Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Leave People Guessing

Well, this all started when I tried to go to bed earlier last night (12:30ish to be more exact) and well to prove the unsuccessfulness of my attempt I recall looking at the clock at 2:30 -.- Oh well, I'm hoping it comes soon. Anyways, I just COULD NOT shut my brain off. You know what I mean? When you try to stop thinking but your brain just keeps a-going. Well I won't share everything that I was thinking about (mainly because that would be a hideously long list) but one of the things that...stood out(?) I suppose, was letting people know how you feel or just expressing appreciation or even just let know people know when you've thought about them. Not only is this good in the case of "you never know which moment will be you last" BUT people like to know they're being thought of... they like to feel appreciated and special. So, I'm going to be trying to do this more myself as well. And I challenge you out there to do the same. :D

AND I shall include a shoutout to all those who I know read or who are subscribed anyways. Denise you are a very bubbly person who can tell awesome stories,'re very kind and fun to hang out with,'re crazy and like to have a good time,'re very loving and easy-going, Cora... you're outgoing and cheerful, W... you're caring and a great friend :)

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- WELLL now that I've got that out of the way. I watched the season finale of Glee last night ( I know... total nerd but oh well) and it was really good :D And don't hate on Glee...if you don't like it, so be it. But I like it because it has lots of singing and dancing and it's pretty random and lame haha. But for the main group's music they did a Journey Medley and it was good. I tried to find a link but alas, I was pretty just watch it if you can :D If not, just listen to the original songs by Journey of Faithfully, Don't Stop Believing, Any Way You Want It, and so on.

Anyways...toodles for meow :)!

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