Friday, November 16, 2012

Pictures, as promised.

So usually, I'll put up a picture or two with a post...but lately, I've been forgetting! So here are the pictures that have been storing up on my phone - waiting to be seen!

George is getting so big! But he's still cute :)

As much as I don't really enjoy snow...look how fluffy the first fall was!

I got new boots! In my defense...they were on sale and I kind of needed some. Kind of. :P

What the what?! When did they start using Rolo as Halloween goodies??
(This reminds me of another post I've wanted to do but haven't gotten around to...
maybe I'll wait for next year haha)
So that's my picture stories as of late. 
One thing I've also gotten, was some Christmas soap! :D The day I got the boots, I also went into Bath and Body Works and of course things were on sale and smelling delicious. So I got 5 soaps for $20...only 2 of which were Christmas because we can only use 2 hand soaps at a time (bathroom and kitchen) and I want them to be gone by the time Christmas is. But I was excited anyways ;)

I've also had a few random links to share as of late...
- this little guy is playing peek-a-boo :D
- cuddly lions O.O
- classy picture...definitely a keeper
- better the peeing man than me...
- if only all pop quizzes were like this!
- aw! The only bad thing, is that the poppa tiger would likely attack me if I ran off with a baby...
- !!!! I've been wanting a chauffeur lately - he'll definitely do.
- and one of my favorites.... I'm pretty sure this is me some days...

I feel like I've given you enough to entertain you for a few minutes... but I'll share a song that's been stuck in my head lately. I should probably change radio stations because they seem to play it every day!
May it infest your mind as well :)

So I can hardly believe it, but the weekend is finally here! Do you have plans? 
I sure do! Sit around at home and do absolutely nothing :D That's pretty close to what I'm going to do...but I guess I'm also going to clean the house, pick up a few groceries...and maybe paint my toesies :D Maybe.

Ciao for meow :)!

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