Friday, December 24, 2010


(yes that smiley is wearing a santa hat)

Alrighty wellll the title is pretty self explanatory BUT oh well... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE TO YOU ALL. I very likely won't be getting on here tomorrow so Merry Christmas to you all as well!

Nothing too exciting on my end here. I made it back home! And it's good to be here. I've hung out with a few people. So Nanikins :) Her and I are practicing for a song we're singing both tonight (I believe?) and on Sunday in church. And I don't want to brag or anything but well WE SOUND AWESOME TOGETHER. Really though...even though we're not super amazing - but together we're pretty powerful and blend so nicely and... I'm sure nobody cares about this so I'll stop now. Haha. (sorry - but not really) here I am on Christmas Eve and still quite excited for Christmas. Yes I'm immature and yes I'm odd but I hope to never lose the spirit of Christmas :) And I hope that you can all feel even a small portion of it in your lives around this season!

I feel like I have to put lotion and lipbalm on every 10 minutes! It's terrible - but I guess I can handle it... for now :l

Well I guess I should keep it short because firstly...I need to pee (and yes I'm too lazy to get up mid way through) and festivities will soon be starting! I'm not entirely sure what will be happening but well I do know it'll be good :) Probably just games, reflection (on many things), and just Christmas Spirit joint effort! haha.
So I hope all y'all out there have something exciting going on and that you can make the season good for you!

I'll share 2 more Christmas songs because well 1. I love Christmas songs 2. This is the last day :(

So the first one is Silent Night (by Taylor Swift) -- not really a fan of hers...but I really like the song! ;3 And second is Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley (and hopefully you aren't having a blue Christmas - I just enjoy the song! haha) :o
(Another good one if you want to look it up is Gesu Bambino...I didn't do a link because I couldn't find one that I especially liked)

So have a great and very Merry Christmas everyone :)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- One of my favorite foods is funeral potatoes. Weird? Probably. BUT THEY'RE SO GOOD! My mom made ham and funeral potatoes for me yesterday :D It was quite tasty! (W came too, t'was awesome - the end)

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