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Monday, March 22, 2010


Does everybody have their own routine that they go through every morning (well probably varying slightly depending on what needs to be done that day)? I have a routine for almost everything I've noticed. From the way I put lotion on... to how I get my cereal. ANYWAYS -- First thing I do when I get brush my teeth and then floss. Many find this odd...but meh, that's how I do I guess?

Yes that was a random thought but we'll move on to what's been up lately. (I was bored ok so :P).

Hmm... now I don't even know where I left off. I hung out with Amy (another good friend of mine) on Friday night.... and well all I will say is... EVENTFUL NIGHT. The blog doesn't deserve to know the details... haha. Both her and I know so yeh :). She ended up staying here til about 3:40 and we were just chatting about life at this point. But yes, it was pretty good :D And yes, in case anyone was wondering, (which obviously someone would) we were drinking chocolate milk... because well, it's AWESOME! (although it wasn't 2%...but ah well). Good night over all.

Saturday, let me think...AH...I went to Shutter Island with one of my sister's and her daughter(<-- for her birthday). Shutter Island wasn't too terribly action filled, but of course I jumped at least once -.-, BUT if you like those thriller type movies that have twists and involve thinking (and that are also eerie and creepy) then HEY this movie is for you :D *thumbs up*. THEEEENNNN I went to Marble Slab *drools just typing the name* to get some ice cream :D. So I got to see W and chat for a bit, and of course eat delicious ice cream. Then I went home and I think I watched some TV shows on the internet? haha. Yeh, I'm cool like that. Had a HUGE weird...craving I go for a run at 11:00pm this night. But I decided against it because well the people i asked were very insistent that it wasn't safe...which I guess it isn't. :P. But ah well. :D

Sunday...went with W to was good. (: Went to eat at my aunties house.... then went home and did some homework and yes I am awesome because I leave it to the last minute like that.

This all leads up to today....Kickboxing... DEATH! i though running was bad before...BUT NO, before did not even compare :l (kwell it felt pretty bad at the time). We ran from the college to Henderson and then took up the whole class D: TRUDY IS NOT A RUNNER OK?!!
Had a quiz in Communications which wasn't too bad. Came home and ate, showered..even put a weird mask on my face :D I sit in front of the computer with my huge smiley face shirt on :3 But i guess I've rambled on enough, so I'll put you all out of your misery and leave? haha.

Au dieu for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I probably do masks on my face about once a week...I'm cool like that I guess.

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