Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh church dances

So here I am at 11:30 back from the church dance....lame right? Why lame, because first IS a church dance, secondly...because we're back at 11:30!! What the douce...ending at 11 is slightly overly ridiculous. But whatever, me and the W (me bestie [yes here's the word again -.-]) had fun acting like fools :D. Yesh fools...acting normal is not a regular occurrence...or an ever occurrence really.

So the dance you may be wondering about but well...there's not really much to say, we both got a couple slow dances (not matter how much we try to avoid them [and by avoid I mean run out of the gym really]) but oh well...we're still alive and well...ish I suppose. Some boys are annoying, some boys aren't annoying, and some boys are REAAAALLLY annoying...that's all I'm going to say on that matter. OH and ps...Leinani you were not at that dance you toad :l. You were supposed to go do the Single Ladies dance, although they didn't even play it...but you could've done it anyways I suppose. Well that's enough about dances. And homosexual talk... WHAT!!?! may ask. But what I will tell you is...don't worry about it :P.

What else could I talk about..... today I cleaned my house? (And by mine I mean my mothers -.- but I clean it so :P) Thrilling stuff eh? I went to Anatomy Lab and learned stuff about the braaain. I got Booster Juice... then came to W's where they expected me to eat this MASSIVE plate of spaghetti D: I was like AMG! I tried.... I failed....but that's ok. I got quite a bit in really and then was hungry again in like 2 hours. Jeesh.... I'm a growing girl? Well I better not be :/ cause the only way I'd be growing is wider and I do not need that thank you very much :P

Well...overall I can say today was a good day, and I quite enjoy life. But alas, lo and behold...I am tired and yes...done.

Sooo bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love Kinder Eggs and would probably DIE for them.... Although I wouldn't get to eat them if I died.... so maybe I just like them a really large amount which cannot be expressed with words. Okay? Okay. The end. Fin.


  1. I am sorry I did not attend. But I had a very good reason. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was on. And then I had to teach my sister how to play monopoly. (It's probably the only chance I had to win!)

    In my defense, it sounds like the dance was lame (as usual) so I did not miss much. I didn't even miss Single Ladies. So :P

  2. Well the dances are always lame.... but well you go anyways. You could've taught her another time duh. And it's not like you could never see that movie again... JEESH!