Sunday, March 14, 2010

Om nom nom

So I'm currently eating cereal.... because it's amazing and I love it and could eat it multiple times a day, every day. OM NOM NOM

I just got back from visiting family around the city and I felt hungry (just leading to the cereal). And I just caught myself petting my head.... maybe I shouldn't straighten my hair -.-
OH and I watched Old Dogs today (at W's house... t'was pretty funny, especially the gorilla scene...when the guy is screaming :D) and I ate popcorn... LOTS of popcorn *.*

Welllll today we had a special conference in our church with a visit from one of the head honcho's from Salt Lake. It was a pretty cool experience, he was a good speaker and was pretty powerful. So overall very good. And good music. Just good lol x)
Oh and last night, it was a sort of meeting with the same guy and it was a question and answer type thing which was also really good.
Sooooo.... overall it t'was just a good weekend.

Well going back to my post last night (which I got in at 11:59 last night :o! -- close call I know!) but anyways...the personality type I am....I'm never really satisfied with myself. Let me explain, I always feel like I can do better... be better... so it leaves me being pretty hard on myself a lot. BUT last night was just kind of a boost for me that left me knowing what things are really do need to work on, so that'll be good...hopefully...maybe... I don't know :) Now I just need to do it lol.
Any suggestions for easing off myself though? D:

Hmm.... I guess I have a communications quiz to study for that's tomorrow, so I suppose I should get on that...

So ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like pie.... but I do not like rhubarb pie ._. BUT I especially loves the crust :D

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