Friday, July 27, 2012

So I'm married ;)

Do I look any different?? :o

No? I don't feel any different either. The main difference to me is just thinking that I now have a 'husband' and that I'm now a 'wife'. Weird...

But well, I am married and so far so good :D Though it's basically only been 2 weeks so far...

I had some time off of work after the wedding, which was awesome, and I just got back this past Wednesday. Scott went off to work on Tuesday to cover for someone, and he gets back today - yay!

What can I say... it was an awesome day basically! Tons of support from family and friends, and everything went surprisingly smooth considering how packed the day was. The weather was a little overcast...but that actually ended up being pretty nice for not only pictures, but also aiding in not being too roasting hot. ;)
Thanks to all who were able to be a part of it, and all the hard work that was contributed. I especially thank those who traveled to be a part of my day - love you!

One thing I noticed upon that I actually reached my 200th post while I was away (2 posts ago I believe...). SO yay me for reaching 200 posts!

Another thing I noticed...I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on! Jeez... I didn't realize how many blogs I read. *.*

Other than that, life has basically been continuing as per ush! Still trying to get everything settled in the new place, still enjoying the sun whenever possible, and still trying to enjoy things to the fullest!

Hope all is well out there! What've all you been up to the past few weeks??

Peace for meow :)!