Monday, July 18, 2011

"Mmmm"unchy Monday ;)

Embrace the lameness... now break embrace and listen to me.

This will sound ridiculous, but it was tasty!
Last night, my room mates and I were watching Harry Potter 2 when we realized we were quite famished. SOOOO I suggested KD and perogies (the only food I had in my ownership...besides ice cream and watermelon) and we decided that was exactly what we needed. And it was! KD and (potato/cheese) perogies go pretty marvelously together - I kid you not.
Step 1: make KD
Step 2: fry (or boil as my roomies did) perogies (I fried mine...)
Step 3: add desired seasoning (or sour cream {roomies})
Step 4: feast upon deliciousness

Keep in mind we were quite starving and that may or may not have influenced our taste buds...

Hope weekends were celebrated and adventures were had!

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I've been putting off grocery shopping for a really long time...

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