Monday, July 11, 2011

Do the due....

(Oh jeez..... -.-)

Kssoooooo (queso = delicious!), W is officially married! SO I've been in the Bridge for the weekend, and it was pretty good! Good to see everyone, good to get a mani and pedi ;), and good to get some marble slab :D. The wedding was a success, as they're married now. Anyways, it went reasonably smoothly...I helped W with her hair and makeup. And she did look pretty gorgeous ;> Though it was unfortunate that 1. It was obscenely windy! SERIOUSLY... :\ And 2. Her hair's curliness kind of died by the end...but what can you do? Ya still looked ahhhhmazing ;) So Congrats to W and the giant! Have fun on the honeymoon (gross)... x) I wish you both the best in your "lifetime" together! (so help better get what I mean W)...
And another bonus - I got to see J & A! They're some good friends of mine from...well quite a while ago. (Like....5 yearsish?) They came to W's reception, and it was good to catch up, act ridiculous and dance around ;) Love you guys!

Came back Saturday night after the wedding day! And Lambie, Az Bird (a couple of my sisters) and myself had ourselves a fun time - stampede style ;) 'Nuff said. It was you guys <3

Sunday! Was a kind of special day for Strongbad! I won't go into they aren't my details to give. But congratulations to you :). It was good to meet some of your family. Francesca and I managed to get an invite to a family fondue! It was delicious! Great times, great food! Thanks so much to his Aunt and Uncle! Fabulous log house that he's built and is still a work in progress - very nice though.
So fondue - we had cheese, broth, and oil fondue with just tons of delicious little morsels! And later we even got *wait for it* glorious CHOCOLATE (NUTella heh heh) fondue. 3 words - So. Freaking. Good.
At this little event I even got to meet Strongbad's cousin and also his cousin's wife (no pseudo-names yet) ...who are both fantastic and lots of fun! They have their own blog (which I had been reading before I met them...which made it even more fun to finally meet them!), so by all means... check their blog out! They enjoy photography and have some awesome pictures up and also... they're just amusing and have cute posts (CLICK HERE :D). PS - happy 2 years ;)

So at the end of the night, we were waiting for some band to show up (that I hadn't even heard of before!). I kept thinking...Jeez! Where are these guys?? (Good thing we didn't wait to eat, that would've been unforgivable {as they came quite late in the evening}). But finally they came and it was TOTALLY worth the wait! These guys are awesome! Very entertaining and also talented~! So the band is called Behind Sapphire and I'd say their style is kind of a cross between folk and indie and other things.... haha. And you all should check them out! I'll put up a link {link} to their page... or you can youtube them. You should youtube them singing Nearer my God to Thee - really good! (Plus these guys are LDS) :o
So shoutout to Grant (vocals), Brayden (bass), Matt (guitar), and Steven (drums). It was absolutely fantastic meeting you all! You're all full of personality and it was a blast hanging out with you!
Anyone in Lethbridge on Wednesday night.... they'll be playing at the Owl Acoustic Lounge at around 9(?). Want more details, let me know. But really - check 'em out ;)


How're things with you, general audience? :D

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well first off, I'm a new Blue Sapphire fan ;) And second...I now have a Sunfire! (car). I traded in the little GEO {I still love you I swears!} for a new (kay, well not brand new) sunfire :D So yay! I miss the GEO a little bit...but overall the sunfire is better ;)

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