Friday, July 15, 2011

Behind Sapphire & 5 Things Friday :D

Alright, I may as well make at least ONE more post about Behind Sapphire. SO I (and Strongbad) got to hang out with them one more time before they left Calgary. (Which included Tubby Dog and Bubble Tea!) I even tried a couple of the Dogs...(as in one bite of 2 kinds)....1. Sumo Dog(?) with seaweed, some sort of ginger, and I don't even know what else. 2. Peanut Butter, Jam, and Captain Crunch (yes on a hot dog). What I'm going to say - they were interesting ;)
I did however get myself a Bubble Tea (as per a suggestion from Steven {drums}) of Mango Peach with pearls. It was pretty scrump :D!
Then we went back out (to Strongbad's aunt and uncle's place) to watch a movie. We had in mind to watch O Bother, Where Art Thou, but well... that just was not in the cards apparently! So instead, Brayden {bass} made the executive decision that we'd watch How To Train Your Dragon (as he hadn't yet seen it). As you may or may not remember from this post, I was a big fan of the movie... BUT I seemed to use Steven as a pillow for half the movie anyways ;)

Tuesday (not to mention car problems) I ended up going to Stampede with BK, Strongbad, White China, Francesca, & Francesca's squeeze {haha...still no rundown or new name yet ;)}. Anyways, it was my first Stampede experience - and it was a lot of fun! There were good rides, good eats, and good times (even after it started raining near the end). Highlights from the venture... 1. Starship 4000 {an anti-gravity type ride} - at the end of the night the guy running the ride would let us stand up and flip upside down and such. So fun! Except he kept leaving the "control board" and coming to talk to me(?) Weird.... ._.
2. Lemonade! I love getting the lemonade at these things. It's so tasty!
3. New toe ring! (I don't think you need a description on that...)
4. Missing soccer to stay later at Stampede! (for shamesies on me). >:3
5. The motocross show. These guys do absolutely INSANE things, I would die...seriously.

AND on to Wednesday. Strongbad {at the wheel}, Francesca and myself headed down to the Bridge to see Behind Sapphire perform an actual set live. Matt {guitar} was kind of difficult to track down ;), SO we ended up hanging out with my parents for a few hours. We had dinner, played cards, talked - fun times.
Then finally it was time to head to the Owl Acoustic Lounge! And it was so good! Such a high energy performance with great songs. I even bought a CD - yay! (Yes, I'm a groupy...but they're really talented!)
We then got to hang out with them for a while after the take down, help Steven play Tetris to get all of their equipment and things shoved in the back of the van, help Grant {vocals} eat some peaches ;), and then say good bye :(.
It was so sad that it was finally over. You guys are absolutely fantastic, and I cannot wait until I get to see you again! {Miss you!}
And for all those reading out there...if you haven't checked them out yet, do it now!
Here's the link to their page again. Or just YouTube them! I promise it's worth your time.
My favorite songs arrreeee...... 1. Lest Ye Stay
2. Oh My, What A Fine Day
3. Christmas Nigh
4. Nearer My God To Thee
5. Just their little videos. They're quite amusing ;)
(It was the best reason to be up til 4 and get up at 7:30 for work the next day...I think)

So...I've already had 2 mini lists of 5 things. But I decided I'm going to do an actual 5 Things Friday list (as you may have seen on other bloggy mcbloginsteins). The theme of this week will be music.

5 Things Friday
Music Edition

1. Well because I've been talking a lot about Behind Sapphire lately, I should definitely share at least one of theirs. This is probably my favorite song (you'll need to turn it up a bit as it is a recording from a live show). But they do have some songs on YouTube that are better quality ;)

Note: As you may notice...there are a lot of people in the band at that time. Their band is kind of ever changing. But Matt, Grant, and Steven are pretty core members I'd say. Brayden isn't in the video...but he's awesome nonetheless ;)

2. I actually found this just recently. And I find especially this song amusing because she sounds so similar to Nicki Minaj (P.S. I'm not saying I'm a huge fan or anything :P). I kind of think this cover is better than the original though :X. I also checked out a few of her other songs...but she sounds like...well kind of like an annoying rapping girl in all of them. She's definitely got some skills, just saying I'm not the biggest fan of all of her covers. She has some originals as well if you want to check those out ;)

**SIDENOTE** I would post the actual videos on here for all of these....But I don't know how to put up more than one D: (And I just figured out how to put just one up today). Help me??

3. I have no idea why I thought of this song today.... But Shout by Tears for Fears is my #3.
I don't have any story behind it, nor reasoning for picking it. Basically, it just sounds amusing to me.

4. Metric! We were listening to one of their CD's on the way to the Bridge. I have a few favorites (Help I'm Alive, Dead Disco, Sick Muse and more), but I decided to post a link to Gold Guns Girls. I've only really been familiar with Metric for....probably the past couple years. So I'm still working on familiarizing myself with them.

5. When I mentioned Sick Muse (by Metric), it reminded me of the band Muse. My favorite song by them would likely be Uprising, though Knights of Cydonia is pretty good as well. Muse probably isn't one of my favorite bands, but well...they popped into my head and therefore make the list!

Now this has been long, so I'm calling it quits! (Seriously....half {if not all} of you probably passed out 5 minutes ago)...

Au revoir for meow:)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Often times, when I sing along with music...I don't even realize I'm doing it! I don't know if that would be considered skilled, or simply just thoroughly annoying (though either way, I think it's still skills) ;) Toodles!

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