one another so you can see the increasing appeal to adults in the later movies and also just watching the main characters grow. Harry Potter (and everyone else) looks so little in The Philosopher's Stone (the first one)! And then, in every movie after that... he just looks plain awkward (at least I think so). But look how cute they were~!

Anyone else follow Harry Potter??

Annnndddd on to a much better cream :D Just kidding, but I did have a fairly good amount of ice cream this weekend ;) PLUS I've corrupted one of my room mates into eating ice cream more >:3 (she likes it with my cookie dough). And I have yet to do a rundown on her...but I'll call her Mami ;) {I've been watching Harry Potter with her, her friend, and my other room mate}. Speaking of Mami's friend...(I'll call him Superman), he had a Birthday on Friday and party on Sunday (I got to be a part of both days). And I got to eat some pretty delicious cake...seriously. Anyways, Happy Birthday Superman!

And with that I'm calling it a day! Yesterday and today I've been listening to Ace of Base... they're awesome.

Fare well for meow :)!

P.S. Ace of Base (The Sign) was my first CD...I "borrowed" it from my sister Lambie ;)

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Sometimes I have a tendency to either make up words or add suffixes to the end of words, where they should not be added. Example...
We were in choir and working on a more difficult song, so the guys and the girls went in separate rooms to practice. The guys come back at the end.
Me: "Did you enjoy your male bondage time?"
Everyone: o.o (stares and laughs awkwardly)
Me: "Oh shoot..." -.-

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