Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving on....

Literally...I'm moving D:
Lambie's boyfriend is coming home so I get the boot (a boot I was willing to take, but a boot nonetheless). Though it's a pretty good deal! I'll be living with 2 other girls (who are quite easy going and friendly), only sad thing will be sharing one bathroom between the three of us D: But I'm sure I'll manage just fine (as it's only for 2 months anyways).
Soooo, yesterday I moved about half of my things in... and tonight I'll be moving the other half and then getting settled I suppose. I'll keep ya posted with how things are going ;)

The weekend is fiiinnnnaaaaallllyyy here! (GAH - I have a ton of McSqueet bites! --yes that does mean mosquito). ;) So, we'll be having a joint birthday party for Francesca and a going away party for Strongbad (as he is about to head back to work! - we'll miss you!). What else is going on this weekend? I have no idea! But I'll let you know after it's over :)

Have any good weekend plans - hmmmmmm??

Shoutout to W and the giant - I don't believe it's my place to talk about why on here, but it was a special day nonetheless and I was thinking of you :)

Also shoutout to BK who got his mission call to Halifax (french speaking) - congratulations! :D

Ok - one more shoutout... to the sun! Please stick around this weekend! <3 (and yes, I'm aware I frequently talk about the weather :P)

Andddd I really have nothing more to talk about... heh heh. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

Bye for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- (I have no idea if I've shared this before or not). I usually like to have nail polish on my toes all the time... but I haven't had it on for many a month! I should get on that... I could also mention I always have a toering on (like quite literally always - never take it off), but most of you already know that ;)

OH! Update - today is my 3rd day without sugar/ice cream/chocolate :D YAY! (Lambie is doing excellently as well). So far so good (I know it doesn't sound that impressive... but you should know I love ice cream!), but I have a feeling bad things will happen tomorrow at our party D: Am I allowed one indulgence?? PLEASE?!

Also, 2 songs that have been on my mind today..... ;) (Shoutout to Strongbad for this song... he knows why) :o (and shoutout to Francesca for this song!)

Lots of shoutouts in this post - I know! I think you'll all be ok ;) Later!

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