Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wet bum :(

Need I say more?

Ok - ok! So basically... yesterday was our laaaaaast soccer game (awwwww :l now what??). I figured it would be canceled because just a couple hours before the game was scheduled, it started absolutely POURING. But within half an hour it had passed over, leaving blue skies and sun! SO to soccer I went, and the first half went quite well. When it came to second half, you could see absolutely BLACK clouds creeping in...but on we played! And then the rain came down (and the floods came up - just kidding)... and I'll just say, I couldn't have been more wet if I were swimming. Drenched! But it was fun :D
Moral of the story?? Weather here is absolutely ridiculous -.- (and yes, we lost ;>)
Continuing on...
SO I had to get into moi car absolutely drenched and dripping (picture a soggy rat...or sweet little puppy?), thus making my seat get quite wet as well. And I figured out this morning that the seat was not dry at all *.* Thus equating to my present wet bum situation. :( Denim takes too long to dry! (and apparently so do car seats...)

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love the rain, but I hate being cold... Also, I dislike having to sit around in a state of wetness (unless it's on a beach).

Wet bum, signing out...

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