Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To blog or not to blog? - that is the question...

Not to blog.

*sigh* I reckon I can get one up reasonably quick :P

Alrighty! So, I got back from Texas last Wednesday...I had a great time and I loved the weather. I frequently tell people I miss Texas and well, I still do! But it's good to get back to "the real world" (I guess...).

There were many fun times of swimming, boating, shopping, rock banding, and just plain old hanging out.
3 sisters and myself even made a little trip to New Orleans. It was definitely interesting - a city with character. It was unlike any place I had ever been and the buildings, music, people and so on were all unique. As far as I could tell, they seemed to have recovered quite nicely from Katrina.
If I could share 3 things from New Orleans it would be...
1. If you're a picky eater, it's VERY difficult to find places to eat. My sisters and I were all slightly picky making it even MORE difficult. A little place called Stanley's came to our rescue on a couple of occasions. Plus it was delicious ;) Also...never fear - there's a Hard Rock Cafe :D The people were fun, and it was delicious! (I had never been before...)
2. Take some sort of tour. We took a horse and buggy tour for a little over an hour and it was definitely interesting and fun (and bloody hot!)
3. If you take a ride on the trolley, either stay energized by talking...or bring something to keep you from crashing (onto the floor from exhaustion). OH, also - don't go during "rush hour" times if possible. We were on our way back around 5 and I have one thing to say about it... BO D;

And now back to Canada - obviously this is late but HAPPY CANADA DAY :D
(insert imaginary Canada flag here)
As you can clearly tell, I became quite fond of Texas (especially the glorious weather) but ultimately, I'm quite fond of Canada. I'm glad I was born here and I still find it a nice country to be in to this day :)

It's been weird getting back into texting since being back (as my phone was off the entire time I was gone), so please friends...forgive me ;)

A little rundown on my friends upon getting back. Well, the group dynamic has most definitely changed whilst being gone.
Francesca has found herself a new squeeze (I'm using this term lightly here, don't get the wrong idea). Basically...it's someone I haven't done a rundown on yet, but I will when the time is right ;P. Anyways - things seem to be going well so good luck to them ^^ (OH ALSO, Francesca and I went on an 18k walk {in flip flops ._.} on Sunday. Ya...just thought I'd share because I felt accomplished)
Strongbad has also gotten back and seems to be doing well. Yesterday he was showing off his AMAZING (meh, it's alright ;> ) new laptop. It is pretty snazy though. (Ah, another thing I could share, Strongbad was wearing a kilt {yep a skirt} around on Saturday. Apparently he's patriotic {Scottish heritage}.)
Maximus is actually dating someone new (I think). Please don't use me as a reference on
But that's just how it appears to me - so congrats to them ;)
I don't really have an update on BK or White China or Beatrice at this time, as I haven't been able to really hang out or talk to them all that much D: (Sorry...)

OH! So W and the giant get FLIPPIN MARRIED this Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you and wish you both the best especially since it's ALMOST HERE! It's just crazy to think about... ._. Anyways, good luck now that it's coming down to the last days guys! Looking forward to this weekend ;)

And I believe that's the basic drift of my life at this point...
So hope all is well with all y'all.

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- 1. I don't wear kilt's (well I don't!). 2. I've realized I'm quite addicted to ice cream... 3. This song amuses me, it reminds me of Texas (inside stories). 4. Bruno Mars annoys me so much D: 5. I'm hungry....

PS, I'll add a few pictures from Texas if I can get some off Lambie sometime ;)

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