Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Why is it snowing DD:
I don't mind the snow...I assure you BUT I am terribly sick of it. I'm ready for Summer right now...let alone Spring. But heck, I'll take Spring if I have to :l. All I can say is this snow better not last very long. OH! But exciting news! I'm planning to go to California this Summer :D AND DISNEYLAND! YAY! I've never been so I'm really quite excited...I don't really have any details but I shall keep updating when I know more.

So, I just showered about 20 minutes ago....I'm aware that most people would not like to hear this...but I'm going to rant about it anyways. I love showering because I love the feeling of being clean and warm....HOWEVER I hate washing conditioner out! It seems to take forever, seriously. I never know if it's out, it never feels like it's out :l it frustrates me. Oh, and leg shaving is a long annoying process. But yea...that's enough.

Speaking of leg shaving! Ok this has nothing to do with shaving of legs...I LOVE chocolate milk. Currently drinking some. Thing that's sad...it's 1%. 2% chocolate milk is about 12478623238714786176174 x10^million times better. It's just so creamy and good D: SO if you see 2% chocolate milk...get it! (I know they have it at Safeway) haha.

I know my blog's are fairly random with not a lot of point to them.... but oh well...ANOTHER THING! I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, kind of excited...although it looks kinda creepy, but I shall tell you how that goes. :)!

Well...toodles for meow :D

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME--I like Threadless shirts and am currently wearing a green one with giraffe's on it :D


  1. I am wearing We Are Just Pixels After All

  2. hahaha! I like your shirt! Did I mention I like your shirt? x)