Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday = Monday (sort of)

For me anyways. (It also equals hump day) ;)
Sooo it was a long weekend and although I didn't have to work, it was not like a vacation by any means!
And it was back to work today. 

How was your Canada Day?
We went out to Strathmore again for a little fire to roast wienies and have delightful s'mores (and Dad's root beer) and it was a fun and delicious time. PLUS it was gorgeous out! 
Though later it did turn into a down pour of a lightning storm. 

The past few days have been mainly overcast...but we've also had a few nice days so that's fantastic!

Other Scott and I (well mainly myself for now), have moved into the new place. Let me tell you, it is a mess! It's making its way into looking decent, but there's still a long way to go!
Perhaps I'll post pictures when it looks relatively decent ;)

Yesterday, we went to IKEA (yay~!) for a few furniture items (dressers, bed frame, shelves, etc.) and it was quite the trip. But it's done!

And that's all the spastic randomness I have for you today!

Hope all is well in the world!

Peace for meow :)!

A week and a half left to go!?!? Wow.

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