Wednesday, November 21, 2012

He's back! (For now...)

Meaning Scotty. He was back by the time I got home Monday night (which isn't saying a whole lot as I don't get home until about 6ish), and I was greeted with a feast!
Chicken cordon bleu  (m&m's), steamed broccoli and some roasted taters. 
So good! (Especially those potatoes...*drool*)

So it's definitely nice to have Scott back...but now I have to get used to having more than just a sweet little George in the bed with me. What happened to Trudy sleeping in the middle of the bed??? D:
Needlesstosay...I haven't been sleeping the best these past couple of night. But I'll get used to it...and then he'll go out again and so the cycle will continue - hooray!

Last night, we had a date night! Which included a hot bevy from Starbucks :3, the newest James Bond movie - Skyfall, and just a little bit of sushi afterwards (because we were both kind of full after having chocolate almonds during the movie... and yes, of course we bought those in the theater.....>.>...).

Fun night, good movie!

Have you seen Skyfall yet? Or any new movies for that matter??

If you're into Bond (which I'd probably say most people are), you should DEFINITELY see it. It was a little different from the other bonds... but it was kind of neat in the sense that it was a 50th anniversary movie and they brought back a few things (if you're familiar with the old 007 films). I won't go into anymore details than that. It was good ;).

OH! And did I mention the song?? Great Bond song Adele ;)

Don't you think??

That's it for today! Happy Hump Day :D

Peace for meow :)!


  1. Joe saw the new Bond movie while he was in the states for work this past shift! He actually didn't like it that much... He says it was too stop and go for him. Whatever that means, I haven't seen it so I don't know.

    1. Makes sense... I guess it did get a little slow at times, but it all went with the story line! I understand where he's coming from, it was different. But I liked it because it was different :D. I prefer some of the oldies, but overall I thought it was pretty good. Though I'd likely give it a 3.5/5