Friday, August 20, 2010


Alright, well as you may or may not have noticed I did not finish my California stories. And well I've been meaning to get a blog up and I've definitely had times where I COULD do it... but I really haven't felt like doing a big long California trip one again. Soooo... for now I'll skip it. maybe I'll feel like posting it in the future but as for thanks. If anyone has any questions about the trip...ask, and I'll let you know :) I'll just say it was fun, warm and I miss it.

OK, so you're probably thinking I have some awesome topic or something exciting to share... well you're definitely mistaken :D I just felt like posting one. I don't really have anything to say.
Update on my life...I still work 5 nights a week and I'm wanting a full time job on top of that. I've decided I won't be going to school this fall, I may go back in January...but well, I'll have to see. I still need to decide what to do with my difficult. BUT YES, I'm looking for a full time job...any ideas folkies? When I'm not working...I'm exercising or visiting family or hanging out with friends. But, for the most part, life is pretty good right now :)

I've been trying to think of new ideas for blogs...if there's something fast and easy I could do. And well I'm still thinking about it. And I'll continue to think about it and let you know.

Does anybody out there in the blogging world have any questions for me? Seriously... any questions? About anything? Not just about me. COME ON... Ask me a question. Do it.

But yes, it's good to finally get something up.

Ciao for meow (:!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- If I could eat one last thing before I died... it would be ice cream. Om nom nom.

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  1. Alright missy-face, I've got a question for ya.

    Toothpaste: What kind do you use? Do you squeeze from the end or the middle? Do you leave the cap on or off?