Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fast and the Furious :P

Elllo world. And yes I am watching the fast and the furious (first one). After watching these just makes me want to go drive around fast and recklessly (and yes I do mean moreso than usual)...BUT HEY I can drive slowly and calmly if I want. So don't judge me >:l. I've got some laundry going and I'm going to work on a couple projects for computers. BUT I figured I'd come get a blog in, or it probably wouldn't happen this week. D: So heerrrreee goes...

Well....not exactly sure where I left I'll think for a minute...I believe I left off with my dying on Monday from running. I don't recall what I did Tuesday at all anymore. Wednesday I had classes then went to Whitney's house. Thursday went to my aunties house for some scrumptious homemade chicken cordon good! Thursday night had a computers quiz (which went good I believe) and I shall tell you how it went when I know. :) I still don't know what I got on that Anatomy exam last friday, it better be up soon D: I'm ridiculously curious... RIDICULOUSLY. to relax some, and then picked up W from clinical and we went for ice cream and then back to her place to watch....Did You Hear About the Morgans? (I believe it was called) with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. It was actually pretty funny, made me laugh anyways. :)!

OH I got a haircut :o! I'll put a picture up if I figure out how... if not I'll do it in a bit. But I promise I will get one up eventually. haha. Not sure what all y'all think of my hair...but I don't mind it. It's quite a bit shorter and more thin than before. But it's nice to get some weight off :P

(clearly it worked as you can see at the beginning haha)

Don't really have any exciting stories sorry to say.... probably go see W and get ice cream tonight. And then later going to Leinani's for Otai ( yummy), and games.
Buttttt anywho. I'm is good. :)

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love warmth and the sun. I'm reaaaalllly excited for the summer :3

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