Thursday, March 11, 2010

What the sleep? :/ or lack of it...

I just feel really tired lately :( ...but alas, this is life. I tell myself I'll go to bed earlier but it really just never seems to happen ._. And then I wake up all through the night D: Come on! I need like a week just to sleep.

So I just finished writing my notes for Anatomy tomorrow. They seem to take too long and my hand hurts by the end.

Sheesh....apparently I'm annoying when I'm tired (or all the time) -.-

I was just going to whine about my computers class that I had tonight...but I won't :D I'll just say I had it...and then I went and got a booster juice :)! YAY! Strawberry Sunshine this time...t'was tastilicious.

Well this has been a really lame pointless I shall leave 2 random facts.

RANDOM FACT(S) ABOUT ME -- 1)I almost always have nail polish on mah toes :P but never my fingers.
2)Socks bother me...I don't really know why. Even though my feet are always cold, not a socky person. lol

Hopefully I can get a good sleep to reboot my seems to have crawled in a hole and died :( poor brainy...

Well nighty for meow :)!

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