Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Seriously... It is definitely WHITE out there. Why can't we all just stay snuggled at home? Real life? Pfft...I could last a week without leaving the house.
Can I?? ^.^

So hey there! It's been a little bit. This past weekend was busy because I went down to Lethbridge for my Grandpa's funeral. It was a very nice service, great to see everyone (okay, and the food was delicious...). Grandpa will be missed.
(Sorry we weren't able to get together W).

Other than has been going on pretty regularly.
George is still adorable, annoying, and is getting bigger! He got his last set of booster shots and his rabies shot on Tuesday night. He is still not a fan, but can you blame him?? He's all back to his crazy self now :)
(Little does he know, his next visit to the vet will be right before Christmas to get fixed - poor George!)

While I was looking the above photo up, look what I found!

Awwww~! Apparently these cute little fuzz balls happened after a cat got spayed?
My thoughts? Well if this is the result, clearly all cats should be spayed ;)

Anyways, that's it! Not a lot going on yo.
What's up with you? What did YOU get up to last weekend?
I'm glad another weekend is almost here :)

Toodles for meow :)!

(photos were just taken from google images, as per ush)


  1. My gramma went to that funeral and told me she saw you! I was tempted to text you up and bug you to come visit, but I figured family should take precedence, lol.

    1. Ya! I did see them! Well, I don't know if I saw them at the funeral itself or just the family/friends event before....but I guess that doesn't matter ;) And sorry, there wasn't a lot of time! But I'll try to visit next time.