Wednesday, March 17, 2010

R.I.P Purple Pen :[

Well, I shall begin by saying I always have a pen that I'm particularly fond of. Perhaps this is odd....but that's alright with me. It has to be smooth (and Leinani knows from experience that it can take awhile for me to test them) and yes color matters :P. BUT ANYWAYS, lately I've been really a fan of this purple pen... and yesterday... it died :( and I am saddened. So tomorrow (hopefully) before my computer class I can run to Staples and find the same one...if not I may cry (...then again maybe just be really sad...) :l.

Sooooo you may have noticed that I have gotten QUITE lazy with this since I did my week haha. WELL SORRY D:! I'll still write reasonably often I swears! was St. Patrick's Day which I'm not really against nor for. I'm indifferent to it I suppose, it's just there? I do quite enjoy the color green.... but not when everyone is wearing it! D: Seriously!

Hmmm, what else could I speak about.....random fact, IT IS VERY RIDICULOUSLY WINDY HERE! Like seriously :l I don't really like the wind, it just annoys me. But it seems like it's always here...nothing I can do about it.

But anyways, this is turned into quite a random, and in little bursts, I may as well just stop for now haha. I shall be studying tomorrow.... so likely won't write then, but we shall see.

Sooooo, buh byes for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Green is my favorite color, slightly fond of blue though....and I have a soft spot for purple :P haha


  1. Wow. That green was very bright. Thank goodness St Patty's day is over. ;P

  2. Meh one day out of 356 is not bad. And yes that wind can be annoying for sure.

  3. hey it was festive... just accept the green... EMBRACE THE GREEN