Thursday, March 11, 2010

I can see clearly now...the snow is gone.

SO the snow is gone :D's not entirely gone yet...but's no longer snowing and hopefully it's all gone soon!

As you are aware, I went to Alice in Wonderland last night...I thought it was really GOOD! It made me hyper after though and made me REALLY just want a chesire cat...HECK I'll even BE a chesire cat, I just want one around D: But if you like Alice in Wonderland and slash or Tim Burton movies...I would definitely recommend it. But yes, it was a good to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a bit and just have a good time so YAY!

Today in kickboxing... was INTENSITYNESS! Well basically our teachers always just push us...which is technically good I suppose. Haha...nah it is good. Just seems crazy while doing it. Also my anatomy class was cancelled (:o!) for today so I went with my bestie (I dunno how one would go about spelling it or making that look normal) to her house to plan more about our awesome trip to CALI~! :D It's just very exciting. While we were at her house we had nachos with... BLUE (yes blue) chips. Maybe that isn't oddd to you, but well to me...I was like WHAT! But yeas they were actually really good haha. Hmm.... I was also watching Medium (the first season) it's quite good and slightly addicting. My favorite TV show would probably have been reaper though... SO FUNNY! But it only had 2 seasons *tear* :(!

Well.... my brain just seemed to roll over and I guess I'm going to say this is good enough haha.

Farewell for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I like the smell of gasoline...yes it kills my brain cells...but MMMM! x)

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